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World of Tanks 8.6 rate World of Tanks is an awesome team-based MMOFPS tank game. Want to know why? Well, it offers gorgeous graphics, amazing variety of maps, realistic and challenging gameplay, clans, many tank customization features and fair battle match-making. March on to World of Tanks to enlist today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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World of Tanks is an awesome team-based MMOFPS tank game. Want to know why? Well, it offers gorgeous graphics, amazing variety of maps, realistic and challenging gameplay, clans, many tank customisation features and fair battle match-making. There are even badges for you to earn with every milestone you reached in the game as well as missions for you to undertake! So, are you ready, soldier? March on to World of Tanks to enlist today!


The game begins with a brief tutorial for you to learn the basic controls in the game. Generally, you move your tank using the WASD keys while you control your turret with your mouse. In order to attack, you just need to point, aim and shoot. However, those are just the basic controls. There are, in actuality, plenty of factors to consider if you would like to excel in World of Tanks, such as reload speed, tank armour, which direction to attack from (frontal attacks most certainly won’t work as it is harder to penetrate frontal armour) and shell types. There are also additional features like auto-aiming, which allows you to lock onto a target and shoot while moving, and long-ranged sniper mode, where you can target tanks that are hundreds of meters (depending on which type of turret you have on your tank) away from you!

After the tutorial, you may be riled up and ready to start kicking some tanks’ behind! However, before rushing into any battles, you will at least need to know what you have in your garage!

World of Tanks is very generous to its new players – beginners get a tank each (almost all are light tanks) from all the different nations in this game, including a medium tank from the UK. You can then research to unlock other different variety of tanks at the tech tree and then, buy the tanks at the store. However, this game only allows players on free accounts to have up to a maximum of 8 tanks. You can purchase additional slots buy using gold that will require you to spend some real money. You could always sell off tanks that you don’t like to use at the depot to free up some slots as well.

In addition, you may want to use those free credits that you’re given to upgrade your tanks. Besides tanks, the store also offers a wide variety of tank upgrades like newer and better modules (for instance, radio, turrets and engines), different shell types for fighting different variety of tanks, and many other tank equipments.

You can’t possibly expect the tank to drive itself, right? So, head on to your next destination – the barracks, to recruit your crew! You would soon notice that you’re also given a team of crew members for each of the tanks that you currently possess for free. Nevertheless, whenever you purchase a new tank, you will certainly need to staff it. For light tanks, you just need to have around 2 staff, a commander and a driver, but for medium tanks, you will need a minimum of 5 crew members, namely a commander, driver, gunner, loader and radio operator. Heavier tanks will require even more recruits! Bear that in mind when buying your first heavy tank. Besides, you can also swap out or dismiss the old tank team with a better team as well. Each crew member will have different stats and these stats can be increased through gaining experience points in battle and levelling up.

Once you’re done, check out the many battle types and maps that World of Tanks has to offer! Since it is a team-based game, there is no solo mode available in this game. Instead, you can join in the queue for a random team match or you could manually form a platoon with your friends (up to 7 players per team) and queue up to challenge other teams to battle! World of Tanks has an awesome match-making system and every battle will have an equal mix of pro players and newbies. Every match you play will feel different as well, because the game has a plethora of maps for you to choose from!

Besides, it doesn’t really matter even if your team loses, the game will reward both winners and losers with experience points and credits, but of course, you will get more rewards provided that you win. If you think you need more practice first (hey, practise makes perfect, right?), you can try out the training options. However, for training matches, you will not earn any experience points or credits even if you win.

There are also missions that you can accept before heading into battle. These missions usually require you to destroy a certain type of tank or a certain amount of tanks in battle. Missions will increase in difficulty as you complete them, but the additional credits and experience points they reward can definitely help you a lot in World of Tanks. So, don’t neglect them! It’ll be like killing two tanks with one shot anyway.

The gameplay in World of Tanks is very realistic. First of all, despite using a mouse to turn your turret, your turret will definitely not be able to turn as fast as your mouse speed (even with the best turrets equipped) and will lag behind. Furthermore, this game does not allow respawns. This means that when your tank is destroyed, it is destroyed for good in that battle (until you get it repaired at the garage, of course). However, you can decide to stay and view the battle from your allies’ perspectives until the battle is over or you can exit the battle and play another match using your other tanks. Also, if you’re unlucky, your crew may get killed in the blast and you will need to recruit new crew members for your tank.

Moreover, you are provided with a minimap in World of Tanks. This minimap only displays tanks that are within your view range or in other words, within your cone of vision, but not that sneaky tank which is rolling up behind you. Makes the game fun and challenging, doesn’t it?

If you want to survive in World of Tanks, it’s best to always hide your tank in some bushes or foliage to avoid detection or at least reduce your tank’s visibility to your opponents. Another option is to purchase camouflage paint for your tank from the garage. While getting a repaint, you can also select and buy cool emblems (icons) or inscriptions (words), like the word ‘DESTROYER’, to be painted to your tank as well. However, these customisations are usually available for only a limited duration of time (ranging from a day to a couple of days) and in order to get a permanent ‘tattoo’ on your tank, you will need to spend gold on it.

After every battle, you should remember to service your tank by resupplying its ammo and providing repairs. During your down time, you could check out your service record where all your stats are displayed for the world to see. It lists your battle performance, such as the number of victories, maximum number of tanks destroyed per battle, personal rating and many more. It also displays your achievements and mastery badges! Feel free to share your profile page in World of Tanks on your social media sites and savour their envy!

World of Tanks, as aforementioned, focuses on team-based battles, and what’s better than team battles? Clan battles or stronghold battles, of course! Join a clan or create your own to have access to a clan fortress or a stronghold. Upgrade your clan’s stronghold using resources that your stronghold has accumulated, so that it will have impenetrable defences that can repel enemy attacks. Your clan can organise raids to other clans’ strongholds to pillage industrial resources as well. There are also many perks for players with a clan, particularly clans with high level strongholds. Stronghold reserves provide benefits, such as +50% credits, +50% experience points and +100% crew experience per battle, to all members of the clan. Sounds amazing? Join a clan today!


The game has hundreds of people in queue and tens of thousands of players online at any time of the day. There are also tournaments organised by the publishers of the game and also by the game’s community, making World of Tanks, one of the top tank games that has an esports element to it. Players in World of Tanks frequently upload the replays of some of their best games on YouTube as well. Some even take to YouTube to upload videos of their gameplay whereby they demonstrated various tactics and strategies that they have developed or employed in the game. World of Tanks certainly has a very enthusiastic and lively community!


World of Tanks is possibly the only tank game that has incredible and realistic graphics that are not at all cartoony. The tank models look fabulous and the animations are smooth. The maps generated for the game are flawless as well. In fact, your tank may sometimes get destroyed because you are too busy marvelling at the beautiful scenery!

The game does not provide any background music, but it does provide plenty of convincing sound effects. For example, different shells and tank types will have different sound effects. Furthermore, as you stay idle in your garage, you can also hear your team of engineers working to fix up and maintain your tanks in the background. It will feel as though you are actually in the garage!


In conclusion, World of Tanks is definitely an entertaining and challenging MMOFPS tank game to play. Despite having controls that are fairly easy to learn, its gameplay focuses heavily on teamwork and on strategy. The game is also very authentic in the sense that when your tank is destroyed in a game, your tank is not allowed to respawn and that your crew may get killed in the process. The graphics and animation in this game is lifelike and astonishing! If tanks are your thing, then World of Tanks is your game! Don’t wait, check it out now!

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