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Batman: Arkham Knight 10 rate Batman: Arkham Knight is the third installment and final installment of the Arkham series. You’ll play as the Caped Crusader once again and endeavor to protect the city of Gotham once more. Fight against large roster of villains like Scarecrow, Two-Face, Penguin, Harley Quinn, and the original Arkham Knight. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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As someone who’s never played any of Rocksteady’s earlier Batman games (Arkham Asylum and Arkham City), I was a bit hesitant in jumping in. But hey, it’s one of PlayStation Plus’ free games for September 2019, so I might as well give it a shot. And well, it blew me away.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the third and final installment of the highly-acclaimed Arkham series. It follows the events of Arkham City and is undoubtedly one of the best action-adventure games this generation. You can move freely around Gotham City in a variety of ways from gliding in the air, using Batman’s grappling hook, and of course, the tank-like Batmobile. Once more, you’ll take the mantle of the Caped Crusader and attempt to stop the villains trying to end his crime-fighting career.

The game features robust exploration, smooth and well-made combat mechanics, and numerous puzzle and problem-solving elements that will keep you on your toes. It’s a perfect blend of numerous gameplay elements, dishing out a ton of variety that keeps missions fresh. Moreover, you’ll get to fight and interact with the franchise’s iconic characters and villains making it a game for every Batman fan out there.


Batman: Arkham Knight’s story starts where Arkham City ends. Apparently, Scarecrow managed to unite most of Gotham’s infamous villains with the goal to kill Batman and take out the entire Gotham and beyond. It’s a classic Batman storyline and is definitely something you could see happening in both live-action and animated series. Apart from Scarecrow, you will see and encounter villains like Two-Face, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and of course, the Joker. It also has an original villain, the Arkham Knight, whose identity is rather surprising.

Furthermore, the story is further enhanced thanks to a stellar cast of voice actors. Kevin Conroy, the long-time voice of Batman who also voiced him in the animated series and in Justice League, reprised his role while Mark Hammill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) who voiced Joker in the animated series, returns. Other actors include Matt Mercer, Troy Baker, and Tara Strong.


Batman: Arkham Knight is an open-world, action-adventure game. If you’re a huge fan of the entire franchise and you want to explore Gotham, then this game is definitely one you have to dive into. Thing is, you’ll have to be content with the grim and dystopian version, considering you’ll be exploring it after the entire population was evacuated and criminals have free reign over the city streets. You can move around the city using Batman’s patented grappling gun, through gliding, or via the Batmobile.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s combat is arguably its best element. In a way, it’s a mix of real-time action with a bit of QTE-like elements (quick-time events). You can execute combos through button mashing the square button while reacting to enemy movements by pressing triangle to counter or circle to dodge. Depending on which skills you’ve chosen to upgrade, you can add more attacks to your arsenal. Apart from your skills, you can also upgrade Batman’s equipment, including the Batsuit.

Apart from direct combat, Batman: Arkham Knight requires you to plan your attacks in advance. Should you surprise enemies by entering stealthily by through a grate or by making a loud entrance by gliding in through a glass window and by using fear takedowns? If you’re heavily outnumbered, you’ll have access to Batman’s many gadgets including the familiar “Batarang” and smoke pellets.

A huge part of the game involves using the Batmobile to fight. This 60-million dollar vehicle isn’t just a speedster, it’s a tank with a variety of weapons including 60-mm cannon, missile launchers, and a machine gun-like Vulcan cannon. You’ll encounter the Arkham Knight’s tanks, as well as certain obstacles that require you to use the Batmobile’s power winch. In addition, you can also control it remotely and make it assist you during combat. You’ll unlock more features, developed by Wayne Industries’ Lucius Fox, as the game progresses.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s quest doesn’t lack variety. Some offer direct combat and require you to save targets or to take them out. Others, including the Riddler’s many challenges, require you to use the Batmobile to finish certain obstacle courses, solve certain puzzles, or to destroy vehicles. You can also try out various challenges that help you get familiar with Batman’s gear. You’ll also end up using a remote-controlled Batarang and the detective mode to locate targets and find ways to interact with the environment respectively. Thankfully, you’ll have the support of Batman’s accomplices like Commissioner Jim Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Robin, Nightwing, and of course, the ever-loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth.


Batman: Arkham Knight’s presentation elements are among the best this generation. Its version of Gotham City is outstanding and highly-immersive, making it a joy to explore. The graphics are nothing short of excellent, while the environmental effects and changes due to damage are some of the best to date. As stated earlier, the audio elements are perfect thanks to the game’s stellar cast.


Overall, you’d be crazy to not download and play Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s one of the best superhero games this generation and it’s a must-play for everyone. After all, who isn’t familiar with the Dark Knight? Dive into it and you’ll be treated to its outstanding and rather unique blend of gameplay elements, robust combat elements, different quests, and star-studded cast. Give it a shot and do everything you can to save Gotham.

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New Game Added: Batman: Arkham Knight

by Mikhail Oct 12, 2019
Batman: Arkham Knight is the third installment and final installment of the Arkham series. You’ll play as the Caped Crusader once again and endeavor to protect the city of Gotham once more. Fight against large roster of villains like Scarecrow, Two-Face, Penguin, Harley Quinn, and the original Arkham Knight. Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight The Riddler in Batman: Arkham Knight Poison Ivy in Batman: Arkham Knight Read More
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