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Royal Story 9.5 rate You are the heir of a kingdom that was placed under a curse for a very long time by the evil witch, Altessa. Due to your parents’ wise decision, you were placed under a magical sleep as a newborn until you are old enough to save the kingdom. Can you defeat the witch and return peace and prosperity to your lands? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A farm game that is set in a magical fantasy world, Royal Story is a definitely the sort of game that casual players will enjoy! In this game, you are the heir of a kingdom that was placed under a curse for a very long time by the evil witch, Altessa. Due to your parents’ wise decision, you were placed under a magical sleep as a newborn to protect you from the witch until you are old enough to save the kingdom. You’ll need to plant and harvest crops to feed the poor magical creatures in your kingdom. Using crops and animal produce, you can craft goods that you can sell for more money. The money is needed to lift the shroud that covered the realm as well as to grow your kingdom into its mighty form once again! Can you defeat the witch and return peace and prosperity to your lands? Play Royal Story to find out!


Once upon a time, there was an enchanted kingdom where everyone lived happily. Then one day, the evil sorceress, Altessa, cursed the land, seeking to destroy its rulers. A powerful wizard placed the newborn heir under a deep sleep until she is old enough to save the kingdom!

You are that royal heir! You’ve finally awaken from the spell-induced slumber at the right time when the… your kingdom is in need of a firm leadership! With the help of the helpful gnome, Max, you will gradually learn how to manage your kingdom and slowly reclaim your land from the shroud of darkness. As more allies join you on your cause, you may even be strong enough to banish the curse that the witch has placed on the kingdom and defeat Altessa once and for all!


To start, the game provides you with a male and a female, or more accurately, a prince and a princess, to choose. Don’t worry though, if you cannot make up your mind – just choose any one and you can later change the gender without any penalty if you don’t like the choice you’ve made. After going through a short tutorial and story introduction, you’re ready to start pushing the curse back from the land by… you’ve guessed it – farming!

Crops are very important for the magical creatures in your kingdom. After all, they need food to eat and due to the curse, all the creatures in your kingdom must have been starving! Start by planting some of the earliest crops available, such as crystal posy, clover and coffee. These crops have very short growth durations, all within 10 seconds. However, as you level up, the duration increases drastically, skipping the “minutes” and going straight up to the “hours” range. Furthermore due to the game’s fantasy theme, you can definitely expect plenty of crops that are outlandish by real life standards, such as starlight and moonbeam.

Once your crops are mature, you can then harvest them. There is no need to water the plant, but you could use magical fertilizer on the crops to instantly grow them. Harvesting crops in Royal Story requires energy points – 1 energy point per plot of crop, while planting doesn’t. If you harvest enough of a particular crop, you will also earn a mastery medal. There are 3 grades of medals that you can obtain, starting from bronze to silver to gold.

There are also plenty of beautiful trees that you can plant and grow, like wisteria, orange and apple trees. Trees cost more energy to harvest as they require 2 energy points each. You’re your crops, you can instantly speed up the growth of the fruits on the trees by using the watering can on them.

After harvesting all your grown crops or fruits, you can then feed the poor starving creatures in your kingdom. Each creature has their own food preference and you must feed them the correct food. For instance, cows eat clovers, rabbits eat carrots and phoenixes eat corns. Happily fed creatures produce items for you in gratitude. For example, the golem, when fed with crystal posies, will produce emeralds for you.

These “produce” can then be sent to a machine and be processed into more valuable goods. Taking emerald again as the example, you can put emeralds into the pendant machine and get emerald pendants, which you can later sell for way more money! Therefore, it is pretty obvious that machines are essential to ruling a kingdom in Royal Story! As you level up, you’ll unlock various other machines provided in this game, including cheese machine, coffee machine and windy mill.

However, you can only feed and get your animal produce from adult animals. What about the adorable young uns? Well, the animals you buy from the shop are all the baby animals and thus, they will need sufficient amount of milk from baby bottles before they can be a productive member in the kingdom! Baby bottles will cost you rubies to buy, but you can get them for free if you pester… uhm, ask your friends for the bottles.

The resources you need in the game do not only include your harvest, the animal produce you get and the coins you earn by selling goods. You will also need to gather building or crafting materials from the vegetation and rocks that are scattered around your kingdom. Different items in the environment provide different range of materials. For example, by mining rocks, you can get stones as well as ores, while by clearing weeds, grasses or wild mushrooms, you can get fiber, vitamin or clay. Trees, on the other hand, can be chopped down to get tree sap, ladybug, amber and wood. You can even tend to flowers to earn water droplets. Minions may suddenly pop out now and then as well, and when defeated, they drop certain materials that you can only get from them. You can also easily summon them using the minion potion. Most of these items are required when building new buildings or machines as well as to craft expensive products.

All of these actions will consume 1 energy point each from your total 25 energy points. Thankfully, whenever you level up, you’ll get an additional 25 energy points added to whatever energy you have left on your previous level. Not to mention, these materials can be used to craft other more advanced materials at the workshop, such as wood planks, glass windows, bricks and even tools, like hammer and garden trimmer! There’s also a magic kitchen later on that allows you to craft magically-delicious and advanced food recipes using magic points instead of energy points.

You can also decorate your kingdom with plenty of beautiful vegetation and objects. Some items can be bought using in-game money while some are purchasable using rubies only. There are also a small number of items that can be bought using “humble heart”. “Humble heart” can be earned by helping out at your neighbors’ farms. Running out of space to place all your purchased goods? Well, you can expand your land in Royal Story by reaching a certain level as well as having the required castle value. To increase your castle value, you’ll need to construct more royal buildings.

As you complete quests in Royal Story, you will earn stickers for your sticker book. Paste the stickers from the right page to the left page of the book and once the left page is complete, you’ll unravel a snippet of the story. Slowly but steadily, you’ll soon find out the real story behind what the witch did as well as what happened to your royal parents.

There are plenty more features that the game have, for instance, you can customize your avatar by buying new clothes for him or her, and you can even buy pets in this game. There is also a nice feature whereby with a click of a button, you can change the default day mode into night mode, and vice versa!


There are around 2.4 million likes on the Facebook fan page of Royal Story, proving that this game is extremely popular. Having enough neighbors in this game is very important, especially if you plan on playing the game for the long term. Thus, it’s convenient that you can find plenty of willing friends to add on the game’s fan page. Besides helping each other out via gifting, you can show off your beautiful kingdom to your new friends too!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoonish graphics in Royal Story is very brightly colored and feels cheerful, but the parts where the witch’s curse still reigns, they remain dark and gloomy. The contrast between good and evil is indeed very obvious in this game. In terms of its music, the game has a very soothing and inspirational soundtrack that sounds like some epic music from a fantasy movie or at least in the trailer of such movie. The quality is amazing and you can even hear the birds chirruping and the wind whistling through the trees in the background too!


In conclusion, Royal Story offers an interesting twist to the basic farming simulation genre as well as an engaging fairy-tale-like storyline. Gameplay-wise, Royal Story is very similar to another popular castle-themed farming game by Zynga, CastleVille Legends. In this game, you’ll need to plant and harvest your crops to feed the creatures, both magical and normal, in your kingdom. In return, you get items from them which can be further processed into more valuable goods. By keeping a delicate balance between crafting and selling, you will eventually earn enough money to clear the land in your kingdom of the curse that the evil witch has placed on the realm! The kingdom needs you – so, play Royal Story now to help your poor subjects to get rid of the witch’s curse once and for all!

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