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One Piece Online 7 rate Join up with Luffy and the gang to fight against the marines and countless bounty hunters! Side with a “camp” (faction), either the Strong World or The Worst Generation, and meet up with like-minded players in pirate teams. Enjoy the automated questing and combat system in One Piece Online and have fun! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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One Piece Online is touted as a unique action RPG Tower-defense-like browser game that is based on a hugely popular manga and TV series, One Piece. Join up with Luffy and the gang by selecting 1 out of 3 classes to fight against the marines and countless bounty hunters! Side with a “camp” (faction), either the Strong World or The Worst Generation, and meet up with like-minded players in pirate teams. Everything is automated in this game, including questing and combat, and you can play it by lifting just the occasional finger! If you enjoy idle browser RPGs, you can give this game a go!


Kaido is planning something secretly to attack Whitebeard. He must be stopped! However, when you seek out Luffy to team up with him, he has instead gotten himself in trouble, again! He beaten World Nobel at the docks and he is now a wanted person! He told you to split up and meet back at the ship, but due to your association with him, bounty hunters have approached you, in a rather hostile manner, needless to say, to capture and interrogate you about Luffy’s whereabouts. Don’t let them!

Overall though, the story in this game feels disjointed. It also sounds ridiculous or nonsensical at times due to really bad writing. Also, if you have no idea what One Piece is, this game is not a great place to know about it. In fact, if you don’t know much about One Piece, you may feel lost as to what the in-game characters are talking about. It can be very confusing.


To start fighting besides Luffy to conquer the Age of Pirates, you’ll need to create your own character! There are 3 classes available for you to choose from, namely swordsman, sniper and devil fruit user. Each class has own strength and weaknesses and these classes are able to counter each other. For example, swordsmen are weak against devil fruit users, snipers are weak against swordsmen and devil fruit users are weak against snipers. These classes are all gender-locked as well and there are no customization options, besides the part where you can name your own character.

You’ll also be requested to join a “camp” (faction), namely strong world or the worst generation later. The strong world consists of tyrants who are the sort of people that believe in the survival of the fittest. They are ruthless to get what they want that is to become a force to be reckoned with within the respective sea regions they dominate. The worst generation consists of the misfits who favor freedom over the rigidity of rules and hence, they often ignore rules. They are the sort who wants to destabilize and disrupt the current world structure. Don’t know which one to join? Why, One Piece Online made the choice much simpler for you by providing a recommended camp selection. If you chose the recommended camp, you will get a sizeable coupon prize (in-game currency that can be used like premium currency).

After you’re done, you’ll be thrown straight in the really muddy storyline that this game has. Half of the time you won’t even know what is going on. All that matters is that the quests are of the usual sort – running around the place talking to one NPC to another, and they are also automated, this means that you hardly need to do anything except to accept and complete the quests. Your character will “auto-path” his/ her way to the quest location and initiate dialogue with the quest giving NPC too!

There are also times (which happen rather frequently) when your quest will lead you to a combat situation. Combat in One Piece Online is located in separate instances and you can teleport to the location via the fight menu. Before a combat begins, you should know that your team, for some reason, will have a pirate flag planted on the ground. Your objective is to kill all enemies and try not to let them reach your pirate flag - hence, the “tower defense-like” element in the game). Your flag will have a total health of 10 points, and if its health dropped to 0, you’ll lose the battle. However, that’s where the tower-defense-like feature ends. Unlike true tower-defense games, the “towers”, which in this case, are your characters, can be moved fluidly like a usual team-based RPG. Pretty unique, right?

Furthermore, in combat, your characters will automatically seek out the enemies and use their abilities in a fixed rotation. You are unable to control which spells or skills to use, but there’s an extra skill that you will later unlock, which will allow you to tilt the battle to your favor if needed. This extra skill is called Awakening Ogi. There are a variety of these skills, which are level-locked, but you can only use one of the skills once per battle. So, using the correct skill at the right time may just earn you the upper hand you need to win the battle!

Each battle has a rating to show how well you’ve done. To get the best result – a 3-star win, you’ll need to ensure that your pirate flag is entirely unharmed and that you’ve managed to clear the whole place of enemies. Getting a 3-star win means you’ll be rewarded with better prizes

Surely you will want to be able to win every fight you get into, right? Thus, to be strong in this game, you’ll need to pay close attention to the “Bounty” the world has on you and your team. To increase your Bounty rating, the easiest way is to use the huge amounts of Beli (in-game currency) to fortify your stats, namely attack, defense and health. There are a limited number of times you can fortify your stats and it depends on your level. As you level up, you will be able to fortify more times. You can also fortify the stats of your partners in your team too! However, the number of times you can do so for partners is a lot more limited and the will be increased as the partners level up. Nonetheless, the increase, no matter how little, will contribute to your team’s Bounty rating too!

If you need more Beli for fortifications, well, you can get more by salvaging at sea... besides leveling up your salvaging skill as well. You can salvage for free for 10 times per day, but each time you salvage, you’ll still need treasure maps, which can be rather hard to get.

Going back to Bounty ratings, for partners, you could even take advantage of the gym to level them up. This is particularly useful for new partners who joined your team at level 1 while the rest of your crew is much higher in level. For your own character, well, there are other ways to further increase the Bounty rating that you can contribute, including adding a title as well as learning an expertise.

You may realize that having a strong team is not only having the best stats but also having more partners in your team. So, to make your team even stronger, you’ll need to recruit high grade partners from the tavern too! The grades of your partners are determined by the number of stars they have – with 6 stars being the best-of-the-best. There are 3 ways to recruit new potential members to your crew of pirates – by posting a 1 million bounty, 10 million bounty and 100 million bounty. The higher the bounty, your chance of obtaining a higher grade partner will be improved as well. You will get 5 free 1 million bounties per day, but similarly to the salvaging process, you will need to have vivre cards to select a partner and these cards are hard to come by.

After recruiting, don’t forget to add him/ her into your team! Your team has 5 open slots for active partners, but these slots will only be unlocked when you level up. However, you can “store” (non-active) a lot more partners easily by purchasing additional storage slots by spending Beli.


The community in One Piece Online generally group together into guilds called “pirates teams”. You can meet with fellow players and fans of One Piece and have fun chatting about everything One Piece. Furthermore, by being in a guild, you are provided with certain benefits as well, besides being able to play with your new friends. If you want to meet more people, you can head over to their forum and truly be a part of the One Piece Online community.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in One Piece Online consists mainly of a techno/ rock music that is very upbeat and catchy. However, the game offers quite a variety of music as well, besides the aforementioned one. There is also a melancholy type music that has a pretty epic feel to it too! In terms of it anime-inspired graphics, the characters are well-polished and detailed. The background and environment are beautifully rendered as well in a cartoony sort of way.


Being based on a massively popular manga series does provide One Piece Online, a unique action RPG Tower-defense-like browser game, with a constant influx of never-ending stream of players! In this game, you get to choose 1 out of the 3 classes namely, swordsman, sniper and devil fruit user, as well as a camp, either the ruthless Strong World or the rowdy misfits in the Worst Generation. Have fun questing and fighting side by side with Luffy and other familiar faces from the One Piece universe! Even though a majority of the game’s gameplay is automated, you are still given a few skills and abilities to affect the outcome of a battle. If you’re not a fan of One Piece, you’ll be at lost in the game, as there are absolutely no explanations provided. Even if you are, you may be deterred by its bad plotlines. Nonetheless, One Piece Online is still worth trying out especially if you’re a fan. Who knows? You may just enjoy it!

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by Aethyna Jun 1, 2015
Join up with Luffy and the gang to fight against the marines and countless bounty hunters! Side with a “camp” (faction), either the Strong World or The Worst Generation, and meet up with like-minded players in pirate teams. Enjoy the automated questing and combat system in One Piece Online and have fun! One Piece Online: Setting sail Combat in One Piece Online One Piece Online: Fight with Luffy Read More
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