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by Richard
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AdventureQuest 3D 10 rate Set in the most dangerous era of AdventureQuest's timeline, the world has come under attack by a mysterious new threat. Answer the call and travel to the legendary town of Battleon where you will discover unusual characters, incredible adventures, funny puns, and a storyline that you can write as you go.
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A true cross-platform massively multiplayer game that allows you to play your character, on the same world as your friends, from your PC, Mac, Android, and Apple iOS devices, AdventureQuest 3D is a 3D recreation of the popular flash online game of the same name. Now with a full 3D world, players can explore the world of Lore, rich with different creatures and cities. Choose from the different character classes and complete hundreds of quests for a chance to collect some of the most powerful weaponry in the world.


The storyline of AdventureQuest 3D is the same with the timeline of the original AdventureQuest, as it focus on the world of Artix where it first focus on the conflict between the Drakel and the elves. It features a very deep lore and story plot that has been enriched by both the developers and community. The story covers different chapters, similar that to a TV series or Manga where the story progresses through the years and has a major effect on the entire game.


Most of the features found in the original AdventureQuest on the web browser were retained in AdventureQuest 3D. These include the storyline, characters and even the landscape. For those who have not played the original game, it is basically your typical MMORPG where you pick your preferred characters and venture on your own adventure. But some features are still incomplete as the game is still on its early access phase, meaning it is still on its beta test and there will be more changes that are expected the happen at any time. Another thing that is great with the game is that it can be played on your mobile phone; either and Android or iOS, or back to your PC or Mac.

There are three known basic character classes, the all-around warrior, the quick and agile rogue and the magic wielding mage. Each has their own set of abilities unique to their class and can use weapons that are only compatible to them. There are also character advancements that upgrades your current class to unlock more skills and better stats, and the best feature is that you can switch to another class at any time without any penalties.

The controls in AdventureQuest 3D is very straightforward as it also plays on your mobile. It features the class skills on your lower left along with the attack button and they are mapped on your numberical keys (numbers 1 to 5), the movement can be done by using the WASD keys and using the mouse to interact on objects or NPCs and targeting on nearby monsters. There is also a jump button (by pressing the spacebar key) to navigate on higher grounds. A shortcut on selecting a different target can be done by presing the Tab key. Alternatively you can click on the icons on screen to activate any actions.

The quests in the game are very basic, you approach the NPCs with icons on their heads to pick their quests and complete the objectives and claim your rewards. What makes it easier for the quest progression is that once the objectives are complete, you can claim the rewards at your current spot and without the need to return to the NPC that gave you the quest.

Collecting gear can be acquired by defeating monsters, quest rewards or even from shops. These equipment comes in different rarities; from the basic items up to the legendary weapons. These can provide a big boost on your stats or maybe some improvements on your character skills, some can have set bonuses when you managed to equip certain gear of the same set.


The AdventureQuest community is big, and has been active for many years during its web browsing period. Now the community are enjoying the current 3D game as it still retains the same game experience with the original. The multiplayer aspect here is better compared to the original as you cannot join parties with them in real time and the only interaction that you can do is through chat. Now in AdventureQuest 3D, you can form parties and even share the same boss raids with other players. And players from both the mobile and PC can play together regardless of what platform they are using.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals of AdventureQuest 3D are more of a cel-shaded art direction, giving a nod to the original designs of the first game. The character designs are reminiscence to the popular anime from Japan. There are no voiced dialogues in the game, but the text dialogues are well thought as it provides some pop culture reference and even some of the popular internet memes to give that comic humor for the players. Soundtrack also provides a good list of tracks to keep the mood at pace with the action.


AdventureQuest 3D still managed to maintain its roots, by bringing its features to the 3D game. New comers may surely enjoy the game thanks to its anime-style character designs and colourful world. Veterans of the series may feel that the game is still incomplete, as it is still on its beta stage, so expect more improvements to roll out every one in a while. And with its cross-play feature to smartphones, players can enjoy playing with friends from different platform. While it is still adding more features, hopefully it can provide a complete game by next year.

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New Game Added: AdventureQuest 3D

by Richard Nov 2, 2016
Set in the most dangerous era of AdventureQuest's timeline, the world has come under attack by a mysterious new threat. Answer the call and travel to the legendary town of Battleon where you will discover unusual characters, incredible adventures, funny puns, and a storyline that you can write as you go.
AdventureQuest 3D: Taking a quest Boss fight in AdventureQuest 3D AdventureQuest 3D: The city of Battleon Read More
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