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Pearl's Peril 8.8 rate Help Pearl Wallace to uncover the mystery behind the death of her father by finding clues hidden around her inherited Artemis Island! Travel the world in pursuit of the truth, which accumulates into a chilling mystery that you won't soon forget! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you think you have what it takes to solve a mystery? Well, if you do, you should definitely check out Pearl’s Peril, a beautiful hidden objects adventure game on Facebook! This game offers hours of exciting gameplay with an intriguing storyline, written by bestselling author and award-winning game writer, Steven-Elliot Altman. Best of all, new chapters are added every week to the game! You can also challenge your friends to see who can solve each scene with the highest score. An unforgettable adventure awaits you in Pearl’s Peril! So, join in the chase for the truth today!


Pearl Wallace is an ace pilot and a world explorer in the 1930s! Her glamorous and carefree social life came to an end when her father mysteriously passed away and she inherited a puzzling island, called Artemis Island. The island used to be a workshop for her architect grandpa, Grandpa Edwin’s imagination. Now, it is filled with dangerous secrets… Join Pearl and her sarcastic best friend, iris Hillman, as they hop from country to country to uncover a global conspiracy that will accumulate to a chilling mystery that you won’t soon forget!


In Pearl’s Peril, you will need to find the items requested in the scene and collecting them. Each time you collect a correct item, you’ll earn an additional bonus multiplier that will boost up your score. Unlike some other hidden objects game, if you accidentally clicked on a wrong object in this game, you won’t lose your current combo multiplier.

After getting all the items, you’ll sometimes be asked to find the last clue. This clue is linked to the storyline and each scene will have 3 clues that you have to find, except for the last scene in a chapter. However, do note that this option does not pop up every time you completed a scene. It’s kind of random. Each of these clues uncovers another small part of the intriguing story after they are collected.

Furthermore, each scene in Pearl’s Peril is linked flawlessly to the next as the story flows. Being a game that emphasizes on its interesting storyline, this is a very nice touch and is perhaps why players are so hooked to the game. It’s also nice to note that the scene somewhat changes every time you play! The positions of the items are unchanged, but you’ll notice that some items will be missing while some new items will appear. This makes the searching for items in the scene much more refreshing and challenging. Not to mention, every time you play a scene, you will consume 1 energy point. You are given a total of 27 energy points to use and these points will regenerate over time.

In terms of scoring, the game provides a range of bonuses, such as hint, time and accuracy bonuses, to help you boost up your points earned. Moreover, every scene in this game, except for the last scene in a chapter, has up to 5 medals for you to acquire! Due to the scoring system implemented in this game, it’s pretty easy to get 1 to 2 medals for the first game you’ve played… unless you are really bad at this sort of games. Completed scenes will reward you with in-game money, coins, as well as building materials.

Building materials are important when you head back to your villa on Artemis Island in order to decorate it. Decorations and buildings in Pearl’s Peril are vital to earn prestige which is required to unlock the next scene. In fact, the fastest way to earn prestige is by constructing buildings. Each building will require materials that can be earned from playing, asked from friends or bought using real money. After providing the materials, you will need to wait for a certain duration, several hours to a day usually, for the building to be constructed. Some decorations will require you to ‘build’ them as well! Although most scenes can be unlocked using prestige, some may require medals to unlock instead. Medals can also be used to uncover more land for you to build stuff on.

If you cannot expand your land yet, you can also upgrade existing buildings on your island up to the 3-star grade in order to boost the prestige points that these buildings give. Similarly to constructing a building, upgrading will cost you building materials though. After you’ve beautified the place up, why not take a screenshot to show off your landscaping skills to your friends on Facebook?

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the final scene in every chapter. It is largely different from the normal scenes whereby you’ll just need to search for items on a list. In the final scene, you will need to combine items you’ve found on the scene to form another item instead of just collecting these items. The crafted item can then be used to get the true evidence/s that you need. You cannot earn any medals for this particular scene, though you’ll be treated to a nice plot twist or a sudden event! To travel to the next chapter, you’ll need to hire your friends as your flight crew too or you could pay real money to get those slots filled up with NPCs.


Pearl’s Peril has around 3 million likes on its Facebook fan page and had just celebrated its second birthday a few days ago. The page organizes a lot of giveaways as well as contests (mainly quizzes about the game and the storyline), so be sure to follow the page by giving it your like if you enjoy playing Pearl’s Peril! Not to mention, if you have any trouble solving a particular scene, there are plenty of experienced players on the page who are more than willing to help you out. Sometimes, you may even get your hands on a copy of a ‘cheat sheet’, which contains a screenshot of the scene with every findable objects circled out in red.

Graphics/ Sound

Due to being a hidden objects game, the scenes are very intricately and also beautifully drawn. The characters in the story are very well-visualized as well! The music in Pearl’s Peril has a very 1930-feel to it. It may sound like a soundtrack that came off an old James Bond movie. However, once you arrived on the island, your speakers or headphones will be filled with the calming and relaxing sound of sea waves crashing against the shores as well as a soft, tropical-like music in the background. It is very pleasant indeed!


In a nutshell, Pearl’s Peril is an excellently-developed hidden objects game that has one of the best and most intriguing storyline for its genre! The game features interesting scenes for you to investigate and search for clues that may explain the death of Pearl’s father as well as the island that is shrouded in mystery, Artemis Island. You will also need to decorate and develop your island by constructing buildings and placing decorations so that you can unlock the subsequent scenes and chapters. Are you talented enough to solve the mystery in Pearl’s Peril? Try the game now and find out!

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Not the best, but better than most

Having both a meta-game of laying out and finding special places in your home area, sets of hidden object scenes that solve a specific problem, and special side puzzles, it is similar to many of the g...Full Review
Aug 5, 2015 | 0 Votes 0 0

Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects with a twist

Sometimes one craves a challenge more than what a simple Hidden Objects game can give. That, perhaps, is the reason why Pearl's Peril was conceptualized and developed in the first place.

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