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Allods Online 9 rate Fight for either the Empire or the League in their eternal battle while exploring the beautiful world of Sarnaut as well as the astral world in this exciting MMORPG, Allods Online! Choose 1 out of 6 unique races, each 3 of which are grouped into a faction, and use your avatar to discover the wonderful world in Allods. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fight for either the Empire or the League in their eternal battle while exploring the beautiful world of Sarnaut as well as the astral world in this exciting MMORPG, Allods Online! Choose 1 out of 6 unique races, each 3 of which are grouped into a faction, and use your avatar to discover the wonderful world in Allods. Enjoy questing, raiding dungeons, collecting pets, leveling professions and also fighting in any of the amazing astral battles (PvP)! The best part is that the game allows players to build ships and sail around in the magical world of the Astral! Being the largest project in Russian history, Allods Online is developed by the developers of famous games like Heroes of Might & Magic V and Rage of Mages and contains graphics and sound from the award-winning artists. If you would like to enjoy a virtual adventure of a lifetime, Allods Online is a great choice for you!


The history behind Allods Online is very rich and interesting. The planet Sarnaut was once a quiet and peaceful planet where humans and other races interact amiably with each other, although they do live in different continents on the planet (Elves west, humans south and Orcs east), and lead productive lives.

Civilizations rise and fall, some in more mysterious circumstances than others. However, the rift between the races, as well as in between different factions, led by Great Mages, within the same race, tensed and threatened to break. Then came the Great Cataclysm which changed life on Sarnaut radically. Till now, no one knows that triggered this great disaster, but one thing’s for sure, it brought people together as they strive to find a way to survive in a different and much more hostile environment.

Everything was gradually getting manageable until a drunken fellow discovered the astral “stones” which eventually triggered the Era of Astral Travel. However, with this new and very convenient means of travel, devious factions exploited it and used it as a new way to attack their enemies without relying on Great Mages. People start to fight over the “magic metal” and the largest producer, the Imperial Allod of Kirah, became a prime target. Perhaps due to the war, astral portals suddenly opened on allods and legions of astral demons poured through in an organized assault. The sudden invasion of the Astral Demons took everyone by surprise and resulted in the loss of many allods as well as millions of perished lives. Although eventually the attacks subsided into smaller raids, the world became wary of the astral world.

Peace never last long in Allods and soon war erupted. However, the attacks by astral demons again increase in intensity, threatening the lands once more. The factions put aside their differences in the revelation that the demon onslaught could be stopped once and for all… if only they could find the source – the gate that ancient researchers, who had ignorantly opened. The gate was found and it took them four attempts to finally manage to shut the gate. However, despite the success, the astral is still a dangerous place, with terrible astral creatures lurking at every corner. Who knows? - one day they will find a new way to invade Sarnaut once again.


Allods Online is broken down into 2 warring factions – the Empire and the League. If you enjoy steampunk, the Empire is perfect for you while if you want to go with a more fantasy feel, try the League instead! Each faction contains 3 races – the Empire includes the Arisen, Orcs and Xadaganians (basically humans); the League consists of Elves, Gibberlings and Kanians. For races, the most interesting race that stands out from the rest is definitely the Gibberlings.

If you choose the adorable Gibberlings as your race, you’ll actually get to play all 3 of them as a character. They all are involved in combat and will jump in and out of combat depending on which skill or ability you choose to use. For instance, for the brawler class, one of the Gibberling will be holding the shield, one the sword and the other the long ranged weapon. Whenever you use a block skill, the guy with the shield will jump in front of the enemy and whenever you attack the guy with the sword will replace the shield guy instead. It’s a very interesting concept for a race and it’s rather amazing how fluidly Allods Online manages to create the animations and designs of this very special race.

After choosing a race, you’ll then need to select an archetype from the 8 different types available. Archetype is like the “classes” you’ll have in other MMORPGs, though the game will further break down the archetype into classes based on which faction you choose. For instance, the mage archtype for the Arisen is called the “sorcerer” while the mage archtype for the Kanians are called “magician”. Thus, although the class names may be different, the gameplay for a particular archetype is the same across all races.

Furthermore, depending on your playstyle, you may want to go with a damage-dealing ranged shooter that is the scout or you may want to hack and slash your way through throngs of enemies with the warrior or paladin archetypes! It’s all up to you to decide! However, if you want to try out other classes or races, you can as well! In Allods Online, you are allowed to create more than 1 character! After you’re done, you are provided with a huge range of pre-set customization options for you to select a look for your character that suits you! For the Gibberling race, you can actually customize each of the 3 Gibberlings that you have and that’s pretty cool! Moreover, as you progress, you’ll unlock character talents and stats-changing runes for you to customize how you play your class. Once everything’s done, it’s time to head into the amazing world of Allods Online and get some action going!

The game starts off with a nifty little tutorial which teaches you the basics of the game, but if you have had plenty of experience with MMORPGs, you should have too much of a trouble with the controls in this game. However, the game does not have an auto-attack button. This means that you’ll have to keep smashing your buttons to perform attacks or your character will just stand there doing nothing while getting assaulted by the enemy.

Questing in Allods Online is pretty much standard and mimics World of Warcraft as well as any other classic MMORPGs in many ways. This includes gathering x amount of quest item or kill a number of a particular type of enemy. There’s also a lot of delivering quests which will set you running about delivering letters, messages and items like some postal boy or girl… generally, it can get feel rather tedious for some players after some time. Unlike Chinese-based or Korean-based MMORPGs, this game does not contain auto-pathing and actually requires you to make an effort to manually go to a quest location or to find the location itself! Don’t worry though, you’ll be given plenty of hints, along with a rather helpful quest marker (it can be a bit off sometimes), and if you still cannot find the location, there’s always the wiki that you can refer to.

The game has a quest-intensive leveling path and thus, if you plan on grinding (mobs or raids) your way to the max level, you can just forget about it. Leveling, even with quests, will slow down rather considerably after around level 10 and the process will start to feel a tad bit more tedious. After all, the game is a free-to-play and this means that it’ll try to get you to buy the experience point boosts provided in the cash shop. Unless you have plenty of free time on your hands, Allods Online may not be the game for you – sorry, casual MMORPGers!

There are a huge variety of dungeons that you can participate in with a group at a tender young level of 9! The lower-level dungeons are separated based on faction – so you can say that these dungeons are faction-specific though if you are the opposing faction, you can gain entry to these dungeons by venturing into enemy territory, much like what faction-specific dungeons that World of Warcraft has. Dungeons are smaller as compared to raid instances and naturally, raid instances will require more manpower a.k.a. raid members (up to 24-man raids) as well as higher level ones. There are also astral instances which are instances that are accessible via Astral Ships or teleport. These instances consist of many layers with each layer specific for a range of levels, with the topmost layers reserved for maxed level characters for some end-game raiding.

Allods Online offers a nice range of different PvP arenas as well, namely skirmishes, death matches, treasure hunts, and Astral Confrontation, which is technically awesome Astral Ship battles between the League and the Empire in the astral planes after you've build your ship to join the match. It’s also nice to see that the game has a queue system in place, which allows players to find matches easier. You can enjoy PvP matches in smaller groups (6 vs 6) up to large groups of 12 vs 12. Of course, matches will pop faster with smaller groups. There are some world PvP in contested territories as well. Granted that you can disable PvP by turning off the Flag of War mechanic, if players happen upon a War Banner while randomly looting, they will be able to attack players even when the Flag of War is off, making every excursion into contested territories something of a thrill since you’ll never know what will happen (like getting jumped on by the opposing faction).

For the business-minded, Allods Online has a very robust economy supported by an auction house and coupled with a nice variety of professions. There are basically 2 different types of professions – gathering, which includes disassembling, herbalism and mining, and crafting, namely alchemy, blacksmithing, leatherworking and tailoring. Unlike other games like Aion where you can get all the professions in the game, in Allods Online, you can only learn 1 crafting profession (crafting professions, in general, cost plenty of money), with the second profession requiring quite a lot of effort via reputation grinding and questing to learn. You can however, learn all of the gathering professions as they cost nothing to train, with the exception of disassembling. Professions and trading your crafted items are one of the main ways to accumulate wealth in Allods Online, so be sure to pick a profession that you can feel comfortable to level.

Like any free-to-play game, Allods Online provides plenty of gear, pets (yes, you can get pets in the game if your class allows for it) and mounts in its cash shop. In fact, for mounts, there are plenty of truly cool ones such as a spider-like contraption with a seat in the middle that will elevate you from the ground and an astral sphinx-like creature. However, mounts in this game is reserved for only the rich (with in-game money) or with real-money spenders. The game has also changed its cash shop to allow free-to-play players purchase gear that was once reserved for shop currency, though you’ll need to grind a lot and farm a lot before you can afford anything substantial in the shop.


The community at Allods Online is very welcoming and friendly, though they tend to group together in guilds. If you’re new to the game, it’s best to find a great guild to keep you company while you journey through the game. You can even get some tips on how to play from your guildies, who are, more often than not, willing to help you. You could also meet with other fans and players of Allods Online at their Facebook fan page or at their forums.

Graphics/ Sound

Allods features state of the art graphics by top award-winning artists and a cinematic soundtrack by Mark Morgan, the sound producer behind great games like Dexter, Fallout 1 & 2 and Planescape: Torment… with the budget that the game is developed on, it’ll be surprise if the graphics or sound of the game loses out. The graphics have with high resolution textures and yet have that cartoony style like in World of Warcraft and thus, it’s not surprising that many reviews compared Allods Online with World of Warcraft. The game is also accompanied with orchestral and symphonic music, performed by the Central Symphony Orchestra of Russia’s Defense Ministry and the Bolshoi Choir. A combination of both the graphics and sound in this game creates an atmosphere that is very nicely done and very immersive.


In short, Allods Online is a great MMORPG that contains elements of steampunk, if you choose to support the Empire and fantasy, if you decide to side with the League instead. The game contains a very engaging storyline as well as plenty of interesting character races and classes for you to choose from. The game also provides plenty of features, which are common in any MMORPG, such as a huge slew of dungeons and PvP arenas, questing, world PvP in contested locations, an auction house, 7 different gathering and crafting professions, as well as cool-looking mounts and pets. If you enjoy MMORPGs, this is one game that you mustn't miss out on! You should definitely give Allods Online a chance to show its worth to you and who knows? You may enjoy it so much that you decide to stay!

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by Aethyna Apr 19, 2015
Fight for either the Empire or the League in their eternal battle while exploring the beautiful world of Sarnaut as well as the astral world in this exciting MMORPG, Allods Online! Choose 1 out of 6 unique races, each 3 of which are grouped into a faction, and use your avatar to discover the wonderful world in Allods. Allods Online: Golden unicorn Gibberlings in Allods Online Allods Online: Combat Read More
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