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Valhalla Lost 9 rate Valhalla has fallen, the realms are in chaos and those unfortunates on Midgard are surrounded by Gods and worse in a stunning new CCG full of action. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Valhalla has fallen, the realms are in chaos and those unfortunates on Midgard are surrounded by Gods and worse in a stunning new CCG full of action.


In the halls of Valhalla the Gods feast with Heroes and all are awaiting the arrival of Ragnarok. The Valkyries collect those deemed worth and and all is well. Until that is the Gods fail, mortals stop believing and the very realm falls from Asgard in to Midgard. Suddenly chaos ensues, dark powers are released into the world and humanity is besieged.

Yet there is hope, heroes will rise and fight the good fight, or take the dark path to their own power. What was will never be again, but the future is ready to be made by people such as you. Take to the battlefield with your armies, wield mighty weapons and cast mighty spells to turn the tide of war.


When you first enter Valhalla Lost you will see a brief tour of the layout and begin to play through a tutorial phase. This will last for a few games and show you the different actions you can take, how the cards work and how to build and manage your decks. Taking a new approach to CCG’s there are some nice twists in this game and a lot of fun gameplay to be found.

The game board is a pretty simple layout, with your cards to the bottom and your opponent at the top. You can have up to 40 cards in your gaming deck and as you play you will draw 5 cards at the start and then 1 each turn after that. You also have the option to mulligan the hand and remove all of the cards for a new set.

There are several types of card you can place in your deck, creatures, spells, wards, traps and equipment including weapons. There are 4 classes that you can pick from, the Thunder Keeper, Light Prophecy, Hell Walker and Soul Whisper. Each class has a set of abilities that you can use, as you progress through the game they are unlocked and your choice of skill can have a big effect on the battle. There are certain unique cards for each class and some general cards and creatures that cross over.

From your collection of cards you can have up to 4 copies of each in a deck unless it is an epic or legendary card, then they are further restricted. There is no limit to what you put in the deck, you can go all creatures, all spells or a mix. A variety of abilities is always recommended, but there are some very nice synergies between creatures that can make some good combinations.

Each card has an essence cost, at the start of the game you have 1, and each turn you gain 1 more up to a maximum of 10. Your skills also cost 2 essence to use and they can be activated once per turn, so you always have something to do. Balancing how much of your essence you spend is one of the keys to a successful game.

The game field is pretty easy to understand, and there are some fun things like traps and wards that you can drop into place to surprise and hurt your enemy. The weapons also have powerful effects, but a limited duration based on their power. Spells can be very powerful in the game, there are not a huge range at the moment but they have a big effect on the game and their correct usage can turn the tide in battle.

Outside of the game there are several ways for you to collect cards, the first of which is to play through the PVE story mode. There are card rewards for completing quests and levels, and you can also earn coins and crafting materials. Coins are then used to purchase sets of 5 cards, with a variety of quality levels depending on the currency used. Finally you can enter the PVP arena and play with or against your friends and earn cards that way.

The final method of collecting cards is to enter into challenging dungeons. Here you can work to defeat some powerful opponents with unique abilities that can be tough to beat. However if you do so you can earn some of the best cards in the game so they are well worth a run through.

The most unique feature that Valhalla Lost brings is the blocking mechanic. There are some creatures that have an ability called Guardian, which means they have to be attacked before any other creatures, this is pretty standard in most games. However here you have another tactical decision. If you take no action with a creature on the board, at the end of the turn it will become a blocking creature, meaning that they have to be attacked before your hero is.

This adds a couple of fun elements and decisions for you, whether to be aggressive or defensive to save your life points, or a mix of both. It also means that any of your creatures can come do your defence, even the gods such as Thor. This can also keep the games quite interesting especially in the PVP arena.


As the game is still closed at the moment there are not many people around and able to get into it, however there is a Facebook community page and a growing buzz about Valhalla Lost that means word is spreading. We predict that there will be a healthy amount of players very soon.


In simple terms, Valhalla Lost looks stunning. There is a huge amount of effort that has gone into the artwork, and the quality really shines both in the characterisation and card artwork. Outside of the characters the whole UI looks neat and tidy, and the controls are really intuitive and what you are doing is really easy to follow.


Overall Valhalla Lost looks really good, plays really well and has an engaging and different story to what you normally find in Norse Mythology. With new cards promised every 3 months as well as a great starting package this game looks set to go all the way and is really exciting to play.

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Valhalla Lost Is Now in Open Beta

by Aethyna Dec 24, 2015
Be the first of your friends to play this Norse-inspired MMOCCG, Valhalla Lost, on your Android devices today! Valhalla Lost is now in open beta. Try it now! Read More

New Game Added: Valhalla Lost

by Adeaphon Sep 20, 2015
Valhalla has fallen, the realms are in chaos and those unfortunates on Midgard are surrounded by Gods and worse in a stunning new CCG full of action. Valhalla Lost Thor Valhalla Lost Valkyrie Valhalla Lost Battle the Gods Read More

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A beautiful and compelling card game

Valhalla has fallen and chaos descended unto the human world of Midgard. You are one of the residents and an emerging hero who will fight battles to defend your land. In Valhalla Lost, you need to ass...Full Review
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