Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence

by Aethyna
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Red Stone 2 10 rate Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence is an epic, anime-themed mobile MMO game that features a brilliantly-written storyline where you get to play the hero and save the world from an evil yet powerful magician. Set off into the world to collect as many red stone shards as you can and do your best to foil the villain's plans! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: This is a Closed Beta review of Red Stone 2. This review is valid even after launch unless major changes were made. If that happens, we will re-review the game.


The brand-new, anime-themed mobile MMORPG, Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence, puts you into the shoes of an up-and-coming adventurer who has single-handedly defeated a horde of 100 kobolds. Aside from leveling up your character and your team of companions, you’ll also get to experience a brilliantly written storyline where you play the hero. Will you be able to secure all the red stone shards and stop the evil magician, Merenander, from getting his hands on them?


In the fictional world of Red Stone 2, adventurers are often recruited to the Adventurer’s Association to help collect the red stone shards that were scattered across the land and return them to the heavens. This was how things worked ever since the great explosion in the former Empire of Dameld shattered the egg of a Fire Bird, a mythical creature that dwells in heaven.

However, not all adventurers are virtuous and the power that these red stone shards contain makes it a particularly priceless and extremely rare commodity. Not to mention, if you collect enough of these shards, you potentially can hatch a powerful Fire Bird which could be then trained to do your bidding.

After the explosion, some of these red stone shards had fallen into the underworld as well. Various demons had fed on it, infusing these demons who were later dubbed as the Red Devils with additional power and a thirst for more.

One especially powerful Red Devil has managed to corrupt a 400-year-old prodigal magician at the Symphony Magical Academy, Merenander, turning him into a major villain who you’ll go up against multiple times in this storyline.

It is by defeating Merenander’s army of 100 kobolds in an attempt to secure a red stone shard that was somehow embedded into the royal crown of Dameld that had earned you substantial recognition among the members of the Adventurer’s Association. As such, you were sent on a vital quest to track down and restore the stolen crown/red stone shard.


To start your adventure in Red Stone 2, you will first need to create a character. There are 4 gender-locked character classes for you to choose from, namely warrior, archer, fighter and priest. Each of these classes also has their respective “Transformation” form which allows them to turn into much stronger versions of themselves. An archer, for example, can turn into a musketeer while a priest turns into an archangel, complete with wings and all.

At level 20 and 50, each class will also get a job change, allowing you to specialize your character into certain roles. You’ll even get new skill attacks as a result of your specialization.

The controls in this game aren’t too hard to grasp, but since the game automates most of its gameplay – you can still choose to play the game manually if you want, but why would you want to do that? – you don’t really need to be really familiar with all of them.

Instead, you just need to know a few important things – 1. You can perform Quick Step to dodge attacks by tapping quickly; and 2. You will need to tap on your abilities (including the finishing move button) to use them. These aren’t at all automated. Abilities have cooldowns so you can’t just spam them. They also use up your CP which can be greatly restored by performing normal attacks.

What’s really interesting about Red Stone 2 is the fact that you can “transform” your character into a more powerful form. Known as the Raging Beast mode, this transformation will greatly buff your abilities, giving you the advantage you need to take down bosses. Each character also has their assigned elemental orientation, so if you use the correct counters, you can take down your enemies more easily as well.

Considering that you’ll be taking on overwhelming number of foes, it’s great that you have a team of companions to rely on. These companions will auto-battle any enemy they see, but you can also activate their respective skilled attacked simply by tapping and holding on their character portrait and then dragging the targeting circle to the enemy.

You can bring along up to 2 companions in normal fights but if you encounter a random boss event, called an Ambush, you can bring along a warband consisting of up to 6 members. Companions can be upgraded by leveling them up, or by equipping them with the best gear you have. Of course, you can also get better quality heroes via the game’s gacha-style summoning system. This same system is used for weapon summonings as well. Getting companions that work well together will even give you a nice team bonus. So, be sure to keep these in mind when you’re setting up your team.

In terms of equipment, you can usually get them as random drops after completing a dungeon or an adventure. These items can be enhanced using materials obtained from disassembling extra equipment. They can also be augmented with Prefixes, up to 2 each. However, you can’t really level up a gear item without resorting to spending the game’s premium currency, orange carrots. Instead, you’re required to farm dungeons and adventures that are around your skill level to get gear that are more relevant to your level.

Aside from levels, job changes, companions and equipment, the progression in Red Stone 2 also includes the advancement of your skills and transformation. Every level up will grant you some skill points which you can then decide to invest into either your active skills or the passive ones. Certain threshold levels, such as level 20, will even unlock a brand-new range of skills for you to invest in. Similarly, a tree-like structure is also available for your character’s transformation ability, allowing you to power-up the skills this ability provides.

Red Stone 2 is a proper mobile MMORPG through and through. The game has plenty of quests to keep you engaged, be it a challenge quest, a guild quest or even limited quests where you can earn some free premium currency. Discovering new companions, equipment and prefixes will also reward you with free green carrots (Secondary premium currency. These work a lot like the bound premium currencies common in browser MMOs).

For PvE, the game has plenty of story-driven adventures in its campaign mode. Each adventure can be cleared up to 3 levels of difficulty, and you’ll need to have a candy, which functions like Stamina in other games, to participate in any one of them. Sometimes, you may also get a random boss event after completing an adventure.

A quick tip for all the new players though – don’t trust the estimate CP rating needed for each adventure because, for some reason, it’s vastly inaccurate. In fact, you’ll find yourself completing adventures that require a CP double that of your character.

That’s not all, the game also has a slew of PvE challenges which will be gradually unlocked as you level up. One of these challenges is an automatic adventuring system called Expeditions. Here, you can assign any “extra companions” you may have to expeditions in hopes of getting something nice in return and leveling them up quickly.

Furthermore, there’s a Five Tower challenge where you can attempt to earn a free gacha chest containing a random equipment or a companion summoning card. Once you hit level 30, you can enjoy the game’s co-op feature where you can work with other players to defeat tough bosses via the Party Raid option.

For PvP, Red Stone 2 offers an arena which you can access at level 15. For larger PvP events, you can dive into the mayhem that is the Guild-only Total War event where members of 2 guilds clash together in epic combat.

Looking for a respite from all the killing? Well, Red Stone 2 has a nice little fishing-themed mini-game where you spend gold to buy bait for some idle fishing. There’s no tapping involved. Simply accumulate the fishes you caught and exchange them for some fantastic prizes at the exchange store.

Red Stone 2 is a freemium game and it does have an in-game store. You can purchase orange carrots for real money and these carrots can be used for a host of stuff ranging from leveling up equipment to buying more upgrade materials to piles of gold (game currency). You can even purchase cute little outfits for your character using these orange carrots. In addition, there are plenty of amazing packages to buy as well.

There doesn’t seem to be a major difference between green and orange carrots except that you often need more green carrots than orange carrots to buy an item, and that green carrots can be earned for free through a variety of ways in the game, such as harvesting crops, completing an achievement and discovering a new companion.


To foster an active community that helps each other, players are encouraged to join guilds as soon as they are able to. Being a part of a guild grants you a ton of perks, including free coins every day and access to special guild-only events like the co-op dungeon called Ruins of Tantilis and guild PvP.

You can also add friends in this game and this can be pretty important because it means that you’ll be able to bring along an extra companion (generously contributed by your friend) with you to any battle. Of course, the companion is not yours to keep but you can call upon him or her to help whenever necessary.

As the town in the game functions like a game hub for all players on the server to hang out at, the game even added in small campsites where you can shell out 300 game currency to light the campfire. Players who join you at the fire will gain a nice boost to their overall stats.

Graphics/ Sound

Red Stone 2 has some fantastic visuals for a mobile RPG! Besides astounding environments, the game’s many characters and items are very well drawn.

Sound-wise, I find the music in the game to be amazing to listen to, and they match the atmosphere of the story scene really well. It gets an A plus for immersion that’s for sure. However, if you’ve played as many Japanese/Korean MMOs as I did, you’d probably think that the soundtracks do sound a bit typical of “such games”.


To sum everything up, Red Stone 2 is an astounding gacha-based, mobile MMORPG that has a fantastic anime-themed storyline, breathtaking graphics and a gameplay that can be extremely addictive. Since it’s still in closed beta, there are still a few kinks to work out, but once the game is fully launched worldwide, I can see this game going toe-to-toe against established and popular gacha games like King’s Raid.
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