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by Aethyna
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Sunset Solitaire 2 7 rate Play in a tournament or for the jackpot in this challenging solitaire game, Sunset Solitaire 2! Make as many combinations in a row as possible and the tikis of the beautiful tropical will grant you bonus points. Try to get as high a high score as possible! Dominate the leaderboard and defeat any competition with your solitaire skills! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The sunny beaches of Sunset Solitaire 2 are very tempting! Palm trees in the breeze, the gentle lapping of the waves and the sand between your toes will make you forget everything that is troubling you and send you onward into a state of relaxation never felt before! But before you can be off in search of sea shells, you’ll need to help the local tikis clear the cards from the beach. Make as many combinations in a row as possible and the tikis will grant you bonus points. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best solitaire player in Sunset Solitaire 2? Play now and find out!


There are 2 game modes in Sunset Solitaire 2 – tournament or jackpot (there is, unfortunately, no single player mode). In tournaments, you’ll get to choose to compete in a 1-on-1 solitaire showdown or to compete against more players (up to 3 and 8 players) per match. Tournaments are a lot like quick matches in this game and they will end when all players have finished their game. No matter how many players you choose compete with, in tournaments, there is only 1 winner who will be getting the prize.

For jackpot mode, you’ll be competing with hundreds of players for the prize pot of thousands of gems. In this mode, you can replay matches in your attempt to get as high a score as you can get. There is also a daily leaderboard for the showing only the players with the highest scores for that day. It’ll be wiped at the end of each day and players will again have to compete to place as high as they can on the leaderboard.

After choosing a game mode, you’ll be brought straight into a match. You’ll then need to combine cards of the same value to collect them. These pairs of cards can both be from the deck or on the board; one card could also be on the board while the other is in the deck as well. It is a lot like a match-2 game. Furthermore, it doesn’t really matter whether the cards are of the same suit or not. As long as they match in value, you can collect them together.

You can combine cards from the pyramid as well as from the stack of cards at the bottom. In Sunset Solitaire 2, every card draw you make, 3 cards will be displayed for you to pick from. You can draw until your cards ran out and you’ll need to reshuffle the deck. In every game, you are given 2 free reshuffles. Although you can reshuffle the cards in your deck, you can’t reshuffle the cards on the board though. Once your reshuffles are used up and you have no more matches, the game will automatically end.

Furthermore, if you combine several pairs in a row, your combo meter, which is depicted on the left side of the screen, will increase and you’ll receive more points. The combo meter is made up of several tiki masks with each tiki mask representing a 1x multiplier and once 5 tiki masks have been stacked, the stack forms into a tiki totem and will remain so until you draw a set of card from the deck. Once you are forced to draw a fresh set of cards from the deck, your current tiki tower will topple over and you’ll have to start all over again.

To avoid this, there’s a useful joker placed within the cards on your board or in your deck in Sunset Solitaire 2. The joker can form a combination with every other card, allowing you to get out of tough situations in the game. Use it wisely as there’s only 1 joker card per game.

The objective in Sunset Solitaire 2 is for you to try and clear the whole pyramid of cards on the board. By succeeding in doing so, you’ll obtain a bonus 100 points. Furthermore, the less cards you use from your deck, the better since any leftover cards in the deck will earn you bonus points (The usual card matches will only earn you 20 points) when the match ends. Combos will, as aforementioned, provide multipliers to your score as well.

However, the highest multiplier you can get is 20x per number of shuffle left on your deck to the remaining cards in your deck, provided that you’ve managed to complete the objective. Moreover, although the game doesn’t show a timer, there’s a time limit as to how long you can take per game. It is, after all, more of a player-vs-player game. The timer isn’t shown in the game as well so it’s best to make your moves fast.

The game has a couple of downsides though. It would be better if the game displays the timer to the player, so he or she will know how much time is left on the clock. Not to mention, the game recycles less than a handful of layouts and thus, you’ll probably be getting the same layout multiple times in a row... which, honestly, can get kind of boring after awhile.


The community at Sunset Solitaire 2 as evident on Gembly website is pretty small – around a thousand players. The game doesn’t have its own Facebook fan page, but you can perhaps stop by Gembly’s forums to meet up with your fellow players and make new friends!

Graphics/ Sound

Sunset Solitaire 2 doesn’t provide any background music but it does offer a rather limited range of sound effects for the tikis (combo). If you’d like, you could put some of your favorite music on as you play this game. In terms of graphics, the game looks a tad bit outdated though the visuals somehow work for the game, giving it the tropical feel that it needs.


In conclusion, Sunset Solitaire 2 is an enjoyable yet challenging solitaire game that allows you to compete with solitaire players from all around the world in tournaments or in the jackpot event. Match pairs of cards of the same value together to remove them from the board. Clear the board of all cards to win the game! However, you’ll still need to earn a high enough score to defeat all your competition and you can do so by trying to get as high a combo as you can. Do you think your solitaire skills are good enough? Why, test them out in Sunset Solitaire 2 today!

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New Game Added: Sunset Solitaire 2

by Aethyna Jul 27, 2015
Play in a tournament or for the jackpot in this challenging solitaire game, Sunset Solitaire 2! Make as many combinations in a row as possible and the tikis of the beautiful tropical will grant you bonus points. Try to get as high a high score as possible! Dominate the leaderboard and defeat any competition with your solitaire skills! Joker card in Sunset Solitaire 2 Sunset Solitaire 2: Two-pronged layout Earning points in Sunset Solitaire 2 Read More
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