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Ministry of War 9 rate Select a civilization between Egypt, China, Persia and Rome and establish your own city and empire today in Ministry of War! Set up a strong economy to support the development and expansion of your empire and advance through the ages to gain access to powerful and much better technologies. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you are a ruler by nature, you will definitely enjoy this incredible MMORTS game, Ministry of War! Choose 1 of 4 ancient civilizations, namely Egypt, China, Persia and Rome, and establish your own city and empire. Set up a strong economy to support the development and expansion of your empire, including sponsoring your increasingly massive army, recruiting talented heroes, merchants and missionaries, as well as researching for new technologies. Advance through the ages to gain access to powerful arsenal of weapons, better units and high level technologies. Do you think you have what it takes to develop your civilization into a mighty force in Ministry of War? Well, play now and find out!


To establish your empire, you will first need to choose between the 4 ancient civilizations available in the game, namely China, Egypt, Persia and Rome. Each civilization has its own features, including the architectural styles of its buildings, military troops as well as civilization bonuses and specialties. For instance, the Romans have special troops which include the armored knight, gladiator and peltasts while Egypt specializes in the Anubis guard, chariot and siege weapons. Rome has a passive wood production boost as Egypt has a metal production boost instead.

In terms of bonuses, Roman troops have a nice health bonus while Egypt has increased research speed. Different civilizations will change how you play the game and you should definitely choose a civilization that suits your play style. However, the game also offer a “random” option and if you pick this instead, the game will give you a free gift that will greatly help the early development of your city

After some nice cinematics and a tutorial teaching you the basics of the game, you’re given a plot of land to found your own city. One of the first things that you would probably want to do now is to set up a stable and strong economy. There are 5 resources that you’ll need to take care of in this game, namely wood, stone, metal, gold, and food. Most of these resources can be obtained by constructing its respective production facilities on the assigned plots of land surrounding your city, with the sole exception of gold, which can be in turn more easily obtained via trading your excess resources at the market. Of course, you can also upgrade these production facilities to increase the yield you get.

However, the game is designed such that you can get a ridiculous amount of resources, along with other important items like medicine and even free military units, by completing tasks received from the palace or your task log. So, it is possible to advance through at least a quarter of the game without actually consistently upgrading your production facilities. No matter how you will get your resources, you definitely need to consistently upgrade your warehouse to store all your resources. Any “overspill” resource will just go to waste, and for a budding city like yours, it is best not to waste anything. You’ll need every advantage and head start that you can get to survive.

Hoarding up enough resources? Now it’s time to spend them generously in your Research Academy to improve productions (for future purposes), Military Armory to upgrade and unlock new troops and the Civic building to improve Civic-related features like taxes and trade. Research in Ministry of War is limited by the “age” your civilization is in and you’ll need to attain all the required criteria, which include increasing your city’s glory and your hero level prior to advancing to the next age. There are up to 6 different ages that you’ll need to go through, namely from Savage Age to Firearms Age, and by doing so, you’ll be able to access new technologies and research along with new buildings and unit types.

One man, or woman, managing an entire empire can be taxing to say the least. Thus, you’ll be glad to know that you can recruit talented individuals as heroes, merchants and missionaries to help you carry out the minor and more routine aspects of the game. After all, a good leader knows when to delegate and who to delegate it to. The quality of these talented individuals can be distinguished via their differently colored names and naturally, you would want to recruit only the best of the lot from the tavern.

Heroes are the important recruits in Ministry of War as they are your generals who will be leading your men to war. Like in an MMORPG, your heroes can be equipped with a variety of differently graded weapons, accessories and armor... you can even assign a pet to him as well! The heroes can be leveled up and the attribute points that you get can then be allocated to 4 of their major attributes, namely power, physique, command and intelligence, accordingly.

In Ministry of War, heroes can also learn unique skills via skill books and these books only drops in the lair (a type of dungeon). Don’t forget to assign the grunt units you’ve recruited from the barracks, stables and archery range too. Furthermore, merchants can be sent to purchase special and highly-valued goods from the major NPC cities in your empire and resell these goods to other cities that will pay highly for them. Missionaries, on the other hand, can be sent to set up temples around remote locations to increase your city’s influence in the empire.

Now that you have your heroes ready, it’s time for some exciting combat! You can choose to plunder other players’ cities for more resources, or spy on them if you think they are a threat. If he’s an ally, you can also help him defend his city. Interestingly, you can even spread slander in other players’ cities to reduce the cities’ happiness and hence productivity levels. This is merely a part of the many battles you can participate in in Ministry of War.

The game offers a huge load of other events like cross server arena where 2 armies battle is out on an even battlefield; massacre battle in which two 3-player teams fought against each other’s armies and even the massive multiplayer battles where 10 players are pitted against 10 other players. If you fancy some PvE, there is also the colosseum that allows you to work cooperatively with armies of other cities in taking down challenging bosses.

There are a lot of other challenge events that you can participate in including suppression event, challenge pet (Pet PvP), lair, the arcadian ladder and many more. So, you’ll always have something to do, even if you’re not developing your city economically, in this game.


Being a small city and all, you’ll definitely need some support, no matter if it’s military support or even trade, to expand and grow your city. Thus, it’s always good if you could find a suitable and active guild and sign up to join it. With protection from a guild, you will have a greater chance for survival. For more non-game chatting, you can definitely head over to the game’s forums on the game website and meet up with your fellow “ministers” in the Ministry of War.

Graphics/ Sound

The Ministry of War features ominous music and excellent sound effects, some of which can be pretty eerie. In terms of graphics, the game’s environments are very well designed and constructed. The character models for your units in battle are very nicely done too.


In short, Ministry of War is a fast-paced MMO strategy game that allows you develop and advance your civilization through 6 different ages. With up to 4 amazing ancient civilizations for you to choose from, you are also spoiled for choice! Recruit various talented individuals to fearlessly lead your army in battle, bring in huge amounts of wealth via trade and spread your city’s influence to the outer reaches of the empire through religion. Amass a huge army and have fun participating in the many PvP and even PvE events that the game has to offer in addition to the usual “conquer other players’ cities” fanfare. So, will your city rise to the top and be one of the mightiest cities in the empire? Well, it’s up to you to find out! Play now!

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New Game Added: Ministry of War

by Aethyna Oct 15, 2015
Select a civilization between Egypt, China, Persia and Rome and establish your own city and empire today in Ministry of War! Set up a strong economy to support the development and expansion of your empire and advance through the ages to gain access to powerful and much better technologies. Castle siege Persian civilization Battlefield Read More
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