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Old School Runescape 10 rate If you’re ready for a trip down memory lane, Old School Runescape is here for you! Re-experience and enjoy playing the original Runescape by traveling through familiar locations, leveling up your gathering and crafting levels, fighting enemies, and more. Play it now on PC or your mobile devices! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being one of the earliest browser MMORPG ever created, Old School Runescape has touched the hearts and minds of many young gamers back in the 2000s. It may have a tedious levels-based grind and a range of annoying game design aspects, but it has made an impact in the gaming community for giving players the freedom to truly customize a character to their liking. Every skill in the game can be honed by any player and players aren’t restricted to only “playing their class” nor having to choose only 3 crafting professions. Old School Runescape may not be an MMO that will appeal to younger players, but at least the game is still around for older players who want to re-experience their childhood MMO.


There isn’t an overall plotline in Old School Runescape but instead, you’ll get to experience and enjoy a generous smattering of short stories with plots that will unravel as you complete the quests that are required of you. From time to time, you can learn more about the world and the people in it simply by chatting with the NPCs.


To begin your journey in Old School Runescape, you’ll first need to create a character. The character creation process is pretty straightforward and well-varied. There are many aspects of your avatar that you can modify, ranging from hairstyle and hair color to the clothes on your avatar’s backs.

Once that’s done, the game will put you through its tutorial via helpful quests on the tutorial island. The tutorial will teach you important, and basic, skills in the game, such as how to gather wood, ores and shrimps (food) and how to cook said food. In terms of combat, you’ll learn how to use spells, attack your enemies, and use prayers to bolster your combat capabilities. The tutorial is quite comprehensive and even players with no prior experience with Runescape should be able to keep up quite easily.

Questing is part and parcel of every MMO and as such, Old School Runescape has ‘em too. Interestingly, every quest available in the game is listed in your Quest Journal and as you get them from quest givers on your adventures, the quests will then change color from red to yellow, indicating that it’s active.

Quests in this game aren’t simply the “kill x number of monsters”-type, but there are a fair bit of fetch quests. Quests are important to do though since they will reward you with loot and may even unlock new areas for you to explore… it’s not like the current world map is any smaller either!

The combat system in Old School Runescape is, well, rather old-school too. There’s a combat interface that you can tap or click on (depending on the platform you’re playing the game on) where you can switch your combat style from Stabbing to Slashing to Lunging and even to Blocking. Different enemies are more susceptible to a different attack style so you’ll need to do some trial and error to find out which.

You can also activate a Prayer which will grant you a temporary stats boost. The stat boost you get depends on which Prayer you’ve activated. Prayers will drain your Prayer Points though and you can get the points back by burying bones or praying at the altar of any church in the game.

Don’t like melee combat as much? Well, Old School Runescape provides you with a range of spells to train and use as well. Unlike many games, casting spells in this game doesn’t require mana. Instead, with the sole exception of the home teleport spell, you need to have sufficient Runes of the correct type. Runes take up precious bag space, unless you’ve obtained a Rune pouch, and the Runes themselves aren’t that easy to come by, so you might want to hold on training your spell-casting skills until later.

There’s also a selection of gameplay modes that you can choose from prior to exiting from the tutorial island. You can choose to play the game “properly” by playing as an Iron Man or Woman. What this means is that you won’t be allowed to trade, interact with other players or pick up any of their stuff from the ground.

There’s even a Hardcore mode where you’ll only have 1 life to live in the game, and an Ultimate mode that prevents you from accessing your bank and causes your character to drop all items when it dies while imposing all the same restrictions of the previous modes. Note that you will still lose some of your items (as opposed to all) if you die while playing Normal mode.

As Old-School Runescape was made back in the 2000s where grinding levels is an acceptable and pretty much commonplace game feature at least in MMOs, you can definitely expect a lot of grinding here. For instance, gathering raw materials like wood and ore can feel like a chore after a couple of minutes of doing the same thing over and over. It’s just busywork that can easily be automated but if automation is introduced, it will definitely decimate the economy in the game.

Anyway, gathering aside, the crafting aspect of the game is also as grindy as any game from that era. You’ll need to invest a ton of time and patience just to gather the necessary raw materials, turn them into useable crafting materials and then turn all of these into more valuable products which you can then sell for a profit.

There are multiple ways to sell your loot or crafted goods as well. You can trade with players via the auction house that is only available in larger cities or directly via a trade request, or you could simply dump all your stock at the nearest vendor.

Plus, since your inventory is extremely limited, you need to do the run between the bank and the gathering/crafting or selling area, which is usually located a good distance away from the bank. However, thankfully, the bank space you get is basically unlimited (800+ slots) and many of the items that wouldn’t stack in your inventory will stack in your bank. You can also add a bank pin to prevent people who somehow obtained your login info to raid your stash in your bank.

Overall, I dare say the unnecessarily-tedious grind isn’t exactly something that the younger generation of gamers would find appealing but it’ll definitely give you a shot of nostalgia if you’ve played the game when you were younger.

That being said, what truly propel Runescape to popularity is how it is designed to allow players to be whichever character they like. The game has a more open system where players are allowed to level up and become proficient in any weapon or take up any crafting profession of choice. There’s no class system to box everyone in nor is there a limit on how many crafting professions you can be great at. As long as you are willing to put in the grueling hours, your character can be a master of anything and everything.

Of course, in recent years, a newer but equally important feature has been introduced to help keep Old-School Runescape relevant and fun – polling. In the game, near to the banks, there’s a polling booth where players of certain repute (at least have a total skill level of 280) can vote on future updates and the updates with more than 75% support will then be implemented in the game.

Old School Runescape is free to play, but there’s a subscription-based membership system for players who would like to show their support and gain a bit of extra on the side. Members will have access to special Members’ worlds where there are extra skills, areas, quests and more.

Membership comes in 3 types of packages – 1 month, 3 months and 12 months and each of these packages comes with a 1-week free trial. If you don’t have real money to spend, you can always buy Bonds using game currency and trade that in for a membership or extending your current membership. There’s also an in-game store.


Like the original game, Old School Runescape is a pretty social MMO. You’ll see players helping out each other in chat. There’s also a friends list for you to add all the new friends you’d meet in the game and clans that you can join.

Graphics/ Sound

If you’re hoping Old School Runescape would be exactly like the original game, then you’re in luck! Everything looks like the older game from the somewhat-grainy graphics to the really old-school 3D models. It won’t win any graphics contests, but honestly, it would be sorely unfair to compare decades-old graphics with current modern standards. The music is equally old-school, but it’s still nice. Reminds me of Minecraft for some reason.


Although in light of the current range of MMOs out there, there is no way for Runescape to return to its heyday back in the 2000s, this game will always hold a special place in most of our hearts as being our very first MMO. The original may not be as appealing to the younger generation of gamers as it was back then – that’s why they have created Runescape 3 (or now, the official “Runescape” game) – but if you’re ready for a trip down memory lane, Old School Runescape is here for you.

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