Goddess: Primal Chaos

by Richard
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Goddess: Primal Chaos 10 rate Explore a fantasy world and fight off the evil forces and rescue the goddess. In Goddess: Primal Chaos, you take the role of a hero that must restore peace in the world by saving the goddesses of your world, fight alone or with a battle companion in this action RPG filled with amazing special effects and detail character designs. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Goddess Primal Chaos is a mobile MMO Roleplaying Game where it promises a cinematic 3D action experience with its breath-taking visuals and action-packed combat gameplay. It lets you choose from three unique classes that you can use to conquer your enemies, you will be able to recruit battle companions to aid you in your battles. There is also player versus player battles that range from 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 modes that offer team-based or solo battles with other players online.


Set in a fantasy world, players form an alliance with the divine goddesses to fight against the evil forces. You must become the hero that can stop a rampaging Tyrant from destroying the world and imprisoning the Goddesses.


Goddess: Primal Chaos plays like some of the mobile action RPGs in the market, from the isometric view to the hack and slash mechanics up to the lobby based missions with end bosses to defeat for completion. However, there are some mechanics in Primal Chaos that introduces a new twist to the game genre.

Starting off in the game, you will be able to choose from three character classes; Bloodline, Summoner, and Warrior. Each of the classes uses different skill sets and equipment, but in terms of diversity in roles, each of them works very much the same so when picking your preferred class, it is more on personal taste rather than play styles. Customization is very limited as you can only change the character portraits that you can see in the game screen on the upper corner, as for costumes, you can acquire premium costumes from the item mall or from rewards from quests.

The game’s controls are similar to any action RPGs, you get a virtual control pad complete with directional buttons and command buttons to perform attacks and skills. The game menus are also placed on top of the screen for easy access but can be hidden to provide more space to view the action in the game. The best thing with the directional buttons is that you can drag your fingers to any direction and the directional buttons will respond your inputs, the attack button can be held to allow continuous attack combos on enemies without the need to repeatedly pressing on the button.

Combat is very the same as with any mobile action RPGs, you take on missions by accepting quests and there are cases where you will be transported in an instanced level where you must complete the objective to clear it, and depending on your performance, you can earn better rewards as additional loot. And in most cases, you might explore the open field and battle monsters that are lurking the area.

You can battle solo or bring along a Battle Companion on your team, these companions can be found through quest rewards or from premium shops. They act like pets in some MMOs as they can assist your avatar during combat as support or as an alternative party member, then in some cases, you can bring multiple companions to battle and some of your companions may not participate in battles but will provide a stat boost to your team.

And similar to any mobile games, there are different rarities for the Battle Companions, and acquiring the best ones will require a sheer amount of luck or alternatively you can spend with real money to roll more attempts in hopes of getting the rarest companion.

You can enhance your avatar’s abilities by equipping with the best items that you can found from defeated monsters of quest rewards, in some cases, there are rare items that provide additional stat bonus that is powerful than their normal variants. And these items can be upgraded to boosts its performance. Hunting for the rare gear may require participating in high-level dungeon raids and may take some time before players can complete an entire set of rare equipment.


There are a handful of active players in Goddess Primal Chaos as you can interact with them through the global chat where you can ask for help or for any items that you might want to sell. The game is not complete without any PvP battles where you can challenge players to see on which avatar is better.

Graphics/ Sound

As for the visuals in the game, it features very impressive graphics and can run pretty well even on outdated smartphones. The character designs are great with shiny feel on the armor and textures on the leather outfits plus the animation was good and even the special effects on the abilities show off some flashy effects to keep players hooked. The audio side, it features some good tracks and some voiced dialogues when interacting at NPCs.


Goddess Primal Chaos is a fast and action-packed MMO mobile game, it feels very familiar with the other action mobile games available that in a good way. As it added some new features to make it unique but in a very familiar gameplay. Fans who are looking for a whole different action mobile may not be hooked on this game, but for those who are into quick and easy action mobile games will feel welcome to this one.

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New Game Added: Goddess: Primal Chaos

by Richard Jan 9, 2018
Explore a fantasy world and fight off the evil forces and rescue the goddess. In Goddess: Primal Chaos, you take the role of a hero that must restore peace in the world by saving the goddesses of your world, fight alone or with a battle companion in this action RPG filled with amazing special effects and detail character designs. Goddess: Primal Chaos: Gameplay Warrior class in Goddess: Primal Chaos Goddess: Primal Chaos: Spectresteed Mount Read More
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