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Ragnarok Online 2 10 rate Return to Midgard once again for a grander adventure in Ragnarok Online 2! Featuring a very familiar world now in full 3D, you'll get to play as various notable character classes. You can craft and sell new equipment, and set up your own shop to sell them too. So, don't wait - Defend Midgard from demons now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ragnarok Online 2 is a 3D Massively Multiple Online RPG and the sequel to the popular 2D Ragnarok Online game. Featuring an updated graphics and a whole gameplay where players from the old and newer generation will be able to enjoy a very familiar game. It also features some of the notable characters, locations- and monsters from the original and giving a full 3D treatment to the world for an epic experience.


The game still takes place at the same timeline and world from the first Ragnarok Online game, it tells the time when the Godess Freyja became the goddess of destruction after being betrayed by her husband Odin and started her attack on the world in which the event was called the Day of Despair.

After the heroes have thwarted the assault of Goddess Freyja in the world of Midgard, all have thought peace was finally returned. A Dimensional Crevice suddenly appeared in the outskirts of the kingdom, causing hordes of demons to crawl out and attacked the continent, though it was contained, more dimensional cracks have appeared in different regions, causing fear of another great turmoil to the world.


What is interesting with Ragnarok Online 2 is that it retained the designs from the original game; from the characters, locations, monsters and even the equipment and skills. This provides a nostalgic moment for veteran players of the original game, and a new gameplay similar to the newer MMORPGs to make it appealing for the newer players.

Starting off in the game, you will be opt to select from the different ranger of character classes; Swordsman, Archer, Acolyte, Mage and Thief. Each of the classes can progress to the next tier the same way like in the original. But one of the newest feature is the Dual Life system, where you can choose a secondary class (crafting, healing, tailoring, etc.) that provides development to your characters and can craft new items or even sell your wares and you can improve your skills even when offline. As for character customizations, you can choose your appearance from hairstyle, hair color, skin tone and facial detail, and you can even choose from 5 voice presets to have a unique personality to your character.

The controls are based on the standard MMORPG layout, where you use the WASD keys to move around or left clicking to a location as an alternative control, you can also sidestep with the E and Q keys as well as jumping with the spacebar. The other key shortcuts are mapped on common keys (B for the inventory, C for the character stats sheet, etc.) that is similar that from World of Warcraft, you can also put skills and consumable items on the hotkey bar below the screen for an easy access to your skills and healing potions. Right clicking on enemies or NPCs will let you engage to them for interaction or combat.

As for the combat, it follows the traditional combat mechanics from the original, you can perform normal attacks and depending on your weapons, you can attack faster but with lower damage or use slow striking two-handed weapons but deals massive damage to enemies, some skills provides higher damage if upgraded. The Card system has been revamped, instead of inserting to slotted equipment that can add special abilities or bonus stats, you can equip up to 10 cards in your character and they can provide stat bonuses. You can even craft the cards to create powerful cards, however replacing a card in your character with a new one will force you to destroy the equipped card.

Quests are scattered around the area, and they can be acquired through the main story quests or selecting side quests from other NPCs, they can be easily be spotted with the question marks on their head which are also visible in the map. However the game does not have an auto follow feature to allow players to let the system direct them to the designated location, you still have to traverse on foot, mount or use the Kafra service to teleport.


There are still a handful of players in Ragnarok Online 2, and thanks to the popularity of the first game, more players are still joining the newer version. You can interact with other players in the usual chat system or make your conversations more personal with animated emoticons for that added touch. There are also animated poses for that funny moments when in a raid party or just in a normal quest where you avatar can make happy gestures or provocative poses to intimidate other players. There is also the guild feature where you can form with other players or join an existing guild and battle for territory in War of Empiriums.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals made a large leap for Ragnarok Online 2, gone are the 2D sprites and in are the full 3D character models. The character models are somewhat faithful to the original source but provided with more personality thanks to the animated facial expression. The 3D environment were also improved, showing some of the popular locations such as Prontera. The soundtrack offers a lot of great music, but not as memorable as from the original as they are using a different composer for the newer game.


Ragnarok Online 2 is a fun MMORPG and has some of the aspects from the original retained that made it really great. Fans of the original will surely enjoy the game but will miss some of the big features from the original such as the original card system and the classic 2D sprites. New comers might give the game a try thanks to the very familiar combat gameplay and quest progressions as well as an anime-ish visuals.

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New Game Added: Ragnarok Online 2

by Richard Apr 6, 2017
Return to Midgard once again for a grander adventure in Ragnarok Online 2! Featuring a very familiar world now in full 3D, you'll get to play as various notable character classes. You can craft and sell new equipment, and set up your own shop to sell them too. So, don't wait - Defend Midgard from demons now! Ragnarok Online 2: Swordsman combat Choosing a character class in Ragnarok Online 2 Ragnarok Online 2: Peco-peco mount Read More
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