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Demon Blood 8 rate Savor the feel of demon blood that’s dripping down your face as you shoot your way through throngs of disfigured creatures from hell in this exciting arcade-styled, top-down shooter/MMORPG, Demon Blood! Will you enlist and join the rest of the brave heroes in fighting the demonic invaders? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Savor the feel of demon blood that’s dripping down your face as you shoot your way through throngs of disfigured creatures from hell in this exciting arcade-styled, top-down MMO shooter, Demon Blood! Challenge dungeons of varying difficulties either alone or with your fellow players, or duke it out at the arena to see who’s the strongest demon hunter of them all. The last bastion of humanity needs you! Enlist today and start culling the never-ending hordes of demons in Demon Blood!


The plot of the game can be a bit confusing. From the gameplay, you get the idea that you play an aspiring warrior who has just enlisted to protect the last bastion of mankind (and subsequently, the princess) and to fight the demonic invasion.

However, as you advance in the game, you’ll be presented with the story of a young and somewhat prodigious soldier called Sernn. By virtue of his meritorious military service in the battle with the demons, Sernn was promoted to the status of Baliff at a rather young age.

One day, he received news that his hometown was under attack. He asked the king for permission to lead some troops and defend his town from the demons, but the king, for some mysterious reasons, refused. Sernn was furious and his rage has twisted his mind. Concerned, his men tried to calm him down but they were all slaughtered instead. But Sernn still has his loyal followers. They sneaked into the castle dead in the night and rescued him.... and that’s where the story ends.

Like I’ve said, the game’s storyline is very oddly arranged and doesn’t seem to link up just yet. Maybe there are some bits and pieces down the line that will link your aspirations with the story of Sernn together.


Demon Blood is unlike most browser-based MMOs that you might be familiar with. It is more like an arcade, top-down shooter game where you use WASD to move and your left mouse button to start spraying bullets. The smooth movement is completely necessary in this game due to having a combat system that demands almost constant movement and plenty of versatility. This is mainly because the demons you fight will have abilities and they are not at all shy to use them. You’ll need to give the game your full attention just so you can avoid taking too much damage.

Boss fights can be particularly fun in this game too. Some bosses have multiple skills that require a certain amount of finesse to dodge. It can also be quite satisfying if you managed to complete a dungeon, including a tough boss at the end, that’s around your level and is intended for more than 1 player. It is entirely possible to do so and it all boils down to patience and skills.

However, when it comes to character selection, you might be a bit disappointed... at least at the very beginning. Everyone plays as a male Avenger at first, but eventually, you’ll be able to unlock other heroes and heroines along the way, such as the Thunder Girl, Terminator, Demon Hunter, Vampire, Queen and more. Each hero has their own set of hero and merge skills, which can be upgraded using Battle Spirits and skill points. Battle Spirits need to be earned from battles, but skill points will automatically regenerate once they are used.

There’s also a very linear talent tree-like system called the Stars map in Demon Blood. You can activate a node in the Stars map for free as long as you fulfill the level requirement. You usually can unlock a new node for every level up that you get. Of course, level ups will also grant your character increased stats and subsequently, increased Battle Power (BP).

Battle Power is important in this game because it is a pretty accurate gauge of how strong your hero is. Due to this, it is only natural if you seek to improve your BP as much as you can. Aside from leveling up heroes and upgrading their skills, you can also bump up your BP by improving your hero’s equipment. You could forge to increase the quality of the gear items, add gems to them, or even enhance to level up these items. The level of your gear is restricted by your hero level and is determined by the amount of gold you have. Apparently, enhancing your gear can be quite costly in Demon Blood, especially considering that gold can be hard to come by.

As you advance through the game, you’ll also get your very first companion. Although they do follow you around, companions aren’t like pets. They can actually fight and will usually help you “tank” most of the enemies that are coming your way. Companions can even be upgraded to increase your overall BP rating. Moreover, you’ll get 2 pairs of wings (black and white) later in the game as well. These wings can also be upgraded.

Demon Blood is very much a dungeon-based game, so much so that I am tempted to call it a “dungeon crawler”. There are many types of dungeons you can challenge, namely the story, elite and demon dungeons. Story dungeons are the easiest dungeons you can complete on your own, while Elite and Demon dungeons will usually require a team due to the increase in difficulty. Each team can contain up to 3 players, but filling up a team can be surprisingly hard to do despite the increasing player base in the game, especially for the earlier dungeons. Every dungeon stage will award you between 1 to 3 stars depending on how successful your run is. If you managed to get full stars for a chapter, you’ll earn yourself some lucrative “clear rewards”.

For players who enjoy PvP, you’ll get to dive into the game’s arena once you reached level 18. The arena points you earn from every victory can then be spent at the arena rewards shop. The same goes for the game’s other PvP feature, the Colosseum. Here, you’ll get to choose who to fight instead of being randomly assigned a player. You’ll gain medals for successful battles and these medals can, in turn, be used to redeem items from the Colosseum’s rewards shop.

There are a ton of other features in the game, such as the AFK experience leveling system or the auto-combat system, that will either be unlocked eventually or require you to spend enough real cash to reach a certain VIP tier. There are also tons of other convenience items that you can buy using premium diamonds to ramp up your game.


Most players in Demon Blood tend to congregate into the many guilds available in the game. Why? Well, by being a member of guild, you’ll get to collect daily freebies from the guild wheel and the guild’s daily check-in calendar. Guild members can also donate crystals which they can spend time to mine and get contribution points in return. These points can then be invested into any one of the stats-boosting Guild Skills.

Graphics/ Sound

Due to the darker nature of the game’s theme, most of the graphics in Demon Blood tend to be rather dark and gloomy. What little brightness it has probably comes from the molten lava that has seeped into the dungeon or the spells that the demons can cast. This is in huge contrast to the bright and cheery colors used in the city housing the last of humanity. In terms of the sound effects and music, they are pretty good for the game since they fit the theme and everything, but, unfortunately, they aren’t very memorable.


All in all, Demon Blood is a rather entertaining arcade-styled, top-down shooter/MMORPG that’s a far cry from the usual fanfare you can find in most browser-based MMOs. The gameplay is definitely a lot more fun and challenging, and it’s nice to have an actually helpful companion tagging along. If you like games like Zombies Ate My Pizza (which was unfortunately shut down), then you’ll love Demon Blood. Be among the first to try the game today!

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New Game Added: Demon Blood

by Aethyna Jan 18, 2017
Savor the feel of demon blood that’s dripping down your face as you shoot your way through throngs of disfigured creatures from hell in this exciting arcade-styled, top-down shooter/MMORPG, Demon Blood! Will you enlist and join the rest of the brave heroes in fighting the demonic invaders? Demon Blood: Fighting a 2-headed dragon Colosseum in Demon Blood Demon Blood: Gameplay Read More
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