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Bound 7 rate Save your kingdom from The Monster in Bound, and navigate through a massive labyrinth in this 3D platformer. Immerse in its unique art style, never before seen in gaming. Dance around tight ledges and twirl around corners as you progress. Enjoy the pleasant music and treat yourself on the graceful movements of the protagonist. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Video games aren’t just a means we use for entertainment. It’s also an art form, and not a lot of people will accept this. However, it’s important to note that even franchises like Call of Duty and even Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us have Hollywood-esque storylines and dialogue. The world-building aspects and storytelling elements in JRPGs like in Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Persona are the envy and inspiration of many aspiring creative writers.

Bound may not have a compelling story or a deep plot compared to these other games, but its visuals sets a standard and breaks boundaries. It proves that art can be an integral part of providing a satisfying gaming experience, may it be on the visuals or on the soundtrack. It can be closely compared to Journey, another visual masterpiece.

The game is a 3D platformer wherein instead of using Mario-like movements to traverse the abstract world, you do interpretive dances, ballet moves, and pirouettes. It is currently free and available for download for PlayStation Plus users alongside Worms: Battlegrounds. With that said, is it a game you would want to try out? Let’s check what it has to offer:


Bound’s plot is unfortunately shackled (pun intended) by traditional tropes: a masked princess who is also a dancing master is tasked by the queen mother to slay a monster known as...wait for it… The Monster. The antagonist is a giant being that threatens to corrupt and eventually destroy their kingdom. Despite its size, the monster is rather elusive, and the princess needs to track it down and get close enough to stop its wrongdoings.

The story is told through dialogues between characters. The lines aren’t fully voiced and everybody interacts through a language that sounds much like gibberish to us. Though the story isn’t exactly the most unique element, it is decent enough to make you want to go through the journey.


As said earlier, Bound is a 3D platformer, although it’s fairly a different one than the others. Most of what you will end up doing consists mainly for jumping across platformers, climbing ladders, and navigating across narrow ledges. Seems simple, right? Well, it does not feel like it: the princess moves gracefully, treating you to various dance steps with every action. Whether she simply walks down a path or jumps across a moving platform, she dances with no wasted movement, making her a joy to watch.

Unlike most platformers, the game does not have straightforward routes. There are several ways to finish the levels, and it’s up to you to find alternate routes across the abstract labyrinth. However, you need to tread carefully: some routes may be shortcuts, while others will cause you to drop to your doom. Fortunately, you don’t die in Bound, nor are there any lives. You can literally dance to your death, falling gracefully from a narrow bridge, and the only penalty is a quick respawn in an area near the incident.

Combat is a series of elaborate dance steps triggered by simple button combinations. You can traverse around dangerous environments by performing these. Note that there are weird alien-like vines and other unrecognizable lump of shapes that act as enemies. Fending them off is done through dancing, and the act of doing so is a sight to behold.


Bound is a singleplayer game with no multiplayer features whatsoever. It also has no notable online communities, though you can talk about the game with other PS4 players on Reddit.


If you have been keeping up with us, the element that stand out in Bound are its graphics and soundtrack. The game presents a unique visual experience you may never have encountered before. Everything, from the princess’ movement to the walls shattering and drifting away into the wind is smooth and visually-striking. The platforms and environments look hand-crafted, albeit not detailed due to their rather abstract nature.

As you jump from ledge to ledge, the backdrop is composed of surreal and perpetually-moving cubes that is a marvel to see. In addition, it somehow gives you a sense of scale, making you feel like you’re a small part of living world. The music is originally composed, and the overall soundtrack truly fits the atmosphere the game wants to provide. One of the biggest problems you may face is the camera being too slow to turn and rearrange itself. At times when you’re in a rush, you may end up falling off due to the camera being too late to let you see what is beyond.


Overall, Bound is an artsy game and is definitely a title to add to your backlog. Although its visual elements are arguably unique, its plot and gameplay are rather bland. The platforming elements are rather straightforward and though the protagonist’s movements are eye-candy, they are quite repetitive as the game progresses. Nevertheless, the game’s aesthetics and art style are what makes it a must-grab, not only for PS Plus subscribers but also other games in general. Give it a shot and see if it’s a dance you want to see through the end.

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by Mikhail Nov 26, 2017
Save your kingdom from The Monster in Bound, and navigate through a massive labyrinth in this 3D platformer. Immerse in its unique art style, never before seen in gaming. Dance around tight ledges and twirl around corners as you progress. Enjoy the pleasant music and treat yourself on the graceful movements of the protagonist. Gliding in the air in Bound Dancing in a fragile platform in Bound Ballet in Bound Read More
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