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by Aethyna
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Farmville: Harvest Swap 10 rate Match 3 or more of crops together to collect them, but if you can match more crops, you can get amazing special crops, along with useful containers to harvest your crops in! Help solve the variety of problems on the farm by collecting specific items like animal feed, carrots and water too! So, play Farmville: Harvest Swap now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Harvest your crops today in this impressive match 3 game, Farmville: Harvest Swap! Match 3 or more of your beautiful crops together in order to collect them into the baskets. However, if you can match more crops, you can get amazing special crops, such as the prized crops or sunbeam crops, as well as useful containers, like crates and barrels, to harvest your crops in! Help solve the variety of problems on the farm by collecting specific items like animal feed, carrots and water! If you need help with any of the many levels in this game, there are a range of power-ups that you can buy and use as well! If you’re fan of Farmville and/or match-3 games, Farmville: Harvest Swap is definitely one game you mustn’t miss for the world! Play it now!


Welcome to your farm, famer! Let’s get right into the fields and start harvesting! To harvest your crops from the board, you’ll just need to match 3 of the same fruits or vegetables together. Matching more crops will get you special crops which are the cornerstone in this game... without them, you’ll have a very hard time getting through a level and let’s not even talk about getting 3 stars for that level!

For instance, matching 4 of your crops, either vertically or horizontally, will create a sunbeam crop that will harvest an entire line of crops when matched. Whether the line of crops harvested is vertical or horizontal will depend on the direction of the beam indicated on the special crop itself!

If you matched 4 crops together in a 2x2, or a square box, shape, you will get a unique special item – the crate! Crates are one of the hallmark items in Farmville: Harvest Swap as you can use it to harvest an entire chain of the same type of crops, depending on the path you draw using your mouse cursor. The path you draw can be diagonal, vertical or horizontal, and longer chain you can do, the more points you can get! In fact, if it’s long enough, you may also get a bonus sunbeam too! In certain cases, you may even be able to create a super long chain by connecting 2 or more chains of different crops together by connecting through other crates in between the chains. Oh and these crates cannot be moved as well!

For T-shaped or L-shaped match-5s, you’ll earn prized crops instead! These crops, when matched, will harvest all the crops around them. They function a lot like a bomb and will harvest all the crops in a 3x3 radius. On the other hand, for linear match-5s, you’ll get a barrel which is able to collect all the crops that it is swapped with from the board with just 1 move. Incredible, right?

In Farmville: Harvest Swap, there are a variety of level objectives that you’ll eventually discover. The most basic level goal is where you just have to reach the score needed to win. Most of the time, you’ll need to collect the number of crops needed to win the level with the limited moves given. However, if you can use as little moves as you can to complete the level, you will be well-rewarded! This is because any leftover moves you may have left will turn random crops into special ones during Harvest Bonus! Usually, by the end of the Harvest Bonus, you’ll have added a significant amount of bonus points to your total score.

There are also special events in this game where you have to, for example, save a barn from fire by collecting water instead of crops via matching or collecting animal feed to feed your farm’s hungry animals by dropping them down to the bottom of the board. There is also an entire chapter dedicated to the bunny bonanza, whereby there will be rabbit hole/s around the game area. You’ll have to match carrots to lure these bunnies out. Once you’re done, the bunnies will then clear a section of the grass, so your board can be expanded, and as a result this makes winning the level much easier!

There are up to 3 stars for you to earn per level, though you just need a minimum of 1 star to proceed to the next level. Once a chapter, which consists of many levels, is completed, you can move on to the next chapter right away! Different chapters usually have different stories as well as slightly changed gameplay. This makes Farmville: Harvest Swap a very interesting and addictive game to play!

As mentioned, you have limited moves per level to complete the level objective. What if you cannot complete the objective as required? Well, you not only will have to replay the level, but you will also lose a life. There are 5 lives max for each player and once it runs out, you’ll have to wait for it to regenerate itself or you could ask your friends for more lives. You can also buy more lives using real cash.

Due to the troubles that losing a life in-game can bring, it may be best to avoid any unnecessary “lost of a life” by using power-ups when needed. There are quite a range of power-ups that you can buy, including 5 extra moves and shovel, which is able to remove an item – any item - from the game board. There are also plenty of achievements that you can obtain in Farmville: Harvest Swap as well! Go get them all!


Farmville: Harvest Swap is unsurprisingly popular mainly due to the game’s addictiveness as well as being part of the highly popular franchise, Farmville. Within the duration of merely a month since its release, the game has racked up more than 1 million daily players along with around 225 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. Thus, if you need friends to gift you lives, well, this is as good a place to start adding them!

Graphics/ Sound

Farmville: Harvest Swap has seriously one of the most high definition 3D graphics ever seen in a casual match-3 game, provided that your browser can render it properly! The crops are so beautifully designed and polished, and the scenes are so pretty as well! In addition, the game also provides a nice cheerful music to accompany you as you play. Everything in this game from sound to its graphics screamed out “high quality” to its players and considering that this is a free-to-play game... well, that makes it even more impressive!


In conclusion, Farmville: Harvest Swap is indeed an excellently-designed, insanely addictive and very unique match-3 game that everybody could enjoy! The game provides a huge variety of special crops and items that you’ll need to use to solve the challenging match-3 puzzles provided. Not to mention, each chapter you play will start a new storyline which result in a special event-based level as well! There are also power-ups that you can use to help you solve some of the much tougher levels if you need them. Amazingly, all of these are offered to the players free of charge with high quality graphics and sound! Is your interested piqued? Well, what are you waiting for? Harvest your beautiful crops and help around the farm today in Farmville: Harvest Swap!

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New Game Added: Farmville: Harvest Swap

by Aethyna Jun 19, 2015
Match 3 or more of crops together to collect them, but if you can match more crops, you can get amazing special crops, along with useful containers to harvest your crops in! Help solve the variety of problems on the farm by collecting specific items like animal feed, carrots and water too! So, play Farmville: Harvest Swap now! Feed in Farmville: Harvest Swap Farmville: Harvest Swap: Crates Barrel in Farmville: Harvest Swap Read More
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