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Sheep Farm 9.5 rate Being a rather unique type of time management game, Sheep Farm places you in the shoes of an employee at the Sheep Farm, Ben. Help him manage the day-to-day routine of managing a sheep farm, ranging from taking care of the sheep right up to processing the harvested wool and turning them into yarns. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Sheep Farm is a rather addictive time management game that allows players to have fun managing and growing a small sheep farm into a very profitable enterprise. In this game, you’ll need to lend Ben a hand with his farm. Being an employee at a sheep farm, Ben needs to make sure that the farm is run without a hitch. This includes taking care of the sheep, cleaning and preparing the harvested wool, and delivering the wool to the spinster to be turned into yarns. With so much stuff to do, there is never a dull moment at the sheep farm! The only question remained: Will you be able to handle the hectic day-to-day routine of managing a growing sheep farm?


Ben is placed in charge of a sheep farm and he has to ensure that the farm is running at a tip-top shape. His duties range from feeding the sheep to harvesting the wool and processing it. He needs to sell the items the farm produces in turn for more sheep, and resources like feed and medicine. There is always something to do at the sheep farm, and thus, this is where you come in. Help Ben with his chores and help the sheep farm grow into a massively profitable business!


The game sets you up with a small sheep farm that contains only 1 sheep. It may seem insufficient at the moment, but it’s enough to allow you get a feel of the game first. There is also a tutorial that runs you through the activities that you can do in the game.

First things first, you should know how to take care of your sheep so that they could provide you with produce which you can later sell, and not meet an early demise. It’s simple really. The sheep will let you know, via helpful “speech bubbles”, what they want... be it animal feed, freshly cut grasses or water. All you need to do is to grab the item and give it to the sheep. There may also be times when your sheep fall ill and needed medicine instead. However, you’ll need to be quick though – your sheep only can wait for so long before they die of hunger, thirst or disease. The time remaining can be easily discerned through the red-colored meter around each of the bubbles.

Interestingly, in Sheep Farm, you can queue up quite a number of Ben’s tasks and he’ll follow through with your orders. This is very useful especially when your herd of sheep has ballooned to a rather huge size. However, similar to most time management games out there, there’s one rather glaring flaw with this task-queuing system – you aren’t given the option to cancel any of your queued task. So, if you made a mistake, it can be rather costly (for example, leading to the premature death of a sheep).

The resources you use to feed and, in general, take care of your sheep will run out sooner or later though. You’ll then need to replenish them. For water, you can easily refill the water bucket with water from the well. For grasses, you can gather some at another location, the processing tank, in the game instead. Feed and medicine, however, can only be purchased from the marketplace and to do so, you’ll need to get some cash.

Earning cash is really easy in this game. You can choose to sell your sheep if you’re really short of money, but most of the time, you’ll be selling the animal produce, namely milk and wool that your sheep makes. When it’s time for milking, your sheep will let you know about it and you can then use a bottle to collect the milk. The same goes for harvesting wool from your herd of sheep. However, for wool, you’ll need to place sacks on the collecting area provided and stuff them full of the wool.

Milk, unlike wool, can only be instantly sold for cash. You aren’t given any option to process the milk into something more valuable. But for wool, it is wise to turn it into the final product, yarns, before trying to sell it for cash... that is unless you really need some money urgently. The processing steps for wool are, admittedly, rather tedious but the value of the final product makes it worth your while. To start, you’ll need to transfer the sacks of raw wool from the pen to the processing tank. Then, you’ll need to fill the tank with water and use it to clean the wool you’ve harvested.

Once cleaned, the wet wool is placed out in the sun to dry. There’s a timer that you’ll have to wait for the wool to be dry, but of course, you’re free to do other stuff or even head over to other locations in the game while you wait. After the drying process, you’ll need to collect the wool in barrels and deliver them to the yarning unit, where a spinster is at the ready to turn your clumps of wool into more profitable yarns.

The challenging part of the game is that while you’re doing something else, stuff goes on in the other locations. This means that while you’re cleaning the wool at another location, the sheep you left behind at the pen will still get hungry, thirsty and sick. So, you’ll need to hop around the different locations for quite a bit. Do take note though that you aren’t allowed to switch locations when the queue of tasks you’ve assigned Ben is still being carried out.

Basically, Sheep Farm is a very simple game that requires a surprising amount of strategic thinking as you plan your moves... ensuring that you can maximize every action’s efficiency while catering to the needs of all your sheep. It can be difficult, but in time, you’ll learn about the “shortcuts” that you can use, and capitalize on these shortcuts to help you get things done a lot faster.


The game was recently released, so at the moment, the community around it isn’t exactly huge. However, this only gives you the additional opportunity to be among the first of your friends to try the game out. If you enjoyed it, why not spread the word around and get your friends hooked to the game as well! After all, sharing is caring!

Graphics/ Sound

The game provides a rather catchy tune that gives one the feeling of joy. The sound effects in the game are pretty well-done too! In terms of graphics, the visuals in Sheep Farm are all brightly colored… a feature that is prominent in casual-type games. The brilliant colors do significantly add to the overall cheerful feel of the game.


In a nutshell, Sheep Farm is a very different sort of time management-based farm game. It combines the “endless” element from endless runners to the time management genre, allowing it to stand out from the rather oversaturated app market. The game is very challenging as well, particularly once you’ve maxed out the number of sheep you can own. If you enjoy time management-based farm games that push your planning skills to the limits, Sheep Farm is definitely a game that you would definitely enjoy! Do try it today!

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New Game Added: Sheep Farm

by Aethyna Jan 15, 2016
Being a rather unique type of time management game, Sheep Farm places you in the shoes of an employee at the Sheep Farm, Ben. Help him manage the day-to-day routine of managing a sheep farm, ranging from taking care of the sheep right up to processing the harvested wool and turning them into yarns. Giving medicine to your sick sheep in Sheep Farm Sheep Farm: Spinster at work Washing wool in Sheep Farm Read More
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