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by Aethyna
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Criminal Case 9.8 rate Being a rookie officer, who is trying to learn the ropes at the precinct, you are brought onto the case to help find the killers who are responsible for the horrendous crime! Will the criminals get away with what they have done, or will you personally make sure these killers will be brought to justice? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Are you a huge fan of CSI? Well, if you are, come and join the police of Grimborough as they investigate crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyze evidence in this exciting hidden objects game, Criminal Case! You will need all your power of observation and wits as you tried to solve the town’s chain of murders. Once you’ve collected enough evidence, you can even go and make the arrest. With you on the case, no criminal will be able to escape from justice!


The police are befuddled by the mysterious nature of the series of brutal murders and intriguing cases in Grimborough, starting with the murder of a young woman at the entrance to the town. Being a rookie officer who is trying to learn the ropes at the precinct, you are brought onto the case to help find the killers who are responsible for the horrendous crime! Will the criminals get away with what they have done, or will you personally make sure these killers will be brought to justice?


Similarly to all hidden objects game, Criminal Case requires you to hone your keen eyes as you scan the crime scenes for hidden clues to each of the case you’ve been assigned. The game is pretty easy as the objects are not exactly hard to find and that when you return to the same crime scene, the items’ positions are not changed. Among the items you will need to find, some of them may provide vital insights to the case and will be entered into your case file as a clue. Sometimes, the Chief Police Officer, Samuel King, will also provide you with free clues… ahem, witness statements that will also be added to your case file.

Then, you will need to process your clues by sending it to the squints at the lab for further analysis. Some clues, specifically the remains, will need to be autopsied to determine the cause of death. These analysis and autopsy will have a waiting duration before you can get the clues you need. There are also a few mini-games, like the jigsaw puzzle mini-game whereby you’ll need to piece together torn fabric or to uncover vital clues hidden among a stack of clothes or inside a bag. Sometimes, you even get to interrogate suspects. These mini-games, including the interrogation, will consume a star each and these stars can only be obtained by playing and replaying the crime scenes.

Each crime scene has a maximum of 5 stars that you can achieve and you’ll definitely need plenty of play-throughs before you can gather them all. Not to mention, each scene you investigate in Criminal Case will consume 20 energy points – you are given a maximum of 110 energy points and the points will regenerate over time. However, if you can’t wait, you can purchase snacks that will give you some energy points with real cash. There will be times when the crime scene may prove to be too much for you to handle and you would appreciate a hint now and then. To get hints, you will need to add your Facebook friends as partners on the case. You can add up to 5 partners and, thus, you can get a maximum of 5 hints.

You will need to earn more stars as you progress, not only for the mini-games, but also to unlock bonus levels, additional investigations of old cases as well as the next chapter in a case. If you get all the stars in a case, you will earn a gold medal. Once you have 2 gold medals, you will get access to the police pet shop, whereby you can buy your own police dog!

Furthermore, each completed scene in Criminal Case will reward you with some money as well and what you can do with them? Well, you can, for starters, buy new police outfits for your avatar! You can also purchase accessories, new hairstyles, and even faces. However, all these items are level-locked, so you will need to achieve the required level before you can buy and use the items.

After you’ve pieced together all your evidence, it’s time to burst in that door and issue the arrest, along with the familiar Miranda warning! With the clues that you have, you will then need to compare the profiles of your suspects to find the killer. You can click on the list of suspects to see their respective detailed profiles to do the comparison.

Once the killer is caught and sent to prison, you will be handed a new case. There are a total of 51 cases in Criminal Case for you to solve with more being added with every update! There are also trophies that you can earn by completing achievements. However, do note that some of the achievements will require real money (to buy snacks, for example), hence, you may not be able to get all of them if you don’t plan on spending real money on this game.

In Criminal Case, you are also able to compete with your friends by comparing your case rank. Each crime scene you complete will award you with points. If you managed to find all the clues within a short period of time and you didn’t use any of the hints, you will earn a time and hint bonus which are added to your final score! If your score ended up being the top 3 scores among your friends, you will earn the golden, silver or bronze crowns, respectively!


Criminal Case has an amazing 55 million likes on its Facebook fan page! It is obvious how popular this game is despite being released 3 years ago! The developers are very generous as well – they often have giveaways on their Facebook fan page, so be sure to like the page and check it out frequently! Moreover, if you encountered any difficult scenes, there are always other more experienced players on the page who are willing to help you out by providing you with the ‘cheat sheet’ – a screenshot of the scene with every findable objects circled out in red.

Graphics/ Sound

Each crime scene is beautifully hand-drawn and is very detailed – the detail part is necessary considering that it is a hidden objects game. The characters, both the police staff and the suspects, in the game are very well-developed as well! Criminal Case features modern-sounding music that seems suitable for one of the many CSI TV shows, let alone a CSI-themed hidden objects game! The police sirens that are played when you are heading towards a crime scene are very aptly placed too!


In a nutshell, Criminal Case is a CSI-themed hidden objects game that will put your Sherlockian power of observation to the test! It features not-too-hard crime scenes that you’ll need to sweep for clues, as well as plenty of other forensic science stuff (in the form of mini-games) that you’ll need to do. Once you have all the evidence you need, you are even allowed to go and arrest the felon! The score you obtained in each scene are also pitted against your friends on the leaderboard to see who will win the golden crown (top scorer). There are other features such as dressing your avatar in cool new outfits, earning trophies or getting a police dog at the police pet shop! The cases in Criminal Case won’t solve itself, you know! So, head on over to the precinct and start collecting evidence today!

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New Game Added: Criminal Case

by Aethyna Apr 1, 2015
Being a rookie officer, who is trying to learn the ropes at the precinct, you are brought onto the case to help find the killers who are responsible for the horrendous crime! Will the criminals get away with what they have done, or will you personally make sure these killers will be brought to justice? Criminal Case: Death in Grimsborough Criminal Case: Abandoned house Bathroom in Criminal Case Read More

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Cream of the crop

This is the cream of the crop of hidden object games, I think. The stories at first don't seem to be linking, but over time, they do link up to form an underlying story. The main areas are compos...Full Review
Aug 6, 2015 | 0 Votes 0 0

It's like role-playing a TV drama!

Criminal Case is one of those popular Hidden Objects games in Facebook, and it has even received an award recognizing it for its many great points.

Do you want to know what those great points are? ...Full Review
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