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Guild Wars 2 10 rate Explore the beautiful and complex world in Guild Wars 2 while forging a storyline of your own. Choose 1 from 5 races and from 8 different professions to start your adventure! Participate in various dynamic quests, and huge world or PvP events. Guild Wars 2 is among the best MMOs ever existed, so be sure to try the game out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Explore the beautiful and complex world in Guild Wars 2 while forging a storyline of your own that is not only personalized but also dynamic as it changes due to the decisions you make as well as your character’s background history in the game. Choose 1 from 5 races and from up to 8 different professions (or classes), including the unique Mesmer and Engineer classes. Participate in various dynamic quests and events, including huge area events and even massive world events, and even incredible World vs World vs World PvP events whereby 500 players from each participating servers (up to 3 of them) come together to duke it out on an enormous map! Enjoy the fast-paced, action-based combat and the unique weapons-and-profession based skill system as you strive to achieve the perfect balance between various attributes for your character. There’s a very good reason why Guild Wars 2 has been spoken of with reverence by hardcore MMO players and if you would like to know why, you should definitely hop into the game now and try it out for free!


Other MMORPGs that has extensive lore and background story, and make no mistake, having a rich and vibrant world as Guild Wars 2 does, the game itself does have plenty of lore as well. However, the most interesting aspect of the storyline in this game is not the lore, but the personalized story for your character.

In fact, your story begins the moment you create your character. From the race and professions, you’ve already started shaping your own storyline. Of course, there are more in-depth questions, such as your character’s history, personality, as well as hopes and dreams, that you’ll have to answer so the game can craft the character into the avatar that you’ve imagine him or her to be.

This personal story feature will bring your characters through private, instanced chapters that are specific to your characters and you can even bring along your friends to help you out. Every decision you make in the game will change how your character’s story develops over time, and due to the huge amount of branches available in the storyline (meaning there are thousands of variation available), you can be sure that every personal story will be unique.


Ready to start playing? Awesome! Let’s begin with the basics – character creation. In Guild Wars 2, there are up to 5 different races that you can choose from, they are resilient Humans, valiant Norns, the bestial Charr, the adorable yet intelligent Asura, and the noble plant-like humanoids, the Sylvari. Each race has its own rich history and background stories.

There are also up to 8 different professions (or classes) in Guild Wars 2, namely ranger, elementalist, guardian, warrior, necromancer, engineer, thief, and mesmer. Of course, naturally, some races are more attuned to a certain profession than others. For instance, the Asura performs the best when they adopt professions that utilize their intellect, while Charrs prize their brute strength and hence are better at close-quarter combat. Among the various archtype professions only 2 professions truly stand out as unique in this game – engineer and Mesmer. The engineer is a special breed of characters who are the masters of mechanical mayhem! They are the expert tinkerers and have all manners of hazardous gadgets, some of which are highly explosive, flammable or both. They specialize in strategically deploying mines, bombs, a variety of turrets and grenades.

Mesmer is another one of these special professions that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. Unlike the other casters in this game, the Mesmer does not wield any power of the elements (which, in the case of the necromancer, includes the power of death). Instead, they are powerful magical duelists that are experts in the magic of the mind! They use illusions, clones and phantasmal magic to confuse and distract their foes, and sometimes, they can even shatter these holographic forms of themselves, dealing a huge amount of explosive damage to enemies nearby. Oh and they can cast mass invisibility onto their allies as well. Isn’t that fun? Imagine the surprise on your opponents’ faces when you smuggled in an entire group of your teammates into their castle during PvP!

The character customization options in Guild Wars 2 are pretty impressive as well. Though not as comprehensive or as detailed as Aion, the customization options provided are pretty in-depth. You can change your character’s body feature, physique, head options (eye, nose, mouth), face details and even armor dyes for your starter clothes.

In terms of combat, the action-based combat that is implemented in Guild Wars 2 is honestly much smoother than what you’d get in TERA. There are no auto-attacks in this game and thus, you’ll always be using your character’s abilities. Furthermore, playing as a caster in this game can be really mind-blowing. Unlike other MMOs, casters can cast spells while moving and like any action-based game, if you’re out of range, your spells will miss the target. Oh and as a bonus, since there aren’t any specific character role (such as tank, support or healer) in this game, character from every profession are given a healing ability.

One of the most interesting parts about combat is the game’s rally system. The rally system is a lot like the “second wind” system in Borderlands, whereby when you’re “defeated” by an enemy, your character will merely fall to the ground and not instantly die. You’ll then be given the chance to earn a free on-the-spot revival by fighting for your life and attempting to take your enemy down before the rally timer goes off. If you succeed, you’ll be revived but if not, you’ll truly die and will have to respawn at one of the nearby waypoints instead. However, if a passing player or a group member feels like it, they can also revive you as well.

Another unique aspect of combat in Guild Wars 2 is their beautifully executed underwater combat system. While your character is underwater, you’ll gain access to a completely different set of weapons and skill set developed specifically for underwater uses. Not to mention, the underwater combat looks and sounds absolutely realistic. It’s simply awesome!

Skills, on the other hand, are unlocked from the default skill you get. The more you use your first base skill, the faster you’ll get to unlock the other base skills. There are 9 to 10 skills in total, but you can change your character’s stance or attunements to get an entirely new set of skills. For instance, for elementalist, they can change their elemental attunement from, for example, water to fire to access a new set of skills.

Interestingly, the skills you have are even dependent on the weapon you use (besides being tied to your class). After all, you can’t expect a dagger to work the same way as a staff, and obviously a dagger will provide a thief (a character that is proficient with it) with a different set of skills as compared to let’s say a Mesmer. Due to this unique weapons-slash-skills system, Guild Wars 2 allows you to swap your weapons on the fly and yes, while you’re in combat. Let’s not forget that the game also offers a very special dual wielding system as well, because in this game, it actually matters which weapon you equip in your primary hand and which in your secondary hand as some weapons will provide additional skills for you if you put them in the “correct” hand. This opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities for combos that you may never have even contemplated before!

For questing, Guild Wars 2 also strives to set itself apart from other MMOs and again, it succeeded! Instead of having mere text describing a quest, you actually get to view a cutscene which usually involves a dialogue between characters, including yours (and yes, there’s perfect voice acting). However, this is just the cream of the pie... wait until you actually bite into the pie itself!

Questing is very different in this game as it features dynamic quest events, whereby other players can join you by just being in the area when the event is going on. Much like Rift, the game also features huge area or world events that are a lot more “open world”. These huge events will usually accumulate into a massive boss being spawned and everyone will be able to participate in earnest. Of course, the loot and experience gained from these events are personalized, so there are no need for “ninjas” stealing loot from other people and such nonsense.

There are simply too many features that you’ll just have to discover on your own in Guild Wars 2. Some of the more interesting ones include special mini puzzle games that are cleverly hidden in the in-game world for explorers to find, a very rewarding and not at all grindy (not like Aion anyway) crafting system, and incredible PvP system that levels out the playing field for all players by giving every participant max level and complete access to all their skills. Oh and let’s not forget about the huge World vs World vs World PvP event whereby up to 500 players from 3 different servers will converge on a massive map to duke it out for a chance to earn their server fame, glory and a bonus server-wide buff. In this event, there are even siege weapons that you can commandeer to attack castles and break down castle doors.


The community in Guild Wars 2 is still going strong after all these years and it is not without good reason. After all, the game is an incredible piece of work and so naturally, it’ll attract some of the best people, those that are very welcoming and friendly, to the game. To get the most help though, it’s best to join a guild (hence, the name “Guild Wars”) as soon as you can. Your guildies will be more than happy to give you tips on how to play and how to improve.

Graphics/ Sound

Besides the game’s breath-taking sceneries, and fantastic character and creature models, Guild Wars 2 also features a very nice art style that may remind players of the popular team-based RPG, Dragon Age. In terms of sound, the game has some of the most epic soundtracks in MMO gaming history. It is not exactly surprising as the sound producer for the game is the same guy who did the music for Elder Scroll’s various RPGs (Morrowind and Skyrim). In addition, the voice acting in the game is nothing short of brilliant as well.


If an MMO game can managed to stay buy-to-play for so long, you can definitely be sure that this game has multiple unique and engaging features that has kept its player base happy. And if you’re still unsure of which game we’re talking about here, well, it’s Guild Wars 2. The game provides in-depth character customization and development (something that role-players will love to bits), amazingly fluid action-based combat, a weapons-and-profession-based skills system, exciting and dynamic questing events, massive cross-server PvP events, and even the fantastic underwater combat. Of course, there are plenty more interesting aspects in this game, including mounts, costumes, the rally system, and many more as well. It’s not every day you’ll get to enjoy one of the best games in MMO history for free, particularly when it was previously rather costly to even try the game out. So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and play Guild Wars 2 today!

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by Aethyna Sep 4, 2015
Explore the beautiful and complex world in Guild Wars 2 while forging a storyline of your own. Choose 1 from 5 races and from 8 different professions to start your adventure! Participate in various dynamic quests, and huge world or PvP events. Guild Wars 2 is among the best MMOs ever existed, so be sure to try the game out! Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2: Underwater combat Golem in Guild Wars 2 Read More
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