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Solitaire Duels 9 rate Compete in a solitaire match in real time with other players in this exciting and challenging game, Solitaire Duels! Chain up all your matches for a chance to hurl a choco bomb at your opponent! The game also offers several sugar-coated locations that will definitely tickle your sweet tooth for you to explore! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Solitaire Duels is an excitingly competitive solitaire game whereby you’ll be playing against other human players! Instead of the classic 1-on-1 solitaire duels, this game added a unique flavor of its own. For instance, by performing a chain of matches, you can launch a choco bomb at your opponent, effectively and temporarily blocking out one of his/her cards. This does make the game so much more challenging and refreshing! You can even give yourself an advantage in this game by buying boosters. The game also offers several stages of sugar-coated locations that will definitely tickle your sweet tooth for you to explore! Are you now craving for confectioneries? Sure, you do! Satisfy that sweet craving with Solitaire Duels!


Like any solitaire game, the base rules and gameplay in Solitaire Duels should be familiar to any experienced solitaire player. If you are not an experienced player, then this may not be the suitable game for you. This is because, even though a very brief 2-page text-based introduction is provided, the game doesn't exactly hold your hand and guide you through your first match. Furthermore, the game can be very fast-paced and for newbies, well, they may not be able to keep up.

To win, you basically have to remove as many cards as you can from the board. How? Well, you can remove cards by clicking on the lower or higher card (on the board) in sequence to the card in your hand (the open card in the foundation at the bottom of your screen). For instance, on an ace, you can pick up a king or a two from the board while for a jack, you can collect a queen or a 10. No more moves available? You can then flip over a card from your deck and repeat the entire process of finding matching cards in sequence from the board. In Solitaire Duels, you will need to click on as many cards, in sequence, as you can. The more you chain up, the more combo points you will get.

The combo bar is shown beneath your profile on the top left of the screen. Combo in this game is accumulative and even your previous chain of combos is broken, you can still continue collecting combo points until you've filled up the combo bar. Once it’s filled, your profile picture will hurl a choco bomb at your opponent. Choco bombs act like a blockers and they are very effective in temporarily blocking one of your opponent’s card on the board. Bear in mind that this hurling of food goes both ways – so you may get choco-bombed if your opponents managed to get his or her combo bar filled! So, do watch out!

Furthermore, you are given a free joker card to use in the game as well! Joker cards function like a wild card in UNO. When you play the card, you can then place any card that you like from the board onto your hand to begin a new chain of matches. Solitaire Duels also provides a free “hold slot” for you to “hold” a card and then retrieve it later when you need it to complete a chain of combos. You can purchase an extra hold slot by spending real money and it is not permanent – it is only applicable to that particular match you bought the slot in.

However, if you’re stuck, there are several boosts that you can use to help you out from that tough spot! Some examples include shuffle, undo, remove card and +5 extra cards (to your deck). Although you have a few free boosts, these boosts are limited and you’ll have to buy more using real money.

In addition, there are 2 game modes that you can play in Solitaire Duels, namely tournament and the normal duel. Tournaments are lengthy games that will cost you 120 chips to play. In tournaments, you’ll need to play against a long line of opponents and win all the matches in order to get the prize pot in the tournament! However, if you lose, you’ll be immediately removed from the tournament. Although this game mode is a bit harsh if you failed, it can be very lucrative and is the only fast way, short of spending real money, to earn plenty of chips (in-game currency that you use to play matches) and experience points if you are good enough to win.

The other game mode, the normal duel mode, costs much less to play (only 10 chips) and it is the go-to place for a quick game or two. By playing normal duels, you can easily accumulate a nice stack of chips by, of course, winning the duels you played in! There are other ways you can earn chips, such as by watching advert videos or dutifully logging in daily to collect the daily bonus chips. You can also challenge your friends to a solitaire duel in this game as well!

As you may have noticed, there are various “sugary” themed stages that you can play in, such as chocolate, candies, donuts and fruit jellies. Different stages will have differently themed backgrounds. You can only unlock new scenes once you've collected enough experience points, from winning duels in both the normal duel mode or in the tournament, to level up! Do take note that draws or loses don’t count and will not award you with any experience points – you’ll need to win!

There is also an in-game shop whereby you can buy boosts, such as “double points” to speed up your leveling or “shield your chips” to protect your chips from being lost if you lose a game. The “shield your chips” boost will also earn you a 10% bonus chips for every victory you get! If you win enough games, your name may just turn up on the leaderboard in the hall of fame. There are achievements that you can try to get in the game too!


Despite being a rather popular game, Solitaire Duels surprisingly does not have its own dedicated Facebook fan page (if you would like to create one, feel free to go ahead!). There are always hundreds of players online at any time, so there is never any shortage of opponents for you to challenge to a duel! However, the matchmaking in the game is rather flawed as it often matches you up with players who are at much higher level than you. Thus, in this case, you may want to play against your friends instead. After all, you can have fun beating all of your friends at solitaire!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Solitaire Duels look amazing for a casual solitaire game. The cards are beautifully presented and the background is very colorful… to the point where it may look a tad bit psychedelic. Besides the occasional sound effects, the game does not have any other sound! This is a good thing since you won’t have music interrupting your focus while playing. If you need to listen to some music, well, you can always play the music that you like instead!


In summary, Solitaire Duels is a fun-filled and competitive solitaire game that you can play with other players or with your friends! Its gameplay contains a couple of interesting twists, such as you can accumulate your combos and launch a choco bomb at your opponent once the combo bar is filled, that made is uniquely refreshing. You are also given to option to duel with other players in real time via normal duels or tournaments. There are even plenty of delightfully sugary locations that you can unlock as you progress in the game! If an “unfair advantage” is what you seek, you could always purchase boosts using real money! So, are you ready to start your journey across the many delicious places in Solitaire Duels? Don’t wait! Challenge your fellow players now!

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Compete in a solitaire match in real time with other players in this exciting and challenging game, Solitaire Duels! Chain up all your matches for a chance to hurl a choco bomb at your opponent! The game also offers several sugar-coated locations that will definitely tickle your sweet tooth for you to explore! Solitaire Duels: Fanned out Clumps of cards in Solitaire Duels Solitaire Duels: the power of 6 Read More
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