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Oasis 10 rate Oasis is a fun and casual farming game with an island theme. Plant and gather native crops, grow domestic animals and tame wild ones, build decorations and make your own food to get energy. There’s always a task at hand to keep you busy so get farming now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A fun, casual game that’s great for reading-age children and adults alike, Oasis will keep you engaged while building a thriving home in a deserted island. Keep yourself busy with planting exotic crops, exploring the land while discovering exotic animals and collecting stones and other resources to build tools and buildings in this upbeat farming game.


Earth is nearing its end and a maiden voyage has been sent to the planet of Oasis to look for another habitat for the human race. You are part of that journey, but your ship crash-landed into an island, leaving you with few resources to survive. You must now strive to build a home, gather food and other basic necessities using the island’s supplies.


In this farming game, you are an explorer whose ship has crashed into an island in a planet called Oasis. Washed ashore with nothing but the clothes on your back, you need to find a way to survive or get a chance at finding your way back to your mission.

You are given a small piece of land, called a plot, when the game starts. The basic building, which is your home, is already provided for you in the beginning of the game. All you need to do is find a spot in your plot to place it. The next thing to do is catch some fish to get some energy for the great work ahead. Fish can be caught just by clicking on them. Once you have your energy, you can start clearing weeds to have more space to grow your crops. You are given a sufficient amount of currency to buy seeds for crops and buy basic things from the Market. You can even buy your own dog and other animals.

There are two kinds of currencies in this game: Coins and Pearls. Coins are easily earned by completing tasks and selling goods to the Market. Pearls, however, can be earned by leveling up and completing some tasks. To level up, be sure to keep working on your plot to complete tasks. Tasks are displayed with different icons on the left side of the screen. The first few tasks can be done quickly, while other tasks require more time. New tasks are added as you complete previous ones and they’re usually indicated with a flashing arrow. You can work at one task at a time, but you can work on different tasks simultaneously if you need to.

Once your first few crops are fully grown, you need to harvest them. Hovering your mouse over fully-grown crops displays the time until it withers. Crops can either be fruits like pineapples or vegetables like pilam. Fruits and vegetables can be used to make juice or salad in the Kitchen, which you can use or consume for more Energy. This is a great feature of the game, as you can always get energy just by planting crops, no need for paying with Pearls or Coins. Although one glass of juice or one bowl of salad will restore 3-5 units of Energy only, so you’ll have to make lots of them if you want to restore more Energy. More plants like corn and wheat are unlocked as you level up and they can be used to make flour and other food ingredients.

Animals like ducks, rabbits and dogs can also be bought from the Market, and some tasks will direct you in doing so. Keep feeding the animals until they’re fully grown, and you can sell them on the Market as well. There are also wild animals hiding among the trees, and you can either tame them with fruits or drive them away using Energy. If you’ve gathered enough Pearls later in the game, you can buy fantastic animals like a Pink Unicorn or a Magic Elephant from the Market.

If you run out of Energy and can’t make any more food, you can add or invite Facebook friends to play the game. Once you have friends added, you can visit their plot and water their plants, feed their animals and harvest their crops for them. You will have a limited amount of Energy (separate from your own) when working on a friend’s plot. As a reward, you get Coins and XP points.

On the later stages of the game, you can build other buildings like a Materials Factory making items needed to complete buildings and other objects. You can also build a Shipyard where you make a ship that you can use to sail to other islands as indicated in your Map.

There are also special structures that brings you Pearls or other special items. When you complete Achievements, you are given a special item, like a Totem or a Bronze Flower. When you collect certain items, you are rewarded with an income-generating decoration. For instance, collecting antique items will reward you with a golden car that grants two Pearls every day! So be sure to keep special items in your Inventory for future use.


Oasis is a fairly new game, but it already has a notable following, as evidenced by an active Facebook page. There’s also a Wikia page dedicated to the game, so you can learn all there is to know about quests, buildings and expeditions.


The graphics and sound of this game is generally pleasing and kid-friendly. The images are clear and vibrant, and instructions are well-written and ideal for school-age kids. The soundtrack is upbeat and has a tropical undertone, which fits the game’s theme perfectly well.


Oasis is a wholesome farming game that’s easy to play and is not too complicated. The tasks are fairly simple enough, but the game still offers more to do explore such as sailing to other islands. For any parent who’s looking for a great farming game to play with their kids, Oasis is one of the few good options.

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by Kim May 23, 2016
Oasis is a fun and casual farming game with an island theme. Plant and gather native crops, grow domestic animals and tame wild ones, build decorations and make your own food to get energy. There’s always a task at hand to keep you busy so get farming now! corn crops in Oasis Oasis: pineapple harvest more crops in Oasis Read More
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