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by Aethyna
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Solitaire in Wonderland 9.5 rate Take a breather from your hectic life and settle down to this amazingly fun solitaire game that is based on the popular fairy tale, Alice in the Wonderland! In this game, you'll need to collect all the crowned cards and stop the evil Queen of Cards from bullying the inhabitants in wonderland! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Solitaire in Wonderland is an exciting solitaire game that is based on the story of Alice in Wonderland. In this game, you need to collect all the crowned cards on the board. To do so, you have to uncover and collect the cards on top of those special cards first! The game also provides a lot of ways for you to earn yourself bonus points – by chaining up matches, not using all of the cards in your deck or the joker card, and by having cards remain on the board. Want more challenge? Well, soon, you will encounter special cards that will require all the solitaire skills you have to remove them from the board. If you need some help, there are always the undo option as well as magic tools or potions that you can buy using either in-game coins or real money. So, if you love solitaire game, you will definitely like Solitaire in Wonderland! Play it now!


The card soldiers have bullied and harmed a little pixie under the orders from the evil Queen of Hearts! The hurt pixie ran back and pleaded with Alive for help. Feeling intense anger, Alice decides that she will not stand for this any longer and wants to stop the Queen of Hearts once and for all. With your help, will Alice make it or will she fail? Play the game to find out!


The objective in this game is fairly straightforward – you just need to collect all the crowned cards in order to win, while its gameplay is pretty similar to other solitaire game that you can find online. However, you would probably notice that the phrase ‘pretty similar’ was used. This is because despite having some game mechanics that are common in solitaire games, Solitaire in Wonderland contains some pretty unique features! Don’t worry though – for players who have not played an online solitaire game before, there’s a nice tutorial included in Solitaire in Wonderland to teach you the basics of the game.

Let’s start with the gameplay of the game! In this game, you’ll have a card open on your ‘hand’ or foundation at the bottom of the screen. What you need to do is to click on a card on the board that is 1 value greater or lower than the one in your hand in order to stack them up. As you remove cards from the board to collect them, the bottom cards will gradually be revealed. Soon, you’ll reach the crowned cards, which are usually at the very bottom of the pile of cards.

However, there may be times when there aren't any cards on the board that you can collect and the crowned cards are still very deeply buried beneath pile. In this case, you’ll need to click on the deck to get a new card on your hand. What to do if you ran out of cards on your deck too? Well, your last shot at completing the level involves using the Joker card. When the Joker card is on your hand, you’ll be able to use any card on the board as your new open card on hand to continue playing the game. However, once the Joker card is used, you’ll miss out on the 500 points that the Joker provides. This will likely mean that even if you've completed the level, you’ll probably end up with only 1 star.

You can also use the 1 hold-card slot given to you to ‘save’ the card currently in your hand for future use. It will work in a way that is similar to the Joker, except that you will not be unable to use any card on the board as your new open card. Instead, you’ll need to continue the game according to the number stated on the card you've saved.

Not to mention, you should be sure to chain up your moves so that the combo effect will be activated. You will need a minimum of 5 rapid and consecutive matches, without drawing a card from the deck. After the 5 combos are reached, the White Rabbit will pop up on your right and throw a click on a random card. If you can collect the clock-marked card before the timer runs out, you can get 1 extra card added to your deck. Awesome, right?

If you want to earn some bonus points, you can try completing the level with the minimal number of card draws and within the fastest time. Any leftover cards on the deck or on the board will also give you extra points that may just push your score up high enough so that it tips your score over into the 3-stars range.

Each level in Solitaire in Wonderland provides 3 stars that are up for grabs, but you’ll just need a minimal amount of 1 star in order to proceed to the next level. Stars are important not only as bragging rights – if you can get enough stars, you can open the pouches that are scattered around the level map for some extra in-game money. To unlock the next stage in the game, you’ll need to get keys by asking your friends to help out!

If the game is not challenging enough for you, well, you’ll soon encounter special cards that will prove to you the varying degrees of nuisance they pose. For instance, the locked cards that you’ll encounter once you step into stage 2 require a key-wielding card to be collected first. After you collect the card with the key, the key will automatically unlock all the locked cards on the board. There are plenty more unique types of evil card soldiers, such as bomb cards, sunflower cards, shield cards and muddy cards that will certainly challenge you in Solitaire in Wonderland! Furthermore, you are given 5 lives maximum, which will be regenerated over time when lost. You will only lose lives when you failed a level though.

If a level proves to be too much of a challenge to you, you might want to consider getting some magic tools or potions to help yourself out! Some examples for magic tools include extra cards, extra jokers, multipliers and the hammer card. The hammer card will allow you to get rid of any card of your choice, while the rest of the magic tools available are pretty much self-explanatory. You can also use diamonds, which can be bought using real money, to use the undo function in the game.

Besides these tools, you can also get potions and other tools from the magic shop, such as flip, hold plus, highlight, coin up and score up. Flip allows you to flip and reveal all the cards that are facing down while hold plus unlocks the extra hold-card slot on your foundation. Highlight is a nifty tool that you can use to highlight the card that you can click – like what was demonstrated in the tutorial. Coin up and score up are potions that increase the coins and score points you earn respectively. The magical items that are sold at the magic shop can be really helpful in this game, but unfortunately, they all cost diamonds.


Solitaire in Wonderland has almost 3 million likes on its Facebook fan page, making it one of the top 5 solitaire games on Facebook! You can head over there to meet your fellow Solitaire players and perhaps add them as friends to your Facebook. If they are active enough in this game, perhaps you can send each other lives as well! The site also organizes plenty of contests for its players to stand a chance of winning lucrative rewards too! So, be sure to ‘like’ the page to stay up-to-date with the ongoings on the site if you enjoy playing the game!

Graphics/ Sound

The beautiful cartoony graphics in this game look flawless! Everything in the game is brightly colored. The game unfortunately lacks beautiful card designs unlike some other solitaire games… but its simple outlook does make the game more attractive to some players. Solitaire in Wonderland has a casual fantasy-themed music playing in the background once you are logged into the game. The catchy and upbeat music will surely get your feet to start tapping along to the rhythm on its own! The sounds in this game have some variety too, as the music at the map and in the game are very different – the one in the game sounds slightly more mysterious.


All in all, Solitaire in Wonderland is an excellent solitaire game that although contains a lot of the mechanics of a basic online solitaire game, it does provide a feature (for free) that made it stand out! That special feature is the hold-card slot. Other games usually make this feature a premium-only feature, discouraging free-to-play players from ever using it. However, in this game, the feature is not only available; it is integrated deep into the gameplay. Saving the correct card in that slot may save you the entire game! Let’s not forget the amazing number of special obstacle cards that you’ll learn to hate… particularly the muddy cards, as well as the range of magical tools and potions that you’ll love to bits! If you like to play challenging solitaire games, Solitaire in Wonderland is a great choice for you! Try it today!

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New Game Added: Solitaire in Wonderland

by Aethyna Mar 25, 2015
Take a breather from your hectic life and settle down to this amazingly fun solitaire game that is based on the popular fairy tale, Alice in the Wonderland! In this game, you'll need to collect all the crowned cards and stop the evil Queen of Cards from bullying the inhabitants in wonderland! Solitaire in Wonderland: Crowned card Lock and key cards in Solitaire in Wonderland Solitaire in Wonderland: Diamond or arrow? Read More
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