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Royal Quest 8 rate Embark on an adventure of a lifetime while taking down dangerous monsters in the name of the King in this exciting anime-inspired MMORPG, Royal Quest! Enjoy questing, raiding, PvPing and exploring in the vast and beautiful world of Aura! You could also level up your crafting skills or collect mounts and pets instead! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Explore the vast and beautiful world of Aura and craft an adventure of your own that contains a tale that is worthy of being passed on for generations in Royal Quest, the anime-inspired MMORPG. Select 1 out of the 4 archetype character classes and embark on an adventure of a lifetime while taking down dangerous monsters left and right. Manage your hero’s talents and skills as he/she grows via experience points gained from questing, raiding or PvPing. Don’t forget to upgrade your hero’s equipments by sealing or alchemic item enhancement and level up your crafting skills either. You can even collect mounts and pets by buying them from the in-game shop as well! If you’re a fan of anime-inspired MMOs, then you should definitely give Royal Quest a go! Play it now!


The world of Aura is under imminent danger by Black Alchemists who will kill to find the highly rare and precious Elenium mineral, which if fallen into the wrong hands, can be disastrous. Thus, the King is in search of courageous heroes and heroines to banish the invaders once and forever. As a reward he promises titles, castles and riches! However, to obtain these rewards, you will have to go through many deadly challenges, overcoming the inhabitants of dark forests and endless deserts, underground dwellers and sea monsters, geometers, orcs, demons and legions of the undead. Can you survive the dangerous yet beautiful world of Aura?


To start exploring the beautiful world of Aura, you’ll need to create a character first! Royal Quest offers 4 different character archetypes, namely, warrior, archer, rogue and mage. The classes, after reaching the required level, will then be able to advance to 2 different specialization classes. For instance, the archer can specialize into either an expert of camouflage and traps - the hunters or an unsurpassed master of firearms – the snipers. For mages, they can advance into either the sorcerer class, which makes full use of the natural elements or the warlock that wields the inverse of the natural elements – the element of chaos.

These classes have their own special abilities as well as a big tree of talents that separate them from each other and greatly affect the way you play. For example, the crusader, a subclass of the warrior, is able to enjoy mounted combat (which means that they are still able to attack without getting unseated from their mounts), unlike the other classes. After creating your character and you realized that you don't like the way one plays, you can try the other classes as they all have their own different play style and feel.

Royal Quest feels very much like a generic MMO, especially if you look at its questing system. The quests are the usual fare of “fetch, kill and collect” quests that can be completed solo or in a group, though each quest is pretty detailed while unveiling parts or bits of the story/ lore in the game. You can supplement the story by “chatting” with the NPCs to find out more as well!

There is also a nifty quest tracking system to help you finish up the quests faster. Although the system provides you with limited quest tracking slots (up to 20), it is quite sufficient even if you love taking on as many quests as you can in a questing hub before starting on them. However, if you would like to have more quest slots, you can obtain them by coughing up some real money.

Furthermore, you will get a nice resting bonus experience if you are not on your character for more than 8 hours. The experience points you earn from quests completed and monsters killed will be doubled till it is depleted. This is actually a great way to stop players from playing the game non-stop and forces them to take a break from the game from time to time. For fast traveling between questing locations via towns, you can secure the teleportation services of a Maiden for a small price too!

Combat is pretty much the bread and butter of Royal Quest... or any MMORPG. However, unlike other MMOs, the elemental battle system in this game allows players to exploit enemy weaknesses by accurately choosing what weapon and skill to use against the target. Nonetheless, the game mechanics are rather easy to learn even for beginners to the MMO genre and for experienced players, deep and challenging gameplay are also available later in the game in the form of thrilling end-game raids and high level PvP.

To excel in combat though, your character will need to be decked out in the best gear, besides having good talent specs, of course. Equipment in Royal Quest can be separated into different classes, namely class A to C, with A being the best grade of gear. All the best equipment in the game (level-wise) can be bought from vendors or from other players via the Market, crafted (which will be explained later), dropped from monsters and even found in dungeons. So, there is no reason for not getting your avatar the best gear he/she deserves!

Not to mention, you can even “upgrade” your gear through 2 main ways – the mysterious powers of Alchemy and the costly Sealing process. For Alchemy, you will need to have the required alchemical items, as well as being near to an Alchemical Cauldron, in order to start the gear improvement process. For example, you’ll need to have Philosopher Stone Chips to upgrade class C equipments while Philosopher Stone Shards are used to upgrade class A and B equipments. However, every time you upgrade your item, there’s a chance that your item may break from any failed upgrade attempt. Thus, to protect your epic gear from being broken, you will need to purchase and use Ashkalot Cubes. You can also get these cubes via the daily quests.

The other method of improving your character’s gear in Royal Quest is via sealing. Sealing is a very expensive process which provides your equipment with extra stats that will, in turn, improve the quality of your item from, for example, green to blue. Like Alchemy, you need certain items to initiate the sealing process and the items differ depending on the item’s class. For instance, emeralds are used to seal class C equipments while sapphires are used for class B equipments. You can only seal your equipment once. Hence, if you want to change the seal on your equipment, you will need to use a Blood Crystal to remove the existing seal in order to put a new seal on.

If you’re obsessed with professions or vocations in any MMORPG you’ve played, then you will not be disappointed in Royal Quest. In this game, there is practically no such thing as junk... that is to say every item you looted can be used for crafting or for commission (a.k.a. repeatable) quests. In fact, even gear that you don’t want can be broken down into crafting materials, called elums. You can get different types of elums depending on the type of gear you’ve broken down. Elums are in high demand most of the time, allowing you to rather easily earn a nice stash of money in this game! You can also gather materials by digging up plants and ores. The best part is that the gear you crafted are as good as the gear from dungeons, thus, crafting is not, unlike certain MMOs, a redundant part of the game at all!

Due to the amount of items that you "had to keep" (after all, almost nothing is junk), the 14 inventory slots for each type of item that you’re given is just not enough for some people. In actuality, the total number of slots is 56 as there are 4 different categories of inventory space, namely equipment, expendables, loot and crafting items. As expected, the 2 bags that get full fairly quickly are expendables and loot, so if you would like more space, you can spend some real money to expand your bags for these 2 categories. There is also warehouse storage of 27 slots that is accessible at any Maiden, so the storage woes in Royal Quest are not that bad.

Love the rush that PvP brings? Royal Quest provides an exciting array of PvP activities that you can participate in, such as battleground, arena and PvPvE zones. You can join in battlegrounds as many times as you like, but you can only sign up for arena 5 times per day. By playing in the arena, you can also earn Blood Tokens which can be used to buy special items from the arena store. The game also offers PvPvE zones that are technically PvP zones with quests and mobs in them for you to complete and kill in that order respectively. There is, however, no open world PvP.

You can even collect pets and mounts in Royal Quest, though these specials are mainly available in the in-game cash shop. Pets do not participate in combat but they can pick up drops for you while some mounts will provide a nice stat and movement speed boost instead. These beasts need to be maintained in the form of magnet collars (for pets) or mount feed (for mounts). Without these items, your pet and mount will not work as they are supposed to. You can also purchase certain decorations and costumes that sometimes provide the player wearing the items with some bonus stats as well!


Exploring the world of Aura alone isn’t as much fun as doing it with friends! Thus, you may want to sign up to join a guild in Royal Quest so you can meet new people and perhaps make new friends to play the game with! Furthermore, guilds also allow you to participate in massive guild wars and castle sieges, whereby your guild will be able to conquer and claim a castle, along with the surrounding lands. These castles are well-worth the conquest as they will spawn chests of loot and have other neat little extras in them from time to time. There is also an in-game chat system, an active forum and the game’s Facebook fan page for you to meet your fellow Royal Quest players as well!

Graphics/ Sound

Royal Quest is a very good-looking game. The game contains numerous yet unique monster models that are very intricately-designed and the sceneries are absolutely astonishing, though the characters may look a tad bit dated. The music is pretty good as well and is comparable to the music in some of the other more popular MMO titles. The overall look and feel of the game is, without a doubt, wonderful!


In summary, Royal Quest is an anime-inspired free-to-play MMORPG that is set in a fantasy world named Aura, which is filled with plenty of magic, technology, alchemy and, of course, adventure! The gameplay may feel like any other “usual MMOs” as the game contains the basics of an MMO, such as having the normal character archetypes and talent trees, gear upgrades, questing, crafting, dungeon raiding and PvPing. There is also a Market for trading and Warehouses for storage. The storyline may not be as engaging, but the game has plenty of locations and quests so that you can create your own tales of adventure! You can even collect mounts and pets by buying them from the in-game shop as well! If you can’t get enough of anime-inspired MMORPGs, you should definitely try Royal Quest! It’s free after all!

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New Game Added: Royal Quest

by Aethyna May 7, 2015
Embark on an adventure of a lifetime while taking down dangerous monsters in the name of the King in this exciting anime-inspired MMORPG, Royal Quest! Enjoy questing, raiding, PvPing and exploring in the vast and beautiful world of Aura! You could also level up your crafting skills or collect mounts and pets instead! Royal Quest: Sniper 2-man raid in Royal Quest Orc in Royal Quest Read More
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