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Rayman Legends 10 rate Enter the Glade of Dreams and awaken Rayman from his 100-year nap. Traverse the intricately-designed world while fighting off hordes of enemies. Enjoy an aesthetically-pleasing gaming experience with the game’s outstanding art style. Experience the game with friends and find out where you stack up in the online leaderboards! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Rayman Legends is one of the reasons why platformers today still thrive in a market dominated by open world games with high-definition graphics, battle royale titles, and action-packed first-person shooters. Originally released back in 2013, this timeless platformer is one of PlayStation’s free PS Plus games of May 2018, and is arguably one of it’s best offerings this year. Thanks to its beautifully-crafted and unique levels paired with its superb art style and simple yet fun gameplay mechanics, it’s one of those games that demands a playthrough. If you miss out on it, then you’re losing out on a stellar and memorable gameplay experience.


Rayman Legends follows up where Rayman Origins ended. Basically, Rayman ended up asleep for a hundred years, and within that time frame, vile monsters invaded our setting, the Glade of Dreams. So yes, it is up to Rayman, Murfy, Globox and the gang to fight off these nightmarish creatures. However, note that there is barely a semblance of a story, as it mainly focuses on the gameplay.


Rayman Legends may seem like your regular platformer at first, but it’s far from being a simple, easy-to-learn experience. The game tosses you from level to level, each with different themes and mechanics. At first, you’ll move Rayman around like your everyday platformer character, and a few levels later, perform things you never thought possible in a game of the aforementioned genre. The game never fails to be stale, is extremely entertaining, and keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire 12-hour campaign.

Although a huge part of Rayman Legends involves jumping from one area to another, the gameplay throws in puzzle challenges and even shooting levels wherein the game feels like a side scrolling shooter. The gameplay elements are well-made and not added just for the sake of variety. It feels as if they are part of main core of the gameplay. There is a great sense of anticipation whenever you finish a level, making you excited for whatever comes next.

There are countless enemies in Rayman Legends, from large ogre-like humanoids to hostile monster plants which would gobble you up whenever you approach. Beating them may involve inventive ways like changing a levels movable parts by activating a lever, or simply hopping over their heads. However, the boss fights are definitely the game’s biggest draw. The bosses are huge, and although they move and attack using predictable patterns, beating them can be difficult, yet they pose an enjoyable a challenge.

Originally, Rayman Legends was never meant to come to the PlayStation 4, considering that it was a planned Wii U exclusive. It was designed with one player taking on Rayman’s assistant’s role, activating levers and switches. Ubisoft changed the game by providing a simple solution of having players press a button to have the assistant move around and help Rayman. This gameplay element feels relatively smooth and feels as if it’s a core part of the title.


Unfortunately, Rayman Legends multiplayer capabilities is limited to local co-op. Up to four players can share the screen at the same time, endeavoring to beat the same level. Things do get a little confusing if you do get to play with three other players, but that in itself paves the way for loud laughs and playful banter. The lack of online play hurts the game a bit, but there is an online leaderboard for you to see where you stack up with the rest of the world.


Rayman Legends is one of the best-looking platformers this generation, thanks to its beautifully-crafted artstyle. Every level feels like a painted portrait with pale to vibrant colors and well-drawn enemies flitting around the screen. The additional power the PlayStation 4 has contributes to making the game as beautiful as possible, and your TV will look like a moving painting instead of a digital screen. Though this may sound like a stretch, once you experience the game even on a regular PS4, you’ll be blown away by the visuals.


Overall, Rayman Legends is one of those games that will be considered a timeless classic after a decade or two. Although it’s not a relatively well-known franchise, Ubisoft outdid themselves and provided a platformer with a gameplay experience like no other. It is a testament to great game design and art direction, and developers might want to get a leaf out of the game’s book. Although it doesn’t have an online mode, it does provide solid local co-op capabilities. It strays away from basic platformer principles by incorporating various gameplay elements to spice up the overall experience and provide an experience that varies whenever you start a level. There’s a lot you can do within its 12 hour campaign. Unlockables give it a high replayability value, giving you something to work for even after you beat the game.

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New Game Added: Rayman Legends

by Mikhail Jun 17, 2018
Enter the Glade of Dreams and awaken Rayman from his 100-year nap. Traverse the intricately-designed world while fighting off hordes of enemies. Enjoy an aesthetically-pleasing gaming experience with the game’s outstanding art style. Experience the game with friends and find out where you stack up in the online leaderboards! Fighting two enemies in Rayman Legends Teaming up vs an enemy in Rayman Legends Fighting a dragon boss in Rayman Legends Read More
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