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Dungeon Boss 10 rate With so many heroes to summon, collect and ascend, abilities to upgrade, team combination to use, and the plethora of monsters and bosses to defeat, you’ll definitely be kept entertained at all times in this addictively-fun, team-based MMORPG, Dungeon Boss! Play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being a Seeker, a summoner of heroes, in Dungeon Boss is no small responsibility. Instead, you are tasked to clear the many dungeons that littered the world of the monsters and bosses that dwell within. Recruit heroes to your team and lead them through various challenging dungeons. Unleash your heroes’ powerful abilities when needed and keep these skills upgraded so your heroes can be at their very best. With so many heroes to collect and ascend, so many possible team combination to use, and the plethora of monsters and bosses to defeat, you’ll definitely be kept entertained at all times in this amazing MMORPG, Dungeon Boss!


In this game, you play as a powerful Seeker – a person in the game world who has the ability to summon heroes from the void via a magical Portal. There are 3 types of summons you can perform at the Portal. Aside from the Great Summons that cost 10k coins each, the Heroic and Honor Summons will cost premium currency, which takes the form of gems in this game. Each Summon will have a chance of giving you either materials or hero tokens. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might get a hero card instead.

Unlike hero tokens, hero card will instantly add that said hero into your collection. For tokens though, you’ll first need to collect enough number of them before you can get the hero card the tokens are meant for. Interestingly, even when you already have a hero card, the tokens you get for that card can still be useful. You can accumulate enough of them to increase the grade of your card by 1 star. Each card can be upgrade up to a maximum of 6 stars and of course, every upgrade will grant your hero a permanent boost to its stats.

Since the rate of you getting new heroes or even upgrading your existing heroes can be pretty slow, you’ll definitely need to find another way to give your heroes a leg’s up. One such way is by upgrading your heroes’ abilities. Each hero, regardless of the number of stars they have, starts off with 2 abilities – a normal attack, which can be a melee, ranged or magical attack, and a hero-specific skill. How many times you can upgrade the heroes’ abilities depend on the heroes’ levels, and your hero level cannot be higher than your own player level.

Is having 2 abilities just a little too few for your tastes? Big Fish Games, the developer behind Dungeon Boss, couldn’t agree more! Hence, they added an Ascension system for your heroes. Now, this is where things might get a bit confusing, so do bear with me... Every Ascension you performed for a hero will unlock 1 active ability and sometimes a few more passive stuff like a stat boost or a passive ability. Sounds like a good deal right? Well, it’s not that easy to ascend a hero.

To do so, you’ll first need to collect the correct amount of Evos (Ascension materials) of the correct type... and there are quite a lot of different types of Evos out there, and once you reach level 18, you can even combine Evos via Crafting. Not to mention, Evos are not very easily earned. You can get them by summoning (may be costly) or by running dungeons and hoping that they will drop. Hence, it might be wise to only ascend heroes that you use often.

Not to mention, you should also take note that heroes are grouped based on their elemental inclinations. Certain element will do better against an element, but will do worse against another. For instance, Fire heroes will deal bonus damage against Nature heroes, but will suffer a disadvantage when it comes to fighting Water heroes. Sometimes, you can even activate a special elemental passive bonus by filling your team up with heroes of the same elemental types. There are 5 different elemental types overall, though there are a few outliers that don’t have any affiliation to any elemental groups.

Ready to start carrying out your duty as Seeker? Well, considering that there are a crazy ton of dungeons in Dungeon Boss, it might be best to get started A.S.A.P! Dungeons in this game are separated into chapters; “regions” on the map, though there are 3 “bonus” islands on the left that are designed specifically for you to earn Evos, coins and XP respectively. Each dungeon has 3 difficulty levels (Normal, Challenge and Boss modes), but to unlock the higher difficulties, you’ll first need to earn 3 stars for each dungeon in the chapter on the previous difficulty. Dungeon entry will also cost you around 5 stamina each, with the last level of every chapter costing slightly more stamina.

Once you’ve paid the entrance fee, you’ll then be able to fill up the available slots on your team with heroes as well as up to 3 potions you want to bring. Potions, such as health, energy or revive potions, can be pretty useful when something unexpected happens and can be particularly important if you plan on getting 3 stars for each dungeon you raid. After everything’s packed up, you can head into the dungeon to meet your enemies.

To compensate for the lack of any plotline, Dungeon Boss also has an incredibly addictive and fun gameplay that will definitely keep you glued to the screen. The turn-based combat system in this game is not only interesting as you can actually turn the tide of battle by activating your heroes’ abilities at the most opportune moment, there’s a “RNG” in play when it comes to the chance of dealing a critical damage. The order in which your heroes attack will also give you an advantage especially for heroes that attack fast enough. When that happens, you could potentially take out the entire enemy horde before they could even harm a single hair on your heroes!

The game even offers an auto-combat option that you can use particularly if you’re farming dungeons you’ve cleared in the past for Evos and other goodies. Of course, if you need help and are reluctant to spend your potions, you could also summon a friend’s hero to help out for a turn. If you’re lucky, you may just find your heroes in a Treasure Room where you can pick a free treasure chest to open and grab the loot stored within.

Aside from dungeons, there are also a Tower of Pwnage that only unlocks at level 28 and PvP raids, where players can duke it out in an arena-like venue. However, if you are aiming for some easy rewards, here’s some advice: Complete the quests you are given. Trust me, they help a lot.

Tired of raiding dungeons? Well, let your heroes put their feet up once and awhile in a beautiful city they all call home. Here, you can access all the upgrade menus, summoning portals and also the in-game shop. The shop sells a plethora of items, such as hero skins, potions, Evos, hero tokens, stamina and others that you can buy using either gold coins or gems. The shop’s stock refreshes daily, so you’ll get new stuff to buy.

The best part in Dungeon Boss though is definitely the dungeon it allows you to set up defenses for. Similar to a simplified version of the gameplay in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, you’ll be given your very own treasure room in the dungeon where you'll need to assign your heroes to guard. It’s pretty fun to try to figure out the best way to devise the best possible team combination while at the same time, see other players having their shot at trying to crack your dungeon’s defenses and failing miserably

The only downside that I’ve noticed about Dungeon Boss though is that the game can be quite memory (RAM) intensive. If your mobile device is not powerful enough, you’ll definitely be experiencing frame rate issues. It’s not exactly a huge problem unless you love to take screenshots of games you play.


Like most MMO games, Dungeon Boss provides you with guilds where you can then interact with the other players in the game’s community. It might take awhile for you to get access to a guild though since you’ll need to first be level 14. However, this is all null and void if you get an invite from a friend. The community can also discuss the game with each other over the in-game player chat system. This system is only unlocked at level 5 though.

Let’s not forget that friends play quite a huge role in your dungeoneering adventures. You can call upon one of their heroes once per day to execute 1 heroic action. Naturally, the more friends you have, the more “backups” you will get.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in Dungeon Boss are not only cute, and they also have a very unique art style. That said, the only qualm I may have for the visuals is that the game tend to repeat the same background sceneries multiple times. You can get tired of looking at the same background after some time. In terms of sound, the game uses mostly techno-themed tunes – the sort you’d usually hear in old school adventure games that you play on your Gameboy.


In short, Dungeon Boss is an amazingly addictive, team-based MMORPG where you play the role of a Seeker, a summoner of heroes. With your band of heroes behind your back, you’ll then take on the various challenging monsters and bosses in all the dungeons across the world. Despite not having a storyline to back the game up, the game’s gameplay itself is interesting enough to keep players coming back for more. Of course, being able to create your own dungeons and defend it with your heroes and deathtraps is a very nice added bonus to the game. So, if you enjoy collecting heroes and raiding challenging dungeons, Dungeon Boss is a game you wouldn’t want to miss! Play it now!

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New Game Added: Dungeon Boss

by Aethyna Jun 16, 2016
With so many heroes to summon, collect and ascend, abilities to upgrade, team combination to use, and the plethora of monsters and bosses to defeat, you’ll definitely be kept entertained at all times in this addictively-fun, team-based MMORPG, Dungeon Boss! Play it now! Gameplay in Dungeon Boss Dungeon Boss: Heroes' Home Jadehowl boss fight in Dungeon Boss Read More
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