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Pudding Pop 6.3 rate Enjoy one of the cutest match 3 games around and see if you can match these wonderful puddings together and collect all of the lollipops. With some fun levels and a brilliant swiping collection system there is lots of entertainment waiting for you to try today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Pudding Pop you have everything you could want in a free casual game, and then some extras on top that make it just more enjoyable to play. The main aim of the game is to complete the orders for each level, and they change depending on the level you play. There are some fun obstacles in the way, and lots of different boosters you can use too.

When you first play you will be treated to a simple explanation as to how to play the game. In each level you can match puddings that are the same color by swiping over the ones you want to collect. You can move in any direction as long as it is onto a pudding of the same color, and they all need to be touching for it to count. You have to match at least 3 together, but there is no maximum number. When you let go of them they will pop, and new ones fall from the top of the board.

If you match a big chain of puddings together you will gain magical puddings that have special abilities when you put them into a chain. If you match 7 in a single chain you will create a magical stripy pudding. If you then use the magical pudding in a combo you will blow up the entire line in the direction that it is facing. The magical pudding only blows up on the line that you stop the combo, so if you want you can stop before the end of the chain if you need to remove a chocolate or collect a lollipop in a difficult place.

If you are lucky enough to keep going for more than 7 puddings you will add more magical puddings to the board. If you make a really big chain you can make a rainbow pudding that will blow up all of the puddings of 1 color which can be very handy so they are worth saving for when you need them.

In each level that you there will be a goal for you to meet, sometimes it is as simple as get 1 star in a level by scoring points. In others you need to collect the lollipops or clear all of the chocolate from the level by matching puddings over the top of it. As you get into the higher levels the game will become a little more challenging, with new goals and new obstacles to overcome.

There are also boosters that you can use in the game, and they are unlocked as you complete the levels. When you unlock a booster you will have 3 for free, and from then on you can buy replacements with coins or diamonds. These boosters allow you to do special things, like have 5 extra moves on a level, or remove a single pudding. They can even give you 2 magical stripy puddings on the board right from the start.

There are also boosters that you can use in the game too, these are available instantly, and once again you will get 3 for free and then you can buy them. The addition of boosters can really mean the difference on a difficult level, and they are worth saving for the later levels as they can be a little tricky.

There are 2 types of currency in the game, coins and diamonds. Each time you complete a level you will get some coins, the more stars you have the more coins you can earn. You can then spend coins on boosters before or during the game. You begin with 10 diamonds for free in Pudding Pop and these can be used to continue a level if you are stuck and for unlocking the next expansion if you don’t have keys. Diamonds are available to buy for real money in the game. You can also earn both coins and diamonds for logging in to the game each day.

Unlike some of the games around, in Pudding Pop you do not have to ask your friends to open the next set of levels for you. When you complete a level you will earn between 1 and 3 stars. These stars count towards a chest, and if you get enough to open a chest you will get a key. If you unlock all 3 keys you will open up the next episode to play. This is a refreshing change and it means that you can unlock the next part of the game without waiting for your friends to open it up for you.

With over 600 levels for you to complete there is a lot of fun to be had in this cute game. The swiping works really well, and you can make some very long chains and you are rewarded for doing so. There are lots of different challenges awaiting you and these new things you come across are really interesting to pay.


There are over 4 million players all over the world for this game, and you can easily see why when you play. The community page is very active too and has almost 5 million likes. Pudding Pop was one of the first swiping games to come out and many people still keep coming back to play. With new levels coming out all the time and more people joining every week it is no wonder that this game is so popular.


Pudding Pop is a really cute game, and that comes across when you play very nicely, the puddings have little faces that pop up when they are your best move. The lines are very easy to make and see with it being very clear where you have already traveled to. Though the game only uses 2D graphics they are really well drawn and it flows very nicely.

The sounds are just as cute as the graphics, with sounds for when you swipe and use one of the special puddings. There is a background music too, though it is a little simple and can be a little repetitive.


While there are lots of casual games around, there are not many that compare to Pudding Pop, with its cute factor, fun gameplay and great levels to play it is easy to see why it is so popular. The swiping style of collection is fun and easy to use on every platform too, keeping the game fun on the PC or Mobile Device.

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New Game Added: Pudding Pop

Dec 11, 2014
Enjoy one of the cutest match 3 games around and see if you can match these wonderful puddings together and collect all of the lollipops. With some fun levels and a brilliant swiping collection system there is lots of entertainment waiting for you to try today! Pudding Pop Iced Puddigns Pudding Pop Magical Striped Puddings Swiping in Pudding Pop Read More

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Pudding Pop New Format

If this game had a zero rating it would get it. The new format is a disaster!! NOTHING WORKS! GAME FREEZES FROM THE GET GO AND ALL YOU SEE IS A BLACK SCREENFull Review
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