Farm Tribe 3: Floating Island

by Aethyna
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Farm Tribe 3: Floating Island 10 rate As one of the Keepers of the World, Annie needs to grow and harvest a variety of crops; use them to craft useful goods and fulfill the requests of the people in need... and she needs some help! Lend her a hand as she tries to save the good islanders from the Fog of Oblivion that threatens their land. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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As one of the Keepers of the World, it falls upon Annie to feed the good islanders and to help them vanquish the Fog of Oblivion that threatens their land in this amazing third sequel of the popular farm game series, Farm Tribe 3: Floating Island. In this game, you’ll need to plant, grow and harvest a variety of crops; use them to craft useful goods and fulfill the requests of the people in need. You could even visit your friends’ island and check out their market for amazing deals and items. So, do you think you have what it takes to bear the mantle of a Keeper? Play Farm Tribe 3: Floating Island now and find out!


One day, Annie was digging in her backyard to possibly loosen up the soil for planting, but she ended up with a weird gem-like artifact. In frustration, she wished out loud that she wished she had a real farm instead.

All of a sudden, a strange tornado, like the twister with brought Dorothy to the Land of Oz, whisked Annie away in its embrace and dumped her, minus her home, on an unknown island. Thankfully, Eva, a friendly lady on a neighboring island, was there to explain to Annie where she was, and what had happened.

Apparently, due to her wish, Annie was apparently appointed the Keeper of the world and the mistress of the Magic Island by the Creators. This means that she will need to carry out her duties as the Keeper that is to keep the people of the world alive by providing them with the basic necessity... that is food.

However, while Annie was all set and ready to start working her part, a huge black fog, dubbed the Fog of Oblivion, suddenly appeared and enveloped all the islands in a thick misty fog, which, according to a local shaman, will slowly but surely absorb the life energy of the island.

Annie wants to save the people from the fog, but she will definitely need some help. Will you lend her a hand and dispel the Fog of Oblivion from the world?


After downloading around 400+MB worth of files, the game starts you off with an interactive tutorial that is provided by Annie’s fellow Keeper, Eva. However, if you’re familiar with how farm games work on mobiles, then you should be able to get right into the game.

Being a mobile game, the controls in Farm Tribe 3 are amazingly simple. You just need to tap on something to bring up a menu of options that you can do and to move buildings or objects, you just need to do a long hold and drag. However, right off the bat, there’s something special about its harvesting mechanism that has immediately caught my eye. Instead of requiring you to tap on every plot to harvest your crops, you simply need to tap on 1, pick the harvesting option (it’s the sickle) and swipe your way through all the mature crops on your farm. It’s just that easy!

The same goes for planting. After choosing the type of crops you want to plant, you just need to swipe across each plot that you want to scatter the seeds on... and that’s it! Granted that you don’t start with a lot of choices when it comes to crops, but as you level up and grow your farm, you’ll eventually unlock a lot more varieties of crops, including sugar cane and coffee beans. There are limited number of plots you can add in Farm Tribe 3 though, so be sure to plan out your planting schedule so you could maximize the crops you can get.

Not to mention, seeds in Farm Tribe 3 are a very valuable resource, mainly because they cost gems (premium cash) to buy. Thankfully, the game generously provides you with some free “starter seeds”, if you will, whenever you’ve unlocked a new type of crop. All you need to do is to make sure you don’t accidentally use up all of your seeds for a certain type of crop without planting any on your farm.

Of course, like any farm simulation games, you’ll eventually unlock various trees that you can plant, grow and harvest, as well as adorable farm animals that you can collect animal produce like eggs and milk from. There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to animals in Farm Tribe 3. You will only get the usual chickens and cows, along with 2 rather special animals, fishes and crocodiles. Animals will need food, so you’ll need to turn some of the crops you’ve got into suitable animal feed at the feed mill before you can collect any animal produce from them.

Like some farming games, crafting plays a huge part in Farm Tribe 3. You can craft a ton of items that are not limited to only foodstuff. All of these items, along with the raw materials, are stored in 2 major storage units on your farm, the barn and the silo. Both buildings can be upgraded to increase their respective storage capacities. Crafting buildings can also be upgraded so you can queue up several tasks for your workers at a time. You could also spend gems to temporarily equip the building with a new workplace so the worker there can work on multiple tasks simultaneously!

To craft though, you’ll need workers and energy points, both of which can be obtained by building and collecting from houses. Naturally, the more workers you have, the more crafting you can do. However, to get new workers to join your new farming village, you will need to help out the other islanders first. You could also boost up the amount of energy you can have by buying and placing decorations as these items will raise the happiness level in your farm and eventually, the happiness points you get can be turned into energy.

Using the magical powers of your newly uncovered Pantheon of Creators, you can teleport to nearby islands to help the locals out. Do take note that you’ll need some special potions to unlock access to a new island before you can actually go there. Once you’re there, you’ll then need to communicate with the person in charge to see what sort of relief they need, which usually comes in the form of food, that you can provide. Help them enough and some villagers may be willing to travel to your island to work for you.

There is also an order board where you can fulfill requests from all over the world in Farm Tribe 3 with simply a single tap on the Send button. The board can contain up to 9 different orders at a time, and is a great way for you to earn some extra coins and experience points. You could even complete the quests that will pop up now and then, or complete achievements for extra resources (items or coins), gems and experience points too.

Need more space? Well, you could send one or two of your workers to clear the land you currently have off trees, stones or ponds, which will require axes and shovels. You could also purchase the other plots of land on your island and expand your farm.


Farm Tribe 3 is a pretty social game and thus, its community aspect is crucial to any good farmer in the game. You’ll need to create your own groups of reliable neighbors and help each other out. You can even visit your friends’ islands and check out their Markets for some amazing deals on the items that are for sale.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Farm Tribe 3 is nothing short of astonishing! The visuals are crisp and brightly colored enough to exude that carefree tropical feel that can let any stressed up person relax a little. The game also features catchy music backed with the sounds of nature (mainly birds chirruping) which not only help to immerse the players in the game’s “island farm” environment but also to provide a sort of calmness that virtual farmers often enjoy when playing farm games.


To sum it all up, Farm Tribe 3: Floating Island is an amazing-looking and fun farm simulation game that offers an intriguing storyline and a social environment for players to engage in. This is definitely the sort of game that virtual farmers would love to play in. So, do give Farm Tribe 3: Floating Island a try by downloading the game from Google Play today (The iOS version will be released soon)!

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As one of the Keepers of the World, Annie needs to grow and harvest a variety of crops; use them to craft useful goods and fulfill the requests of the people in need... and she needs some help! Lend her a hand as she tries to save the good islanders from the Fog of Oblivion that threatens their land. Farm Tribe 3: Crafting Beautiful decor in Farm Tribe 3 Farm Tribe 3: Harvesting crops Read More
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