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Grepolis 8.5 rate Found a mighty empire in Ancient Greece during the time when the Greek gods are at the height of their power in Grepolis, the exciting MMORTS game by InnoGames. Build a flourishing city and conquer other smaller villages for resources, or if you prefer the peaceful way, set up a strong resource production system in your city! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Found a mighty empire in Ancient Greece during the time when the Greek gods are at the height of their power in Grepolis, the exciting MMORTS game by InnoGames! Build a flourishing city and conquer other smaller villages for resources, or if you prefer the peaceful way, set up a strong resource production system in your city! Don’t forget to upgrade your buildings to increase their output! With so much wealth and resources at stake, you’ll need to recruit a mighty army to help you defend your city from greedy invaders. You could also worship to different gods to earn their favor in order to activate their divine powers! Recruit legendary Greek heroes to help with the growth, whether it’s military or administrative, of your city! Can you be the best ruler in Grepolis? Play now to find out!


Helen was instructed by her father, Zeus, to aid the new ruler who will be coming to this world to build a great empire, and that ruler is you! She has asked Socrates to help you build your first city – to get you on your two feet, so it is not to be said that the Greeks lack manners or hospitality!

Start by putting yourself onto the map as the first city in Grepolis! After laying the cornerstones, you can then begin to grow your city! The most important things you will need to help the growth of your city are resources! Thus, buildings like the timber camp, the quarry, silver mine and farm are of utmost importance and should be the first buildings you build! To build, just activate building mode and every building or upgrading options will be visible to you. You can also issue multiple construction orders at the same time. These are then completed one after the other in order.

The timber camp supplies your city with wood, while the quarry supplies your city with stone. Food is needed to keep your population, namely the workers and the troops, happy and sated, but as you expand your city, there will be even more mouths to feed, so do bear that in mind and remember to upgrade your buildings! Lastly, the silver mine mint valuable silver coins for your city. The locations to build these buildings are fixed to the places where you can get these resources in abundance in order to maximize its output. You are not allowed to build more than 1 of each resource production building though – the only way to maximize the buildings’ output is by upgrading them.

If your city is growing at such a rapid rate that your resources produced will not be able to keep up, well then, you’ll need to find other sources of resources, won’t you? Thankfully, there are many small villages littered around the island your city is on. Conquer villages by defeating the local defenders to subjugate them. As their ruler, a portion of each village’s resources belong to you. However, if they refuse to pay their tribute, well then, you can’t simply let that insolence slip you by, right? Exert your will and take those resources that are due for you by force! However, by looting villages you control, you will risk a chance of causing a revolt.

With so many resources, the fear of having all of them stolen from you is very real indeed. Thus, you’ll need a warehouse! Warehouse city in Grepolis does not only store the resources you gathered, it also protects a portion of them from enemy looting. Resources that cannot be stored are simply lost, so be sure to upgrade it from time to time to increase your storage capacity!

A flourishing metropolis needs a temple where the citizens can worship and make sacrifices to the gods. After all, you’ll need to look after your citizens’ spiritual needs as well as yours! This is the place where you can choose to worship and to gain the favors of a god or goddess of your choice! There are 6 gods that you can worship, namely Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Hades and Artemis. Each god has his or her own divine powers and by worshiping him or her you will be granted the usage of those powers! For instance, besides providing a nice passive boost to the strength of 3 of your mythical units, Hera also provides divine powers, which will require a certain amount of favors to activate, that boost up your resource production rate and population growth.

Favors can be earned over time city in Grepolis. To earn more favor from the gods, you can appoint a high priestess to carry out ancient rituals for you, but she, along with other types of advisors in the game, will cost you real money. Not to mention, different cities can worship different gods, so you can actually worship a slew of these gods. You can even change gods to worship later, but this will result in losing all of the favors you have saved up from your previous god or goddess.

As the construction process starting to consume more and more time, it is perhaps time to build the senate. The senate is the growth engine of your city. It is the prerequisite for many buildings and also reduces the construction time for all buildings. The construction process can be made easier by having a senate around!

Once you get your farms to level 3, it’s high time to get that barracks set up and ready. You never know when some city may decide to launch an attack on your city, as futile as that attempt may sound. It never hurt to be prepared! With your barracks, you can recruit soldiers to help you keep the peace in your city and colonies while causing havoc in other people’s cities! Is your army calling out for the blood of your enemies? Feed their blood lust by sending them to plunder nearby cities for resources and wealth! But for the more cautious, you may want to send a spy to do some espionage before you attack. Every little bit of advantage helps during a battle! If you’re the peaceful sort, you’ll be delighted to know that you can help out your allies by casting divine powers on their cities, send support troops, and trade!

You can also become the most powerful of all rulers by winning the popularity of all the heroes in Ancient Greece. How? Well, by exploring your island for exciting quests and complete challenges, you can earn valuable Coins of Wisdom and War. With these, you can recruit new heroes, such as the famous Heracles, at the Council of Heroes. Do note that different coins will recruit different types of heroes and every day, you are only given 2 to choose from – one of which is a hero of War while the other is a Hero of Wisdom. After recruiting, you can assign the hero to a town to utilize the benefits he provides. Heroes are powerful figures who can increase the might of your empire, so you’ll do well to get one as soon as you can!

Your burgeoning empire needs to expand its influences. You can found new cities in new, fertile and rich lands by having the required number of culture points as well as a colony ship. There are also many other features that you can gradually unlock as you level up your city in Grepolis.


Grepolis has almost 600 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and that speaks volumes of the popularity of the game. You can also participate in the games community by signing up for an alliance. Players in an alliance help each other out better and with a strong alliance at your back, you won’t have to fear any nearby cities that are stronger than you. If you enjoyed playing the game and would like to know more about its updates as well as to meet your fellow players, you could check out (and ‘like’) the game’s Facebook fan page.

Graphics/ Sound

The hand-drawn graphics in the game looks fantastic, though the island view is a tad bit dark, as if the entire island is shrouded in shadows. In terms of acoustics, the ominous-sounding music provided in Grepolis is absolutely epic. There is plenty of variety too! There is even epic music with choirs in them. When coupled, the graphics and the music do provide the a believable Ancient Greece atmosphere in Grepolis.


In short, Grepolis is a great MMORTS that delivers a nice rule-Ancient-Greece experience to its players! In this game, you’ll need to set up a strong economy in your city as well as a mighty army to defend the wealth of your city from your jealous foes! Expand your empire’s influences and conquer other villages and cities as well! Appease the gods and earn their favor to gain access to their divine powers. Recruit legendary Greek heroes, like Heracles, to give your city or your army a nice boost. If any of these flip your switches, then this is an excellent game for you! Found your city in Greplis today and rise up to be the most brilliant ruler that you can be!

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