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Island Story 10 rate Help your rich Gramps manage one of the islands he owns and turn it into a successful farm in this fun-filled simulation game, Island Story! Harvest a wide variety of crops, turn them into either animal food or delicious dishes and sell them off to customers. Will you be able to set up a successful and beautiful farm? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Help your rich Gramps manage one of the islands he owns and turn it into a successful farm in this fun-filled simulation game, Island Story! Harvest a wide variety of crops, turn them into either animal food or delicious dishes and sell them off to customers through airplane or ship. You can even trade with others, hire chefs, as well as expand and decorate your island. Will you be able to turn an almost bare island into the most beautiful farm? Play Island Story now and find out!


Your wealthy Gramps is too old to manage all of his assets and apparently, he trusts you enough to give you one of the islands he owns to manage. However, once you arrive, you’ll quickly realize that this is no mere island – it’s a magical island where the animals not only can talk but they are happy enough to work with humans such as yourself for a bite to eat. With their help, you’ll build up your farm and earn some profits!


The game starts off rather interestingly by allowing you to create your character – you get to choose between a boy and a girl. This is quite unexpected in a pleasant way as most farm simulation games don’t really offer you this option. That said, once you’ve got your character and have gone through a short story intro, you’ll then find yourself on the beautiful island, all ready to roll up those sleeves and get to work.

Being a farm simulation game, you can definitely expect a lot of planting, growing and harvesting. However, in Island Story, you don’t need to spend money to buy seeds. Instead, you’ll get a handful of crops to replant and saving your harvest is something you’ll need to so just so you’d have something to plant when you need more of that type of crop.

There are many types of crops as well in this game. Ranging from carrots to pepper, you’ll get to unlock the “rarer” crops as you level up. The same goes for fruit trees which include coconut, lemon, peach, cocoa and more. As you may have guessed, higher level crops will take a longer time to mature but you can use fertilizers that can be bought via the in-app shop to speed things up.

Crops are all stored in the granary. Though it has a limited capacity, you can easily level up your granary and obtain additional storage space as long as you’ve got the upgrade materials required. Having said that, it might be hard for your granary to become overflowed, at least at the beginning. This is because you’ll need your crops for one of three things – one of which involves adorable talking animals.

As mentioned, the island you’re on is a magical one and hence, the animals are somehow given human-like personalities, and like humans, they work as well! In Island Story, you’ll have to give the animals some food (ones that they’d like) for them to do their respective work and collect certain resources that you can’t get from farming, such as prawns, crabs, ores, logs and more. For instance, you can feed blueberries to your seals to get seafood like fishes while feeding the bear with mangos will get it to give you some honey. There are many animals in this game, ranging from the lumbering elephant to the stealthy leopard that will help you.

The stuff that the animals bring you will be stored along with all your crafted goods in the warehouse instead. Like the granary, you can also upgrade your warehouse with the necessary materials. And this brings me to the second use of the crops you harvest – crafting... or more specifically, cooking!

There are a myriad of workshops or cooking stations that you can set up in Island Story. Each of them will allow you to produce certain types of dishes and items that can be sold off for more cash. Players are usually given 2 crafting queues by default but you can always extend that queue by spending diamonds (premium currency).

Now, there’s no point in hoarding up your goods, be it crops, cooked food or other items, and thus, the game provides you a variety of ways to sell them off and turn a profit. You can fulfill orders made via airplane or transport cargo (once you’ve unlocked the merchant port, that is) or trade them at the trading post. Of course, there are also quests that you can complete to earn some extra items and experience points, but most of the time, you won’t need to turn in any item, crafted or otherwise, just to complete a quest. All of your quests are grouped nicely on your checklist for easy reference.

Oh, and if you’re just idly waiting for one of your crops or food to be done, you can swipe around the island to find little critters or animals like school of fishes or crabs to tap on. These animals will give you some bonus coins and experience points too.

Interestingly, you can earn special tokens that can be used to recruit chefs. Chefs can, in turn, be sent on tasks (consumes some crops/food) that will allow you to earn more of that token, just so you can use them to level up your chef and unlock new tasks. Granted that some tasks are indeed crucial, since there are almost no other reliable ways for you to earn that particular tool (to expand and clear new land) or upgrade material, this feature does feel a bit redundant.

Island Story even adopts a lot of features that are common in casual, browser-based MMOs. There are daily tasks that you can complete to get reward chests, daily login rewards, online rewards (for just being online), achievement progression, and multiple currencies. For example, you can get medals from daily tasks or from chests which you can then spend in a special Medals shop to buy any resource you need.

It’s also nice to note that Island Story implements restrictions on farm plots so you can’t just cover your whole island in farmland. Instead, you are actually encouraged to put up various decorations; not only because they make your farm or island in general look nicer; they will also contribute to the Environment score of your farm.

Having a high Environment score improves production efficiency, meaning faster crafting, faster harvest, and more, so it’s good to making sure that you are at least at 100% rating (neutral - no bonuses or penalties). However, if your Development score managed to overtake your Environment score through unlocking new lands and constructing production buildings, it will cause your farm’s productivity to tank. Thus, it’s quite important for you to keep a watchful eye on your Environment and Development scores to ensure that they are at least balanced.

As it is a freemium game, Island Story has an in-app store that sells stuff like diamonds and gold coins for real money. You can also purchase a weekly or monthly pass to get a bunch of gems upfront and some more gems daily. By recharging (a.k.a. spending real money on diamonds) in this game, you’ll also get some sweet recharge rewards.


Similar to most farm games, Island Story emphasizes on its social aspects. Tools like in-game chat system and clubs that you can join once you reached level 17 are only some of the features it has to offer. You can even add friends, send them roses and visit their farms to help out.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Island Story is oozing in its “kawaii” (cute) department. The colors used are also bright and sunny, giving you that joyous feeling when you’re tending to your farm. The music in this game is soft and soothing to the soul as well. There are even sound effects that add to the overall pleasant atmosphere in this game.


In addition to its adorable visuals, Island Story is an incredibly fun farm game that provides players with a beautiful tropical island to build a farm on. The variety of trees, crops, animals and buildings in this game is simply amazing. It’s also nice that the game has a unique Environment-vs-Development rating that not only motivates you to decorate your farm but also allow you to make use of the rating to boost your farm’s production. It’s truly a win-win. So, if you love farm simulation games, we highly recommend playing Island Story. Download it on your Android devices now!

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New Game Added: Island Story

by Aethyna Jun 24, 2017
Help your rich Gramps manage one of the islands he owns and turn it into a successful farm in this fun-filled simulation game, Island Story! Harvest a wide variety of crops, turn them into either animal food or delicious dishes and sell them off to customers. Will you be able to set up a successful and beautiful farm? Island Story: Harvesting crops Warehouse in Island Story Island Story: Completing orders Read More
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