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by Aethyna
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Gardens of Time 9 rate Being a Keeper of Time is no easy task, more so when some sinister forces are trying to mess up the space-time continuum! Seek and retrieve items that are out of place across time and protect history from these forces with your life! History mustn't fall into the wrong hands! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Gardens of Time is a brilliant hidden objects game that is designed based on the theme of time travel. In this game, you, as a Time Keeper in the Time Society, will have to locate hidden objects that are out of place across time and protect history from sinister forces! On your down time however, you are free to decorate your own time garden whereby you can collect artifacts from various significant periods in time, such as Ancient Egypt, to be constructed and displayed in your garden. You can even challenge your friends or neighbors to a friendly ‘duel’ to see who has the sharpest pair of eyes! Are you ready to take up your duties in the Gardens of Time? Play the game to find out!


You are a new recruit to the Time Society and your arrival to the society was warmly welcomed by Alistair Wells, your mentor for your induction into the Time Society. The role of a member in this society is of utmost importance – you’ll need to protect history alongside your fellow Time Keepers by finding objects that are out of place in time! Disruptions have been occurring for quite some time, but it seems to have increased in its frequency, resulting in a series of strange happenings across time. Can you sort out the mess and find the culprit who is causing the disruption across time?


Being a hidden objects game, in Gardens of Time, you will need to journey to different scenes to find all the items on the list in order to win the level! Even with full screen mode on, it can be pretty hard to find certain items in this game, especially considering that all of its scenes are really packed with items. However, the items that you’ll need to find do not change their position in your different play throughs, so you can just memorize the positions of the items to complete the scenes more rapidly.

If you are having some problems to find the items needed, don’t worry! Gardens of Time provides 4 different types of hints that you can use! One of these hints, the basic hint, can be used for an unlimited number of times in a game but it has a cooldown period every time you used it. The other hints, namely the goggles hint, the flash and thermometer, can be bought using real money but you are given 3 of each of these hints for free!

Earning a significant amount of points per game is very important as well since each scene will have up to 4 stars for you to earn! These stars are required to complete quests and will earn you some goodies too! Thus, it’s best to get combos when you try to find the objects as they will give you more points. Thankfully, if you somehow accidentally clicked on something else while your combo streaking is still ongoing, you will not lose your combo. Not to mention, each scene you play in uses up approximately 10 energy points from the total 60 energy points that you have and it’ll refill over time. The total amount of energy will increase as you level up.

Gardens of Time also offers other game modes that you can enjoy besides the usual hidden objects fare! One example of this is the ‘find the difference’ level. In this level type, you’ll need to spot up to 6 differences between two similar scenes. There’s no time limit in this game, thankfully, but if you can chain up your discoveries, you will earn a nice combo bonus too!

One of the best parts of the game is definitely your lovely garden! This is where you’ll help the Time Society preserve historical artifacts. You can purchase artifacts from the shop using in-game money you’ve earned from playing the game. Then you’ll have to wait for the construction duration to complete in order to unveil the artifact! The more artifacts preserved, the greater your reputation. Considering that leaders of the Time Society bestow additional Time Codes only to trustworthy members, you’ll need a substantial amount of reputation to unlock new scenes to explore!

You can purchase other exclusive decorations and items using loyalty points. Loyalty points can be earned every couple of hours, but since you’ll need at least more than a thousand of these points to buy anything at the shop, it may be better if you sign up to be a member of the game’s Inner Circle (VIP membership).

The décor in your garden can also be upgraded by collecting the necessary upgrade materials by asking your friends or buying from the shop using either in-game money or real cash. If you ran out of space on your garden, you can expand it by adding the required number of neighbors and accumulating enough money. If you can spare some real cash, you can skip over all these hassles and straightaway expand your garden!

Gardens of Time is a very social game as well! For instance, there are these blitz challenge events whereby you can compete with your neighbors in an exclusive scene within the duration of the event. If you managed to place in the top 3 among at least 6 of your participating neighbors, you’ll be able to earn some fabulous prizes! You can also challenge your friends or neighbors to a friendly ‘duel’ to see who has the sharpest pair of eyes! Don’t forget to drop by your friends’ time gardens and leave a message or a thumbs-up. You’ll even get some experience points and 1 energy point for every garden you visit!

Furthermore, there are plenty of other features, such as keeping a stamp album which will only be unlocked at level 12. You can also purchase additional scenes along with their respective side-stories using time crystals or unlock premium chapters using real money!


Gardens of Time has around 2.8 million likes on its Facebook fan page and that number speaks volumes on how popular this hidden objects game is! Considering that this game relies rather heavily on having active playing neighbors, you can use its fan page as a way to meet fellow players and if you like them enough, you could also add them to your friends’ list. Not to mention, if you needed help of any sort for any of the scenes in the game, you can easily ask for help from other players there. They will be more than willing to help you out!

Graphics/ Sound

Gardens of Time has absolutely stunning graphics with extremely intricate details – it is a hidden objects game, after all. Having minute details is one of the most prominent features of any self-respecting hidden objects game! Your garden also looks fabulous, particularly after you’ve filled it up with beautiful and brightly-colored plants, marvelous-looking artifacts and pristine stone paths. In your time garden, you’re treated to a very soothing, Celtic-themed music, but that’s not all of the amazing soundtracks in this game! Different scene in Gardens of Time will have their own differently themed music, for example in ancient Egypt, you’ll hear a more Egyptian-themed music instead of the Celtic-themed one you’re heard in your garden.


Gardens of Time is one of the best free-to-play hidden objects game that are not based on CSI on the internet! In this game, you have to play your role as a newly-initiated Time Keeper to seek out disturbances in the space-time continuum and, of course, to fix those problems. If you’re looking to take a break from your duties, you could spend some time decorating your beautiful time garden as well! You can even challenge your friends or neighbors to a friendly hidden objects match to see who can get the highest score! So, are you ready to set off on your journey to become the greatest Time Keeper the Time Society has ever seen? Play Gardens of Time today then!

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New Game Added: Gardens of Time

by Aethyna Mar 13, 2015
Being a Keeper of Time is no easy task, more so when some sinister forces are trying to mess up the space-time continuum! Seek and retrieve items that are out of place across time and protect history from these forces with your life! History mustn't fall into the wrong hands! Gardens of Time: Horse carriage Animal farm in Gardens of Time Gardens of Time: Inside the suitcase Read More

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Good game, but Bring Friends

I loved Gardens of Time and played it for over a year. But, it has a major limiting factor if you intend to play for free or low $: You simply must have a bunch of friends playing. The meta-game, the ...Full Review
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