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Dead Frontier 9 rate Can’t get enough of the zombies in the Walking Dead? Well, we’ve got something even better for you – experience the thrill of living on the edge, of trying to survive, in a bleak post-apocalyptic world in this fantastic, top-down, semi-hardcore MMORPG, Dead Frontier! Are you tough enough to survive? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Can’t get enough of the zombies in the Walking Dead? Well, we’ve got something even better for you – experience the thrill of living on the edge, of trying to survive, in a bleak post-apocalyptic world in this fantastic, top-down, semi-hardcore MMORPG, Dead Frontier! Savor the chills as you tread cautiously while you scavenge cars, corpses and abandoned homes for vital supplies like food, weapons, ammo and medicine. Go up against a huge variety of zombies in the dangerous Inner City zones by banding up with other players or trying your luck as a lone wolf. If you can’t seem to keep yourself away from survival horror MMORPGs with an epic zombie/post-apocalyptic theme, Dead Frontier is the browser game for you! Try it for free today!


Dead Frontier starts you off with a pretty epic cinematic introduction of the setting in the game and to get the creep factor up. Once the video’s over, you’ll be brought to Nastya’s Holdout where the last of the survivors in the city are held up in. No freeloaders are allowed though, so you are almost immediately sent out to the Inner City – a.k.a. the zombie-infested zone – to start scavenging stuff that you can trade for essential supplies to survive.


Before you start your fight for survival in Dead Frontier, you’re required to create your survivor. In this game, there are a crazy ton of professions that you can choose from. Most professions have different perks, with some like the Soldier having a load of stat boosts but a penalty to the rate you earn experience points, while others like the Police Officer who are able to use a shotgun at the very beginning of the game.

There are even professions that have the ability to craft better goods. For instance, the Chef and Farmer can cook up high quality foodstuff while the engineer can repair damaged or broken armor. So, considering that the game has 20 different kinds of professions, each with its own advantages (and in some cases, disadvantages), it’s crucial for you to pick the most suitable profession.

In terms of character customization, there are sufficient options that range from skin tone to hair type and color. Although the choices aren’t as many as the number of professions available, by mixing and matching these customization options, you’ll surely be able to come up with a character that is completely unique.

Ready to start gunning down some zombies? Well, once you enter the zombie-infested Inner City, you can! Do take note that a separate downloadable game client is required for the trip into the Inner City.

Dead Frontier introduces you to the slightly more complicated controls after you’ve reached the Inner City. However, if you’re familiar with shooter games, you should already know most of the basics... at least the ones related to combat. For example, you can use the “Shift” key to run as long as you have the Energy to do so. This is a very important tool to use whenever you are overwhelmed and had to outrun a zombie horde.

Like most MMO games, there are 2 forms of combat – close range or melee and ranged, which will involve the use of a variety of guns. Although gun may be a more efficient way of killing a zombie, the gunshots will attract any nearby zombies to your location that may result in you getting swamped by zombies from all sides. Thus, for the lone zombie or two, it’s wise to use a melee weapon. A quick tip for those new to close quarter combat: you’ll need to kite or run around the zombie so as to avoid taking any damage.

Whenever your character is injured, you’ll need to find or buy medicine to treat it. The game even has a hunger meter where extensive scavenging periods will take a toll on. Naturally, hunger can only be sated with food and food can be found or purchased at the Marketplace.

Scavenging is the bread and butter of games like Dead Frontier, and this is something you’ll need to get good at if you were to have any hope of surviving. There are many objects in the game such as cars or corpses that you can interact with by holding down the “E” key. You can even enter abandoned homes that lined the streets and scour through the wardrobes, cabinets and drawers for any usable items. However, do take note that you have limited inventory slots on your character, so be sure to head back to the holdout from time to time to store any items you need and to sell off stuff that you don’t.

Although the game’s set in the post-apocalyptic era, the NPCs in the game still trade items using paper currency. Besides selling items, you can also earn cash (sometimes) by scavenging, or by completing missions. Missions in Dead Frontier are usually timed, so you’ll need to complete them as fast as you can, and scenario-based which require you to find specific items the other NPCs in the holdout needs. Of course, besides cash, you will also be rewarded with experience points. Experience points can even be obtained over time while you’re in the Inner City.

Leveling up is quite a big deal in this game as you’ll be given some stat and proficiency points to spend on your character to make him or her more sturdy. Depending on your play style, you can choose to invest those points into any of the 6 stats (strength, endurance, agility, accuracy, critical hit, reloading) and 6 weapon proficiencies (melee, pistols, rifles, shotguns, machineguns, explosives) that the game has to offer. Let’s not forget to invest some cash into getting durable and upgraded armor so your character can face off a tougher zombie and still manage to get away with his/her brain where it’s supposed to be.

There are plenty more places you can visit within Nastya’s Holdout, the last bastion humanity has against the zombie horde. There’s a gambling den there where you can try your luck by playing a game or two of 3 Card Monte. There is also a Marketplace (a.k.a. auction house) where you can trade with other players, and an Arena where players can duke it out in an enclosed location, which looks like one of the floors in a hospital – an abandoned one, of course.

As the game is somewhat hardcore, you might also want to store whatever cash you have on hand with the Bank at the first opportunity you get. This is because although you’ll still get a chance to drag your almost lifeless virtual body to the nearest outpost, if you don’t make it, you’ll lose all the cash you’re carrying with you when you respawn at the last outpost you were at. Death can be a pretty fickle thing in this game as well since you’ll also lose a substantial amount of experience points regardless of who killed you, be it a zombie or another player (with the exception of kills within the Arena area). So, if possible, you should definitely do your very best not to die in this game.

If you’re looking to give your character some extra advantages, you’ll definitely want to head over to The Yard. Here, you can buy perfect +8 stats to weapons or +24 to armor, or enhance your items by adding a random bonus stat. You can also scrap scavenged goods that weren’t sold at the Marketplace for some fast cash. Even though the game’s set in a post-apocalyptic setting, it doesn’t mean you can’t kill zombies and other players alike in style. There is also a nice range of dyes that you can buy using credits (premium currency) to personalize any piece of armor or clothing. You can rename your weapons and armor too!


As the game is an MMO and that the Inner City can be a very perilous place, it’s always to band up with at least few other survivors especially when you plan on going further into the city where the more dangerous zombies lurk. You can also sign up to join a clan and go on clan-organized scavenging trips into the darker corners of the Inner City.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Dead Frontier look quite “low res”, but if you take in account that the game’s free and that it is a semi-browser-based game, the visuals in the game will turn out looking a lot better. The game doesn’t have a day-night cycle though, so the whole game is played in an almost eternally darkened environment.

For music, the game offers some really amazingly haunting soundtracks that are perfectly suited to the game’s theme. The sound effects are brilliantly added to the game as well. If you pay real close attention, you may be able to pick up on cues indicative of certain dangers in the game prior to actually bumping into the danger itself.


To sum up, Dead Frontier is definitely a game come true for players who love a simple, no-nonsense zombie-themed survival horror MMORPG. Scavenge whatever you can get your hands on to find crucial supplies to stay alive. Trying to eke out a living in the zombie infested, post-apocalyptic world is not at all easy and only the toughest survivors will reign triumph. Are you tough enough to survive? Play Dead Frontier now and find out!

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New Game Added: Dead Frontier

by Aethyna Jun 3, 2016
Can’t get enough of the zombies in the Walking Dead? Well, we’ve got something even better for you – experience the thrill of living on the edge, of trying to survive, in a bleak post-apocalyptic world in this fantastic, top-down, semi-hardcore MMORPG, Dead Frontier! Are you tough enough to survive? Looting a corpse in Dead Frontier Dead Frontier: Creating a character Scavenging in a house in Dead Frontier Read More
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