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by Richard
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Royal Arena 9 rate Royal Arena follows the same formula of the popular Clash Royale, where you must eliminate your opponent’s base before they destroy yours. You can collect heroes and spell cards and build your most formidable deck and defeat all of your foes. So ready your best deck and prepare for an epic duel! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Royal Arena is a player versus player strategy game that is simplified to provide a more casual and engaging game. Players must destroy the opposition’s fortress by calling out battle units or cast spells against them, the first to eliminate the main base wins the battle. There are dozens of different units, heroes and spell cards to collect and upgrade. You can also compete for rankings against other players in Royal Arena.


The way Royal Arena plays is strikingly familiar to a certain popular mobile game; Clash Royale. The object of the game is be the first to eliminate the opposing player’s base, and to do that you must summon troops to destroy the enemy base or use spells to hasten the destruction.

There are three structures that each player must destroy; the two side tower where they protect the main castle from incoming attackers and the main castle that has more durability than the other structures. Each of these buildings can defend itself from attackers, however it has limited range and the attack speed is slower and it can only focus on one attacker at a time.

You can summon troops or cast spells by using cards that are available on your hand which is visible on your screen, and these cards require a certain amount Elixirs to be summoned. Elixir is somewhat the equivalent to mana in Royal Arena and it will replenish over time. When you summon or cast a spell, a cooldown will commence to avoid succeeding summons that would spam the field and become imbalance, though the cooldown is short as you may expect, it provides a balance game that would give the opposing team some allowance to fight back without being overwhelmed easily.

Each units may vary on the Elixir cost depending on the type of unit. The common units provides the lowest casting cost but only has weaker stats, they are usually summoned to be able to deploy more units in the field to provide back up or as an emergency units when the base is under attack.

The rare ones have the higher costs and have decent stats, they can be used as your frontliner that can deal a large amount of damage. And then there is the Epic units that are the best of the best, it has the highest stats from the batch and has an expensive casting cost, you may want to use them in dealing damage as a combination of your rares for greater effect.

And aside from the rarities, each unit has their own strengths and weaknesses. Take for example using a soldier or grunt, it can deal a decent amount of damage and has high defense rate which is suitable for defending, then there is the riflemen that has low life but has farther range in attacking, plus they start off as a pair which is good for dealing damage from afar.

There is also a demolition that can throw bombs to deal area of effect damage that is good against enemy units, but not suitable for going solo. Then there is a dragon unit that can fly and move faster, it can deal good amount of damage, however they are weak against riflemen and any range units. Combining these units can provide great strategy in assaulting the enemy base, you can combine a soldier and riflemen to provide a balanced team that lets the soldiers tank the riflemen while they focus on dealing damage to a tower. The game is all about strategy and doing something reckless can spell a defeat.

Winning a match can be achieved by eliminating the entire opposition base within the time limit, in case the time expires and no base was destroyed, a sudden death will occur when cooldown and Elixir regeneration is faster where it lets you summon units and spells at a much faster rate. You can just focus on the main base ahead to finish the match quickly. When you defeat an enemy, you can earn points for ranking and treasure chests that will contain gold or unit cards.

Upgrading units or spells can be done by acquiring them from treasure chests. Alternatively you can purchase cards at the store but these cards will appear at random intervals. Once you have enough unit/spell cards, you can upgrade them to improve their stats and level. You can purchase more chests to get a chance for a rare unit through gems, the gems can be acquired via rewards or real money.


There are decent amount of players in Royal Arena. But since the game is similar that to Clash Royale, some players might have focused on the other game instead. Multiplayer in the game can be done via player versus player, however it is unsure if the battles occur in real time or the battles are done by the AI. Also there are no ways to interact with other players, as there are no chat or emoticon interactions that can be made.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals of Royal Arena has a mix of 2D and 3D, it has 2D background added with 3D polygon units to provide more fluid to its animations. The theme of the game has that blend of steampunk and medieval that is sort of interesting to see in a game. Background music is limited to just two; one for the main menu and the other for the battle, but it provides some great scores to keep the mood of the game, but can be tiring after being played for hours.


Although Royal Arena is similar that to Clash Royale, it is still fun to play on the web browser and with its unique theme, it can provide more fun game experience for hours. The intense yet quick game will keep players into being competitive for hours, hopefully more updates can be added to the game to provide more twists and content.

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New Game Added: Royal Arena

by Richard Dec 8, 2016
Royal Arena follows the same formula of the popular Clash Royale, where you must eliminate your opponent’s base before they destroy yours. You can collect heroes and spell cards and build your most formidable deck and defeat all of your foes. So ready your best deck and prepare for an epic duel! Royal Arena: Flying unit PvP in Royal Arena Royal Arena: Many levels and maps to enjoy Read More
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