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Brawl of Ages 8 rate Build decks of cards and try them out in battle against another fellow player or a devious AI, or take a break by watching other players fight via the Arena TV. Earn seals from matches and turn them in for a chance to win new cards at the Big Brawl Boards. Do you have what it takes to become the best brawler around? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With a gameplay that mimics the insanely-popular strategy game, Clash Royale, Brawl of Ages is a game that will definitely keep you at the very edge of your seat. Build decks of cards and try them out in battle against another fellow player or a devious AI, or take a break by watching other players fight via the Arena TV. Earn seals from matches and turn them in for a chance to win new cards at the Big Brawl Boards. So, are you made up of brawler material? Give Brawl of Ages a go and see how far up the ranks you can climb!


Brawl of Ages has a gameplay that’s similar to the popular strategy game, Clash Royale. However, for those who have not played Clash Royale before – and by the way, you should really crawl out of your fallout bunker once in a while, just sayin’, the game provides a simple tutorial to guide you through the game’s basics. After all, the game is really easy enough to grasp.

All you need to do is to use your strategic mind to its maximum capability and find devious ways to destroy your opponents’ lane towers – there are 2 of them – and ultimately, the Throne within 2 minutes. You can do so by deploying your units on the blue gridded part of the battlefield. Similar to a CCG, each card you play requires a certain amount of mana, but unlike the round-based mechanics that CCGs are famous for, Brawl of Ages is played in real time and hence, mana regenerates by itself over time.

Of course, you will need to defend your own towers and Throne from being attacked as well. Whoever managed to destroy the Throne within the short time limit will win the match. However, if the time’s up and no one has managed to get to the other side’s Throne, then the game will trigger a bonus Mana Mania round where the rate of mana regeneration is doubled. This allows both you and your opponent to play cards almost as quickly as you can click on them. The pace of the game can boarder on frantic in this special bonus round, so be sure to ready your clicking finger before going all out on your opponent!

When and where you deploy your cards are among the most important aspects of the game. You’ll want to have your units deployed close enough with each other to avoid getting picked off one by one by the towers or any enemy units, but you don’t want to group them all up lest your opponent massacre them all with a single missile strike. Not to mention, cards also have varying deploy time and cooldown periods. So, it’s even more crucial for you to keep track of the timings on your cards – you don’t just deploy cards whenever you can.

Let’s not forget that there’s also the “where”. Although you’ll start off being only able to deploy troops on your side of the map, but once you brought down an enemy tower, you can then deploy your units in a small area on your opponent’s side. This should definitely be taken into account when deciding your strategy for a match.

Brawl of Ages also offers a range of game modes for you. Aside from the regular ladder matches, you can also participate in Conquest Tournament provided that you’ve got the tickets. The tournament will pit you against a series of opponents, one after another, until either you’ve lost 3 times in total or have won 10 matches. The more matches you win, the more prizes you’ll get as rewards.

If you’re one to play the odds, you can also wager premium gems via the Premium Prize Entry option to increase your potential winnings... that is, of course, if you win. There’s even a Smash Party mode where you can play with your closest friends or you could test out a new card or deck through a practice match or two against intelligent AI bots.

New cards, or at least, new card pieces can usually be won by turning in 10 of the Seals you’ve earned at the Big Brawl Board. The Board functions like a huge slots machine where you’ll get a chance to win any of the items shown in each neon-illuminated box. Seals can be obtained by playing matches.

Whether you win or lose, you’ll get some Seals, though naturally, the winner will get more Seals than the loser. You can also sell off any extra card pieces for valor. Valor can then be used to craft new cards, and interestingly, it is also required if you fancy creating your own club.

Got a couple of new cards that you want use? Well, head on over to the Vault and start editing your starter deck. Each deck can contain up to 10 different card types, max. You can even save multiple decks and switch between them whenever you like prior to entering a match.

Playing Brawl of Ages can be tiring after a while, and when that happens, you could still be with the game in spirit by simply sitting back and watching other players duel via the Arena TV. The spectator mode in this game is pretty in-depth. You can actually switch between viewing the match from either side (red or blue player), or remain neutral and view the match like an omnipresent god... and yes, you can see both players’ cards


To experience the more social aspect of the game, you should definitely sign up to join a Brawler Club. Here, you can chat with your new clubmates, and contribute to the club by helping your club to earn club seals so as to get a special spin on club’s the “Wheel of Fortune”. You can also start a club of your own for a mere 100 Valor.

Graphics/ Sound

The art style used in Brawl of Ages may, for most players, bring the term “mobile port” to mind. In fact, it won’t be at all surprising if the game is eventually released on the mobile platform. The game’s short matches do make it more ideal for playing while on-the-go rather than the usual “in front of PC”-type of gaming.

That said, the visuals look cartoonishly good, though a tad bit cliché. Since the game is developed by S2 Games, the fellas behind the MOBA, Strife, you can definitely expect a ton of familiar heroes from Strife in this game. The sound is rather good as well.

Aside from the “full screen” issue that affects only the game lobby, the major downside is the graphical glitch when the game is transitioning between the loading screen and the actual game interface. However, this is not something that’s at all game-breaking – it’s more of a minor annoyance.


All in all, Brawl of Ages is a pretty well-thought out game that offers an exciting competitive and strategic gameplay. Despite its similarities to the popular Supercell game, Clash Royale, S2 Games has managed to make their game stand out by adding in additional features such as the Arena TV and match history, as well as special “hero” units as playable cards. If you enjoy simple and short strategy games, then Brawl of Ages would be a good fit for you.

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Build decks of cards and try them out in battle against another fellow player or a devious AI, or take a break by watching other players fight via the Arena TV. Earn seals from matches and turn them in for a chance to win new cards at the Big Brawl Boards. Do you have what it takes to become the best brawler around? Brawl of Ages: Attacking a tower Deck building in Brawl of Ages Brawl of Ages: Intense lane fight via Arena TV Read More
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