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Pengle 6.2 rate Joining the much loved genre of match-3 games, Pengle is a Facebook game that will gradually surprise players with devilishly fun match-3 puzzles and unique gems. Enjoy a fantastic experience with some new and unique levels. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The plotline in this game is fairly straightforward and simple. The game starts off by introducing a penguin, named Pete, who saw its homeland polluted by a ruptured oil tanker. The oil spill caused his fellow arctic friends to be sick and he is determined to do something about it. However, cleaning up oil spills is hard work and he will need some help. Therefore, he enlists your help in getting the oil spill cleaned up and providing a safer and cleaner environment for his friends to live in.


As all match-3 games goes, the objective of each game is very simple, match 3 gems of the same colour in order to remove them from the board. However, similarly to renowned match-3 games like Candy Crush, Pengle ramped up the challenge by limiting the number of moves you can make. Furthermore, you will also need to remove oil-stained gems or spaces in order to clear each level in Pengle. As you progress, there will be more special gems, like a jelly fish gem that will change the colour of the gem every time you make a move. There are also weirdly shaped boards. In order words, it will definitely get tougher and more challenging, you can bet on that!

Once you’ve managed to complete a board, you will be rated between 1 to 3 stars. It is, of course, best to obtain 3 stars for all the puzzles as these stars will be necessary in unlocking treasure chests that contain a golden key. These golden keys will allow you to unlock new stages in Pengle. However, if you get less than 3 stars for a stage, don’t worry! You can easily go back to that stage and replay it to obtain the 3 stars that you need.

There is also another alternative in obtaining those rare golden keys. Since it is a Facebook-based game, it has the option of letting you to ask your Facebook friends to help you out, you could always also purchase a key for real money through your account.

To aid you in getting 3 stars for each level, the game offers in-game boosts, such as wild card, which clears blocks of the same colour or vertical magic arrow, which clears a column of gems regardless of colour, for a price. By collecting enough coins that you’ve earned from completing levels, you can use these coins to buy boosts to help you to crack that particularly hard level that had managed to defeat you.

Furthermore, the game has a life system in place to prevent you from clearing all the levels in Pengle too quickly. Each player is given 5 lives and these lives will regenerate over time. However, if you’re a tad bit impatient, you can get more lives by requesting for them from your friends. Don’t worry about running out of levels to play either – there are currently 660 levels available in Pengle and more are added all the time.

Pengle is also a competitive game and it allows you to compete with your Facebook friends who play Pengle too! Whenever you surpass your friends in terms of accumulated score, level or the score for a certain level on the leaderboard in Pengle, you can share your triumphs on your timeline for everyone to see.


Pengle has become quite popular since its release, with over 7 million players now joined up on Facebook. As you can share scores with your friends, as well as lives and keys it is always good to have lots of friends that play. With a growing number of players, and new content there is a lot of interest in this game.


The graphics are pretty standard for a match 3 game, with a fluid motion and bright colors. The comic strip depicting the story behind Pengle is very cute and well-drawn. The layout is very simple to use, and the boosters are easy to spot. Overall it is what you would expect for a Facebook game.

The sound is fairly good and has a spring to it, but it does get on the nerves after some time. If you feel the same way too, you can easily disable the sound in Pengle by clicking on the mute button at the top right corner of the game interface.


Overall, Pengle is a pretty much normal match-3 game though it has several unique gems that do make the game very much challenging, try matching combos when a couple of the gems keep changing colour every time you make a move! There are in-game boosts to help players out of tight spots and you can also compete with your friends. If you enjoy match-3 games that require some strategic skills and not about how fast you can spot matches, then Pengle is the game for you!

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New Game Added: Pengle

by Aethyna Nov 5, 2014
Joining the much loved genre of match-3 games, Pengle is a Facebook game that will gradually surprise players with devilishly fun match-3 puzzles and unique gems. Enjoy a fantastic experience with some new and unique levels. Pengle Toxic Barrels Pengle Pufferfish Oil Gems in Pengle Read More

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Mute the sounds on Pengle!

I play this game and I hate the sounds I would like to mute them but am uable to. Ready to quit this game.. the sounds were muted but now they are back I go to settings and they are not completely m...Full Review
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