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Trove 10 rate Venture into the many different biomes and worlds, while searching for resources to harvest, dungeons to conquer and even randomly-spawned world bosses to defeat in this incredible voxel-based MMORPG, Trove! With plenty of items to collect, craft and create, you’ll never run out of things to do! Try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you love Minecraft or any other types of voxel-based MMORPGs, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Trove! Create your character and enjoy playing as any 1 of the 14 character classes available in the game. Venture into the many different biomes and worlds, while searching for resources to harvest, dungeons to conquer and even randomly-spawned world bosses to defeat. Take some time off your intense adventuring and relax by crafting items at the many crafting benches at your cornerstone or you could even set off to create a work of art using the blocks you’ve gathered. There are even plenty of cool-looking mounts and pets that you can search for and collect. So, head over to Trove right now and give the game a go. Trust me... you definitely love it!


To start playing, you’ll first need to create your character and the game immediately lets you pick a class. There are 14 different classes in total in Trove, including the archetype classes like knight, gunslinger and ice sage (frost mage), and also some pretty unique classes like the pirate captain, the boomranger, lunar lancer and revenant. Naturally, different classes will have different active and passive abilities, along with their respective ultimate skill. For instance, the knight has a shielding ability while the gunslinger has an ability that allows it to jump away from dangerous situations. So, generally, different character class will give you a different gameplay experience.

Picking a class is very important in this game as once you’ve selected your class, the other classes will then be locked behind a paywall. Thankfully though, every class in this game can be unlocked using either in-game cash (cubits) or premium cash which you can buy using real money. The game has a daily cubit limit of 500, so in order to obtain a new class (the cheapest one available), you’ll need to hit that cubit limit every day for 10 days. For the hardcore gamer, this probably won’t be much of a problem, but for casual gamers, getting a new class might take a bit more time.

Although you’ll be starting off with only 1 class (the class you’ve picked), you should know that in Trove, you can easily switch between all the classes you own. Each class is leveled independently and they all have their own set of equipped armor and weapons (though the inventory is shared among all classes).

What about customization, you may wonder? Well, later on, you could head over to the barber shop to change how your character looks. There are many hair styles and color you can choose from, as well as head type, skin tone, and eye color. As Trove is a voxel-based game, the lack of extensive customization options is not surprising nor at all disappointing – they even made up for the lack of character customization by having a plethora of very interesting items that you can equip on your character.

For controls, it’s pretty simple to grasp. Basically, you’ll be left clicking to place blocks, right clicking to pick up blocks and pressing the “T” key to cycle through the various modes available, including the build mode and combat mode. Like Minecraft or most voxel-based MMORPGs, you’ll be spending quite a lot of your time in the game harvesting resources and blocks in order to craft gear, cosmetics or more crafting benches, or to build stuff. There are plenty of randomly generated resources that you can gather as you travel through the worlds of Trove. Amazingly, the game accepts designs from its players, and hence, you will often see items, both craftable and dropped items, with players’ names on them.

In addition to collecting blocks, there are also quests that you can do as you explore the various locations in the game. Quests are usually found in adventure locations which you can go to via the many portals at the “tools and portal world”. Each adventure location is a different biome and these biomes may range from the usual forests and icy landscapes to more fantastical worlds such as a candy-filled land. Sometimes, you may encounter mini-adventures that you can trigger by activating the totem placed there out in the world as well.

As you quest or travel in Trove, you may also encounter a “world boss”-like robot that drops from the sky. If you managed to defeat it with or without the help of nearby players, you can get a nice piece of loot from the chest that spawns. Of course, there is no such thing as loot-stealing as each piece of loot is individually assigned to a player who has participated in the fight.

You can even find a cornerstone location in any of these locations and claim it as your own. You can then redesigned the basic house the game gives you, along with all the crafting benches you have in it, and turn it into something even more magnificent, like a castle or an extensive underground burrow. You can only own 1 cornerstone plot at a time though, so if you want to shift your cornerstone to a new location, be sure to save your creation first. Of course, you can also create plenty of other amazing masterpieces in the environment, but you unfortunately won’t be able to save it and other players can possibly destroy your creation.

That sounds awesome and all, but the most interesting part in this game is its player-created, procedurally-generated dungeons. Dungeons in Trove can be completed solo or with any other player who happens to be in the dungeon as well. So, in other words, the dungeons in this game can be pretty much considered as “open dungeons” as they are not compartmentalized into separate zones. Each dungeon has a couple of bosses in them, and unlike the environment in the various biomes in Trove, you cannot just dig your way through to the bosses as the blocks in the dungeon area are indestructible. Once a dungeon is done, the icon of the dungeon on your world map will be marked with an X. A huge red X will appear above the dungeon in the in-game world as well.

Like many of the items in the game, dungeons in Trove can also be designed and created by players like yourself and submitted to the developers for review. They will then generate your dungeon in the appropriate biomes. Interestingly, although the dungeons are created by players, there are options for the designers to add in randomizations, so no two run-throughs of the same dungeon will feel the same. The dungeons in this game are all uniquely designed mainly because of the various inputs the game has had from its players. Some dungeons are placed high up in trees and have like a mini-jumping game for you to play before you can reach it. There are almost always new content consistently as well!

Not to mention, there are also mounts and pets that you can collect and achievements that you can... well, achieve! There simply so many things to do and places to explore in Trove... to the point where it can be hard to decide what you’d want to do first. So if you enjoy this sort of MMORPGs, you should definitely check this game out!


The community at Trove is incredibly friendly. They often will help you out with a boss or a particularly tough mob if they are nearby. The more experienced players may even be willing to guide you along in the game, provided that you asked nicely, and they sometimes also can drop equipment that they no longer need for you.

Like most MMORPGs, Trove also has a guild system in place, called “Clubs”. However, unlike any other MMORPG, you can sign up and join up to 5 different clubs in this game. Clubs present a very nice platform for players to work cooperatively to building something amazing together in the club’s world. You can even visit other club’s worlds to view their masterpieces. If you really like a creation in a club world, don’t forget to vote for them too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Trove has a rather unique cartoony style that is somewhat similar to the art style of Borderlands. The items in the game have strong, dark-colored outlines, much like what you’d see in a comic. In terms of music, the game features a variety of Celtic-themed music that is gentle and soothing.


In conclusion, Trove is an improved and free version of Minecraft if you combine the latter game with the elements of an MMORPG. It is the sort of game that caters to the creative-minded, as well as to those players who enjoy a game that is more dynamic in nature. There are up to 14 different character classes that you can enjoy playing (after you’ve unlocked them, of course) with your single character. There are also plenty of dungeons along with various adventures that you can play with random players who happen to be nearby, with friends, or you could even go solo. Trove is definitely a game for creative players who enjoy crafting, exploring and building, but don’t mind the voxel-type graphics. If you count yourself among those mentioned, do give the game a try today! You’ll most certainly love it!

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