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Rift 10 rate Venture into the rift-torn world of Telara and assume your role as an Ascended in this amazing MMORPG, Rift! With plenty of unique features to offer, including massive rift invasions, chronicles and even dimension building, along with an immersive storyline, Rift is definitely the go-to for any fan of MMORPGs. Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pick a side – either the Guardians or the Defiant – and venture into the rift-torn world of Telara in this incredible free-to-play MMORPG, Rift! The game features plenty of Callings (classes), races and an amazing number of souls, which allows you to mix and match the perfect “3-soul talent tree” to fit your own play style. There is even a unique “talent tree” (of sorts) for maxed level characters called Planar Attunement. In addition to the usual raiding and PvPing, you’ll find yourself enjoying adventures with random players on the fly and also amazing zone-wide rift events with players of varying levels. And, let’s not forget about one of Rift’s pride and joy, Dimension Building, as well. There are a lot of very good reasons why Rift is considered on par or perhaps even better than other legendary MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, and if you’re a huge fan of immersive MMOs, Rift should definitely be on your radar. So, don’t wait! Give it a spin today!


Regulos, the mightiest and most ruthless Reaver God there is, has managed to breach the once-peaceful world of Telara with his endless horde of creatures from the elemental planes via a variety of elemental rifts. With a corrupted prince of the Mathosian Empire by his side, Regulos is set to bring chaos and devastation to the world... and in the future, this truly happened. The people of Telara were decimated and only a handful remained to make the last stand against the incoming horde.

However, the gods have attempted to intervene by resurrecting valiant heroes who has fallen in battle. These heroes returned to the world as the Ascended, enlightened beings with abilities and powers that no mere Telaran has. Each faction has come to the conclusion that the world of the future cannot be saved as Regulos has managed to reach his maximum power, but they could still do a last ditch effort to send the best of the Ascended back to the past... to a time when Regulos is still amassing his strength; a time where it is possible to strike when he is still weak.

The lore in Rift is incredibly immersive and every subsequent expansion they have introduced so far has been to build up on that aspect of the lore – that is to make it even more immersive. For fans of lore, Rift is definitely an excellent place to play out and experience the storyline first hand.


Rift offers 5 Callings (a.k.a. classes) and up to 6 races with 3 assigned each of the 2 factions for you to choose from. The factions, namely the Guardians and the Defiant, are pretty much the polar opposites of each other. The Guardians are keepers of the faith of the Vigil, the ancient gods of Telara, while the Defiant believes in what passes as the sciences in Telara - the amazing steampunk-inspired and Sourcestone-fueled technologies that they have developed.

The 6 races, on the other hand, include Dwarves, High Elves and Mathosians for the Guardians and Bahmi, Eth and Kelari for the Defiant. Each race has their own unique racial traits that set them apart from each other. For example, the Eth has bonus Earth resistance and can move 50% faster for short periods of time while the High Elves have bonus Life resistance and can soar briefly over medium distances.

For Callings, Rift provides the usual class archetypes like warrior, rogue, mage and cleric. However, in their latest patch, they have introduced a new and unique Calling, named as the Primalist. The Primalist primarily works with and is able to command animal spirits. The Calling you chose will determine the range of souls that you’ll have access to later on.

What are souls? Well, they are a lot like the talent trees that you’ll encounter in other MMORPGs. However, souls in Rift are unique as you can choose which “talent tree” you would like to have in your character build and due to the incredible amount of souls available to each Calling, you can pretty much build your character whichever way you like. Fancy playing a spell-slinging warrior? Or perhaps you would like to be a hack-and-slash-type of combat mage? Well, you can! The combinations are endless and having this extent of freedom in building your character does make each character unique in Rift.

Interestingly, the character building process goes beyond max level in Rift and this can be achieved via the Planar Attunement system. Instead of gaining points to be invested into souls, you’ll still be earning experience points. Every time you “leveled up”, you’ll then get Attunement points which can be used in your character’s Planar Attunement system.

Anyway, once you have your character created and customized, you can now venture into the world of Telara and start your quest to grow in power so you can put a stop to Regulos’ nefarious plans. Questing in this game is pretty much the usual stuff (killing quests, fetching quests etc), though there are quite a few really interesting ones added to the mix, being transformed into an ant to perform quests for the queen ant in an ants’ nest. Of course, there are event-based quests and tradeskill (a.k.a. professions or jobs)-based quests in Rift as well.

Questing can get tiresome for some players and the people behind Rift knows this well. Thus, the game has Instant Adventures in them so you can complete a series of timed chain quests with anyone who is participating in the adventure while being within the same questing zone as you are in. The best part about this feature is that you can easily drop in and out between adventuring and questing.

Furthermore, like most MMORPGs, Rift has plenty of dungeons and PvP settings, but, unlike most MMOs, some of its raids are very interesting. For instance, in Storm Breaker Protocol, your entire raid team will be going through the dungeon by taking control of some awesome-looking (and huge) robots, and yes, this includes boss fights. This allows for some really nice variation in terms of running dungeons. Most interestingly though, Rift offers story-based “mini-dungeons” called Chronicles that can be completed either by yourself or with a friend. In these mini-dungeons, you can play through significant events in Rift’s lore that supplement the storyline you get via normal questing.

These amazing features aside, nothing truly beats the feeling of participating in a rift event, or as the game calls it Rift Invasions, in this game. Though you will be able to encounter a variety of elemental rifts (including raid rifts) on a, pretty much, constant basis while questing, Rift Invasions involve the entire zone you’re in and only occur once in a while, but trust me, when it happens, players from all levels will flock to the zone to help out. In rift events, major rifts will open up in the zone and monsters (which type will depend on which the elemental type of the Rift Invasion) will attack towns and outposts in the zone. Players’ role here is to close as many rifts as they can while defending each town and outpost from being overrun... and yes, the NPCs there will aid you in your effort to defend these sites. At the end of the event, a boss will be spawned and by taking it down, players can then end the rift event. Everybody can contribute to such events no matter their level and it’s amazing to see hundreds of players working together to stop the invasion on such a massive scale.

Of course, when you need a place to just sit back and relax after, perhaps a bout of chasing after rifts, this game has just the right thing for you! Rift offers Dimension Building to its players whereby players could purchase models of items such as ladders, chests, boats and even entire buildings and use them to create masterpieces of their own. Plenty of creative players have seize the opportunity to come up with marvelous works of art such as recreating the Shire from the movie The Hobbit or Bruce Wayne’s Mansion including his secret Bat cave from Batman. The best part is that you can actually walk around inside the houses of those locations and that you can visit dimensions that other players have created. In fact, there’s even a voting system in place for players to vote for their favorite dimensions. Oh and not to forget, you can also own more than 1 dimension!

For those business-minded players, you all will be overjoyed to know that in Rift, there are plenty of tradeskills that you can pick up on and also a very competitive auction house system for you to showcase your trading skills. Tradeskills in this game can be separated into 3 types – gathering (mining, foraging, butchering, and fishing), crafting (weaponsmith, armorsmith, artificer, apothecary and outfitter) and enhancement (runecrafter and dreamweaver) skills, and naturally, it’s best to take up tradeskills that complement each other. Each character can pick up 3 tradeskills for free while you can get more tradeskill slots by in-game purchase.

There are so many things that you can do in Rift other than those mentioned, like trying to collect all mounts, non-combative companions (a.k.a. pets), artifacts and achievements, customizing your character using item dyes or mix-matching cosmetic outfits, exploring the beautiful world of Telara or even participating in player-organized events (jumping events, maze events, and other puzzle events) in their dimensions. So, be sure to drop by Rift and check the game out!


The community at Rift is still going strong after all these years and they are a very vibrant and creative bunch. It’s really nice to see players making things fun for other players by organizing regular events in their own dimensions while shelling out some valuable personal items as rewards. The top few dimensions that you can visit should also give you an idea of how creative these people are. Thus, if you fancy meeting up and making new friends, you should definitely find a suitable guild. Some guilds also often held events themselves and most guilds even have their own guild dimension. If you need help in Rift, you can get a mentor via the game’s mentoring system to guide you along as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Rift have their own unique and memorable art style, though personally, I didn’t like their character models and find them a tad bit old-school. That being said, its musical scores in the game are impressive to say the least. They are mostly inspirational in nature, especially the music in cities, though there’s a smudge of melancholy in them to reflect the situation in the in-game world.


In short, Rift is an incredible MMORPG that deserves its title of being one of the best MMORPGs there is. It offers an immersive and rich storyline, along with amazing character customizations and build options. The game itself has plenty of unique points too, such as its amazing rift events, dimension building, Planar Attunement, Instant Adventures and Chronicles. Due to all the features it has to offer, it can be rather daunting for a new player at the beginning, but trust me, once you figure out most of the stuff, you’ll definitely find something, or even “somethings”, in Rift that appeal greatly to you. Do give the game a go today and experience the rift-ridden world of Telara as an Ascended yourself!

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Pick a side and venture into the rift-torn world of Telara in this incredible free-to-play MMORPG, Rift! Rift Trailer Video Read More

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by Aethyna Nov 4, 2015
Venture into the rift-torn world of Telara and assume your role as an Ascended in this amazing MMORPG, Rift! With plenty of unique features to offer, including massive rift invasions, chronicles and even dimension building, along with an immersive storyline, Rift is definitely the go-to for any fan of MMORPGs. Play now! Hellbug mount Rogue calling Shark mount Read More
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