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War Dragons 8 rate Breed, train and collect a huge variety of dragons and defeat your uncle’s army, the Blackblood, as well as anyone who dares to stand in your way. Set out to reunite the splintered realm and hopefully restore your parents’ legacy in this addictive MMO game, War Dragons! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In addition to being the only son and heir of the kingdom, you were born with the ability to communicate with dragons. However, the life your parents have in store for you crumbled to ash when your extremely salty uncle organized a coup and murdered your parents. Banished for 10 years, you are now strong enough to reclaim your birthright. Breed, train and collect a huge variety of dragons and defeat your uncle’s army, the Blackblood, as well as anyone who dares to stand in your way. Set out to reunite the splintered realm and hopefully restore your parents’ legacy in this addictive MMO game, War Dragons!


Gifted or cursed, you were born with the ability to communicate with dragons, in addition to being the only son and heir of the kingdom. Fearing your ability, your devious and extremely salty uncle has secretly assembled an army that he dubbed the Blackbloods. With the might of his army behind his back, he murdered your parents and took over the kingdom.

Being still a young child, you had to flee the country with your dragon friend until you are ready to return. 10 years later, you are now a grown man and you’ve decided that it is high time for you to reclaim what’s rightfully yours. Will you succeed?


When it comes to gameplay, War Dragons offer something that’s quite simple to pick up and is repetitive but addictive to play.

The easy-to-pick-up part is evident through its controls. There are 3 main forms of attacks depending on the dragon you play as. Some dragons like Draco require you to press and hold to spew a continuous stream of flame at enemy buildings while dragons like Frigg requires you to tap repeatedly and as quickly as you can to deal a lot more damage within a shorter period of time. Some dragons like Aetrix and Leviathan will require you to swipe at multiple targets since they can spit out 3 fireballs, each heading to a different direction, at a time.

It may get confusing since as you gather more dragons, you might forget the controls you need to use for that specific dragon. Thankfully, the game provides a brief guide every time you head into battle. Not to mention, the dragon will move forward on its own so all you need to do is to make sure to demolish all the important buildings and towers on the map.

As you may have noticed, in correspondence with the 3 methods of attack, there are 3 types of dragons in total – the Hunters, Warriors and Sorcerers. Although there are mainly 3 types of dragons, there are actually many different dragons that you can collect. To obtain new dragons though, you’ll first need to earn some Egg Tokens by completing special Breeding quests. You can then use the token to immediately buy an egg from the Breeding Castle or to crossbreed the dragons you already have. Crossbreeding doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a dragon that’s unique though and that’s simply how genetic inheritance works. There’s even the super rare Divine dragons that are incredibly hard to get. Dragons are also separated by quality such as “rare” and “legendary”.

Considering that you can collect quite a number of dragons in the game – in fact, the collection part is kind of a main aspect of War Dragons, you are allowed to bring multiple dragons with you on your raids. For the free-to-play player, you will be able to bring up to 7 dragons at a time, but if you’re willing to spend your premium gems, Rubies, you can buy 2 more slots. Obviously though, you can only play as 1 dragon at any moment in a game. So, if you would like to use another dragon, you simply need to swap to the dragon you want to play as. However, if you win a raid with 1 or 2 dragons only, you’ll then be entitled to greater rewards.

Each dragon can be leveled up and trained to increase its stats and sometimes to unlock some cool abilities. For instance, Draco will gain a special shield ability that when activated, will absorb a certain amount of damage before exploding and destroying any buildings nearby. To activate these abilities though, you’ll first need to attack enemy structures to rack up some Rage points. How much points you’ll need will be shown right underneath the ability button.

The maximum level for a dragon in War Dragons at the moment is level 10, in which the dragon will then be dubbed as an Expert Dragon. Any additional XP points that you can for an Expert Dragon can be transferred to a lower level dragon using a special potion so no XP will go to waste. Of course, besides abilities, dragons can also be equipped with runes or boosts to further enhance their destructive abilities.

War Dragons can be somewhat likened to the popular game, Pirate Kings, as it offers no PvE gameplay but is instead entirely PvP-oriented, in addition to being very simple to play. The game will matchmake you with a list of potential targets. You can then browse through this list of players and check out their islands’ defenses. Once you’re happy with your selection, you can send your dragons out for an assault using some Food.

However, despite having a lot more coolness factor due to all the amazing dragons and amazing graphics, War Dragons might be a game where things can become “toxic” pretty quickly. This is mainly because unlike the randomized matchmaking provided by Pirate Kings, you are not only allowed to pick your targets, but also to bookmark them so you could farm them repeatedly.

Furthermore, whenever you are attacked, the game allows you to return the favor through the revenge menu. So, basically, the game may involve a lot of revenge-fueled retaliatory attacks where stronger players can “harass” and steal the resources of weaker players over and over again, resulting in the stronger players being even stronger while the weaker players will remain weak. On the bright side, the game has a good level bracket in its matchmaking – you won’t be shown (in the list) players who are a lot lower level than you unless you have bookmarked them when you were at a lower level.

Similar to the aforementioned game, War Dragons is not all about the offense though, it has a pretty strategic defensive aspect too. You can take over the reins and personally defend your island if you happen to be online when you are being attacked. Oddly, the defending side will not be able to call upon their dragons to help protect the island, but in these dragons’ place, you are allowed to build and upgrade towers on your island (prior to entering any battles). You are also given a special power-up-like ability called Super Shot. This ability can be applied to any tower to boost up their attacks against the invading dragons or you could also use it on any other building that is not a tower to restore its durability.

In War Dragons, there is a wide range of towers that you can build, each with their own unique attributes that you can make full use of to ensure that your island is as well-defended as it can be. However, to facilitate the island development process, you’ll need resources like lumber which comes from a lumbermill that you will need to build. If you recall, in order to attack, you’ll also need food and you can get some by building sheep farms too. As you progress, you’ll eventually unlock additional buildings like the Hall of Research and the Docks where you can collect some freebies every 6 hours.

The building process can be a bit slow in this game since you are only given 1 free builder. You can upgrade the Builder’s Hut to increase his efficiency or you can use some of the speed boosts that you get to hasten things up. If you find yourself running out of building space, you can get your dragons to clear away the fog from the other parts of the island once you’ve fulfilled all the requirements, and then set the dragons to work clearing the forests to allow construction.


Although the bookmarking feature in the game is potentially a recipe for causing toxicity among players, the community in War Dragons at the moment is pretty courteous when it comes to attacking or farming other players. If you find yourself being attacked by the same fella multiple times in a row, you might be able to ask for him to stop using the chat box. Some people even ask for permission to attack before actually attacking someone who is currently online.

Graphics/ Sound

One of War Dragons’ main selling is its graphics and boy, are they superb! Granted that not all the dragons are as majestic-looking, each one of them is designed so lovingly and this is obvious from the amount of details you can see in every dragon. The music and animations in the game are also very high quality. They definitely add to the overall immersion of the game.


War Dragons is a highly competitive yet casual MMO game that’s aesthetically beautiful in every way possible, despite not consuming a lot of memory space on your mobile device. However, if you’re hoping for some PvE campaigns, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The game is completely PvP-oriented with a strong emphasis on revenge-fueled retaliatory attacks, much like Pirate Kings. Thus, if you enjoy playing games like Pirate Kings, you will definitely love this game. After all, who doesn’t like the majesty of dragons?

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by Aethyna Nov 23, 2016
Breed, train and collect a huge variety of dragons and defeat your uncle’s army, the Blackblood, as well as anyone who dares to stand in your way. Set out to reunite the splintered realm and hopefully restore your parents’ legacy in this addictive MMO game, War Dragons! War Dragons: Draco gameplay Develop your base in War Dragons War Dragons: The dragon, Zin Read More
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