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Wild Terra 10 rate Embark on a quest to survive in this medieval-themed MMORPG, Wild Terra! Scour the land for valuable resources and treasures, craft your own tools and items, claim a land to construct your humble dwelling, and fight for or trade with other players to obtain goods that you want/ need! Sounds fun? Well, try the game today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Survival is the key to supremacy in Wild Terra - a brand new MMORPG that allows open PvP and has no NPCs! Everything you need can be either crafted, traded or wrestled from the fallen corpses of other players. It also has a huge expansive world for you to explore, treasures for you to find, as well as materials and food to gather. Claim a piece of land to call your own and settle down by constructing a humble home (or even a magnificent castle), complete with your own farm and barn. This game is definitely something that fans of survival-type games would definitely enjoy. So don’t wait - Test your survival skills in the medieval-themed Wild Terra today and become the ultimate survivor!


Once you’ve signed up for the game, purchased an early access founder’s pack and downloaded the client, you’re ready to get started! For character creation, there aren’t any customization options, but it is possible that the game developers would add those stuff in later on. Oh and don’t forget to name your character too!

Being a pretty hardcore survival-based game, you’ll start playing Wild Terra with absolutely nothing under your name. However, you’ll soon realize that in order to survive, you’ll need to start collecting and gathering materials and food by picking up items like stone, and sticks. In fact, you could even use your bare hands to collect wood from trees but it’ll take longer since you don’t have the appropriate tools. Once you have some supplies though, you can then craft some basic yet useful tools, such as hatchets, knife, spears, and bow that will allow you access to even more sophisticated items.

In addition to tools and whatnots, you will also need food too! This is because the crafting and gathering processes in this game are regulated by a stamina system, and once your stamina’s drained, you’ll need to replenish it in order to continue playing. Food can be collected from the environment, much like your stones and wood, for instance, apples (from apple trees), crops (carrots for example) that grow in the wild, and many others.

Once you have spears ready and equipped, you can even go on hunting trips to obtain the much-valued meat. There are many types of animals you can hunt in this game, such as hare, deer and wild boar. Although most are docile and will escape from you when encountered, there are some animals that are more hostile and aggressive, like wolves. Wolves in Wild Terra are really tough to kill at the beginning part of the game (when you’re still using stone tools and have hardly any armor), so it might be best to avoid them using whatever means necessary. Hunting the more docile animals in this game isn’t as easy as it seems either, as the wildlife will run away from you, making ranged weapons a lot more suitable for hunting. Once the animal is successfully slain, you’ll then need to re-equip your knife to skin the animal and collect its meat.

However, like in most survival games, eating stuff raw can only give you so much stamina in return. It is only wise to maximize the stamina you can get from your foodstuff by cooking them over a fire first. A fire pit is among the most basic “crafting stations” in Wild Terra. Much like in Minecraft, you’ll need to add in your raw food and some fuel (wood) to kindle the fire and get some more filling food ready for consumption.

Gathering and crafting are one of the main aspects in Wild Terra. Due to this, you’ll never run out of things to collect from the environment to craft whatever that you’ll want or need. You’ll get a collection of recipes that you can craft from, but as you progress in the game, you’ll then need to actually explore the world to find better recipes for more complex items and buildings. The world in Wild Terra is huge, but there are plenty of treasures to be found if only you are willing to head out into the wild!

As mentioned, Wild Terra is a pretty hardcore survival game. This is because the game features open world PvP, allowing other players to attack you (or the other way around) whenever you’re not in a safe and fortified area. Do keep a watchful eye on your surroundings as you play as other players can sneak up on you in an attempt to rob you of your accumulated wealth. After all, if your enemies managed to slay you, you’ll drop everything you have on your character to them and you’ll need to start all over again at the respawn point you’ve set. This does make adventuring a bit of a risk in Wild Terra, but that’s exactly what makes this game so alluring for virtual survivalists everywhere!

Perhaps you’re not much of a nomad... so, what then? Well, you could find a nice comfy spot to set up your home instead. Claim your own piece of land anywhere in Wild Terra by placing your dominium stone. Once done, the area marked with the dominium markers belong to you now. You can then place whatever you like in that area. Granted that you can actually place anything you like outside in the wild as well, but items or buildings that are placed within your dominium will gain additional health (or defense), making them a lot harder to destroy.... oh yeah, other players can actually destroy any items you place in the game too.

Wild Terra offers plenty of buildings you can construct, but of course, one of the most important buildings is a house that you can call home. There are many different types of houses available. Interestingly though, instead of instantly placing an entire building, like the many “crafting stations” that you can place, you’ll be crafting individual parts of the building, such as walls, roof, door, and windows, and then you’ll then need to fix them all up together. Not to mention, you can even set up your own farm in your plot of land. Growing crops or fruit trees will provide you with a more sustainable means of obtaining food, and well, you could also rear various farm animals to obtain animal produce too.

There are many crafting stations that you can set up as well. Some examples include tanning rack, poultry house, anvil, furnace, windmill, crucible workshop, and brick oven. You can even terraform your piece of land by changing the soil type or grass type. Some of the more creative players are seen converting their humble abode into a waystation of sorts for the more nomadic players-slash-adventurers. They have set up stalls for players to sell their wares or buy items that they need. Need more space? Well, you can upgrade your dominium stone into an obelisk of sorts, and the game will expand the plot of land you own.

In Wild Terra, other players are able to attack and destroy your buildings (as aforementioned). Thus, having sufficient fortification to deter the most resilient of enemies is vital in this game. Set up sturdy fences or, if you can afford the crafting costs, more durable concrete walls to protect what you’ve managed to establish in your dominium. Don’t take the shortcut when it comes to fortifications or you might just lose everything you’ve worked so hard to create!

There are, of course, plenty more features and craftables that you can discover in Wild Terra. The game developers are adding new stuff in on a pretty frequent basis as well. It may be a growing game, but it’s definitely growing in the right direction!


The community at Wild Terra is pretty sizeable despite not being a free-to-play game. Some players are very helpful in the sense that they dropped free items and tools outside of their dominiums for random players to pick up and use. The game itself also has a very nice and attract game concept, and it has successfully appeal to survival-game lovers from all over the world. If you truly love survival-type games, you should definitely consider joining the community at Wild Terra and help the game out by purchasing an early access ticket and providing constructive feedback.

Graphics/ Sound

Being a crowd-funded game, Wild Terra is being developed at a rather strict and tight budget. Thus, it is not surprising to see that the in-game graphics look a bit dated. That being said, the dated graphics do give the game that old-school feel that some players may find irresistible. The music in the game is pretty good as well. The tunes are generally soothing and don’t seem to interfere too much with your gameplay by being too distracting or too noisy.


To sum it all up, Wild Terra is a very promising, hardcore-type MMORPG that will definitely appeal to fans of survival games. The open PvP aspect along with the full loot drop feature will add a certain amount of caution to players as they explore the wild world in the game. After all, there is nothing worse than losing everything you own if you lost a fight and died than... well, permadeath. The crafting system in this game is pretty extensive and the developers are adding more and more things to the list as well. The system is regulated (or some may say, “balanced”) by a stamina bar, which can be replenished by consuming food. Wild Terra is most certainly a game that survival gamers would enjoy, so if what you’ve read has tickled your fancy, be sure to drop by the website and check the game out!

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