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Knack 9 rate Knack is a third-person action adventure platformer where you play as Knack, a humanoid organism created through ancient relics. Fight in a war to save humans from goblins, beings who seek to destroy it. Go through a tale of betrayal, and fight your way through tough situations and become the hero mankind needs. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Knack is one of PlayStation 4’s first ever games and was released alongside the current-gen console. Fast forward to five years later, it is one of PlayStation Plus’ free offerings for February 2018, along with MMO strategy Grand Kingdom and adventure puzzle game Rime. So yes, it is a loaded month with three decent games to play,

Knack is a 3D platformer and action-adventure game. You play as Knack, a humanoid organism created by a scientist inside a laboratory based on ancient relics which are basically artifacts that grant power. You will navigate across its colorful yet action-packed world in a fixed camera, fighting enemies you come across. Knack gets bigger, stronger, and gets more abilities depending on the types of relics you take in, giving you a fun and varied experience.


Despite its art style appearing rather cartoony, Knack has an decent storyline. It covers themes such as betrayal, war, the corruption of power, and the dangers of technological advancement if left unchecked. Unfortunately, the game’s writers lost the opportunity to dish out a meaningful message, and the themes aren’t fully explored. Knack’s creation - an artificial being made of artificial power sources - brought the opportunity for deep philosophical ruminations, but are skimmed over. All in all, it’s just not enough to win an award in the literary field.

Without diving too deep into spoilers, Knack starts with a cutscene wherein goblins overrun a human outpost using tanks, surprising and defeating the defenders. In response, an emergency meeting is held, wherein humans discuss their options in order to fight back. Dr. Vargas unveils Knack to the world, and the story subsequently goes into motion.


Knack focuses on 3D platforming and beat’em up action. You control the titular character around a series of linear levels, fighting various enemies ranging from goblins, robots, and even humans. You cannot control the camera angles, which may frustrate some players. The point-of-view is a mix between the God of War games and Crash Bandicoot, so if you have any experience with those two, you will be in the clear.

Apart from fighting the enemies, you will also need to look for various items and objects. For example, there are small pillars filled with sunstones which can help Knack store up enough energy to unleash a powerful move. There are also chests with special-colored relics. Gathering them can make Knack assume various forms with various strengths and weaknesses. For example, he can turn into Vampire Knack with enough ruby relics, enabling him to launch more powerful strikes but at a cost of quick and constant HP depletion.

Also note that Knack can change sizes, depending on the number of relics he has around his core. He can be the size of toddler in order to fit small spaces, or become as tall as an apartment building that can simply walk over enemies to beat them. Environments can also be interacted with: Knack can destroy buildings and pick up large objects. Speaking of which, the environments/in-game locations are varied. They range from forests, to small cities, caves, castles, mansions, and even mineshafts. Although the levels are linear, you are granted a different visual experience and you won’t lack variety.

However, Knack does have a major downside. Much like the levels, the battles are linear and lacking. Although Knack can assume many forms and sizes, his attacks just involve him punching, kicking, stomping, and jumping over enemies. Though he can launch a super move with sunstones, it’s just not enough to redeem the dullness.


Knack is purely a singleplayer game, so you you will need to look elsewhere if you want a multiplayer experience. The game does have a dedicated subreddit, but is rather small and inactive. That aside, you could also discuss the game on the PS4 subreddit, considering that it is loved by the community.


Knack is a beautiful game. The environments are detailed and bright, and despite being a game about beating up goblins and machines, the art style and colors give the impression of optimism, like animated hero movies. Guaranteed, you will have a fantastic visual experience when playing it. The voice acting also stands out, with amazing performances from Travis Willingham (Ryder), Josh Keaton (Lucas), and JB Blanc (Dr. Vargas). Note that the game also features veteran Laura Bailey (Charlotte) and Matthew Mercer (Gundahar), all both well-known and seasoned actors.


Overall, Knack is a great platformer and a great introductory title to the PlayStation 4. If you have any friends or family that want their first gaming experience to be a fantastic one, Knack is a fantastic way to kick things off. With varied environments and levels, the game is sure to keep you entertained, partially thanks to the attractive graphics and fantastic voice acting. Although Knack’s moveset is limited and the game may get a little repetitive after a few hours, the unlockables and Knack’s many forms are sure to keep you playing and wanting more.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus user, download the game today before it goes off the lineup in the first week of March.

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by Mikhail Feb 28, 2018
Knack is a third-person action adventure platformer where you play as Knack, a humanoid organism created through ancient relics. Fight in a war to save humans from goblins, beings who seek to destroy it. Go through a tale of betrayal, and fight your way through tough situations and become the hero mankind needs. Fighting a boss in Knack Knack and a robot Knack vs a goblin Read More
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