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Farm Tour 10 rate Match up 3 or more ready-to-be-harvested veggies on the board for a chance of getting super veggies or even better... the pink flower. These powered veggies will come in handy particularly against the many obstacles in the game. Need some help? There are many boosters that you can buy as well! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pack your bags and take a trip down to the countryside to visit the various beautiful farms it has to offer in this amazing match-3 game, Farm Tour! Match up 3 or more ready-to-be-harvested veggies on the board for a chance of getting super veggies or even better... the pink flower. These powered veggies will come in handy particularly against the many obstacles that the game will throw at you. If you need help, the game features a whole lot of boosters as well. So, help the various farm animals with their harvest at their respective farms in Farm Tour today!


It’s fairly easy to get started in Farm Tour as you just need to know how to perform match-3 matches. If you’re totally new to this sort of games, well, don’t worry! The game provides a nifty tutorial to guide you through the basics too.

In Farm Tour, what you’ll need to do is to combine 3 or more adjacent farm produce (veggies) of the same color to create a match and clear them from the board. Matching 3 veggies together is like the most basic move in any match-3 game and soon, you’ll need to graduate to making tougher matches like match 4s and 5s. This is because by matching more veggies together, you’ll be able to earn super veggies that will help you reach your level goals a lot faster and easier.

Match 4 veggies together and you’ll a striped veggie. The direction of the stripe indicates whether it will clear an entire row or column when matched. Match-5s can be tad a bit tricky though. If you match 5 veggies together in an L or T shape, you’ll get a hard hat-wearing super veggie, called the miner veggie. This veggie, when matched, will explode and clear all veggies in a 3x3 radius around it.

If you think that’s impressive, wait until you hear about this match-5 combo! By matching 5 veggies together in a line, either vertically or horizontally, you’ll earn yourself an innocent-looking pink flower. Swap the pink flower with any veggie around it and watch in amazement as the flower collects all veggies of the same color as the veggie it was swapped with from the board.

Incredibly, in Farm Tour, you’ll also be able to smash 2 super veggies together to create an even more powerful effect. For instance, by swapping the pink flower with a striped veggie (let’s say it is red in color), instead of merely collecting all red colored veggies on the board, the flower will first grant all these red veggies the power of the stripe (the direction of the stripe is random)! You can imagine the cacophony when all of these striped veggies are simultaneously activated.

Furthermore, there are also in-game objectives that you’ll need to complete in order to proceed to the next level. Most game objectives are pretty “standard” in this game. This includes getting a certain amount of score points, removing all ice tiles on the board by matching over them and dropping acorns to the bottom of the board. However, the catch here is that you’ll need to complete all the goals given with limited moves.

If you managed to complete a level with plenty of leftover moves, well, after all your super veggies are all triggered, any leftover moves you may have will attract a swarm of UFOs (depending on how many moves you actually have) to help clear off your remaining moves, earning you bonus points. Though, if you can’t achieve the level goals with the number of moves given, you’ll fail the level and lose a life instead. There are up to 5 lives for you to use up and when they are all gone, you won’t be able to play anymore at least until the lives are regenerated, which they will be but slowly over time. Not to mention, as you progress, the game will throw obstacles at you such as stones and fences just to keep you off-balanced enough to keep things fresh and interesting.

There’s a level that keeps kicking your butt in Farm Tour? Well, it’s time to break out the boosters and give yourself that extra advantage to clear that pesky level! There are a huge range of boosters available in this game. Some examples include the magic hammer, space veggies, super trucks, +5 moves and farm gloves. Each of these boosters have their own “super-powers”, for instance, the magic hammer will allow you to destroy a veggie, while space veggies will summon a group of UFOs to randomly clear off veggies on the board. You can buy super veggie boosters so that you can start a game with them present on the playing field as well.

As you play levels after levels in Farm Tour, you’ll get to tour the cartoonish yet beautiful farms of various quirky animal characters in the game. Starting from Farm land, you’ll get to go on to Tropical Island to help out at a banana plantation owned by a monkey and to the other locations like Alpine Meadow. There are plenty of levels for you to enjoy and you won’t run out of levels to play all too soon either!


Considering that Farm Tour was just recently released on Facebook, it’s not surprising to see that its Facebook fan page is not set up yet. However, this doesn’t stop the game’s current community from flocking to the game. In fact, according to the stats provided by Facebook, the game has an impressive 100 thousand monthly active players as of current and that number is only expected to increase as the game starts to gain exposure and perhaps with a little bit of marketing.

Graphics/ Sound

For music, Farm Tour provides a casual, farm-themed music that is both soothing and slightly catchy in its own way. However, although most sound effects in the game is okay, the UFO sound for the space veggies can be a tad bit annoying. In terms of graphics, everything in the game are very brightly colored, making the game look very cheerful indeed! The main character in the game, the adorable cat, is very well-designed and looks rather polished as well. I love how the cat will dance its little jig whenever you cleared a level.


In summary, Farm Tour is a fun-filled yet challenging match-3 puzzle game that may feel a tad bit generic in terms of gameplay, but the game theme and concept is pretty interesting. In this game, you’re not only touring the farms in the game world but also helping the various farm owners with their harvest. Collect the required veggies by matching them up and of course, by matching more veggies together, you’ll be rewarded with amazing super veggies. You can even combine them to create an even more powerful effect! However, if you need some help with a level, well, not to worry! There are plenty of boosters that you can buy and use too. So, have the farm tour of a lifetime and enjoy viewing the many cartoonish yet beautiful farms in Farm Tour today!

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New Game Added: Farm Tour

by Aethyna Aug 23, 2015
Match up 3 or more ready-to-be-harvested veggies on the board for a chance of getting super veggies or even better... the pink flower. These powered veggies will come in handy particularly against the many obstacles in the game. Need some help? There are many boosters that you can buy as well! Vertically striped veggie in Farm Tour Farm Tour: Pink flower Ice tiles in Farm Tour Read More
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