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ASDA Global 8 rate Go to a world where you can explore its rich lands, become a legend as you battle the dark forces. Or you can enjoy collecting different costumes and just hunt for treasures by digging or fishing. Or you might find your soulmate in the game. Discover the world of ASDA Global! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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ASDA Global, also known as ASDA 2, is a 3D anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG and is the successor to the original ASDA story. The game lets you explore the world of ASDA, starting in the capital city of Alpen. You will be able to choose from one of eight playable classes and experiment with the game's varied character customization options. It features a lot of the PvP elements commonly found in MMOs today.


The story in Asda Global takes off where the setting in the first game concluded. The long truce between the Light and Dark factions has been broken and another chaos war will shatter the land once again. You, as one of the citizens of Alpen, must stand up and join your comrades in an effort to prevent another chaos in your lands.


ASDA Global has all of the basic features that you can find in any MMORPGs available on the internet, but that does not means that this game will be less entertaining. You control your own avatar and choose from the three basic classes; Melee, Range and Magic, you then can pick of any three subclasses from the three types that can provide different play styles for these classes and can use certain kind of weaponry exclusive to that class.

Character customization is a bit limit at the start, but you can add more cosmetics from your equipment that are scattered in shops, monster loot or item malls. The premium costume items provide some unique themes on the designs, it may range from angel or demon-themed, up to the gothic maid and rock star inspired outfits. You won’t run out of cool costumes that you can use for your avatar.

As for the combat system, it follows the traditional system that is common in all of the standard MMORPGs today. You move your character with the either the WASD keys or clicking at the field. You can target your enemies by clicking on them and perform actions by pressing the attack button if placed on a hotkey or click on the target once more. Skills can be performed on targets with the use of hotkeys and some of them are specific to certain weapons, you can learn more powerful skills by talking to the class skill NPC in town as well as the option of upgrading the skills to provide more devastating blows.

The game also feature pets, these can provide helpful assistance to your avatar and not to mention some stat boosts or special skills. Your pets can be upgraded and level up the same way you do and has the ability to evolve into a powerful creature with improved buffs for your avatar. And aside from pets, there are also the special mounts that give you a boost of speed when traversing around the lands, you can collect different mounts from the common ones in quests or the more exclusive rare ones that you may have to spend real money just to own one.

And aside from the usual combat, you can do other livelihood functions in the game. You can dig in some areas if you are equipped with a shovel. This allows you to search for treasures that are scattered throughout the game, though not a mandatory feature, this can provide you with some boost on your money or other materials that can provide you with crafting items to create powerful equipment, or sometimes it can be a reward for you if it is an objective for a side quest.

Players wants to earn a lot of achievements in games as part of their bragging rights. ASDA Global has that with some benefits for your avatars too. The title system allows you to use them where it will be displayed on top of your avatar, and there are over 200 titles to collect. They can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements, and collecting them can earn you stat bonus, plus you can also brag your newly unlocked title by sharing it on social media thanks to the built-in social network sharing feature.


ASDA Global has some number of players active, and the community has some benefits when playing together. The Guild function in the game lets you build up your guild by defeating monsters, completing quests or perform certain tasks like digging or fishing, and you can unlock more features when your Guild levels up that can be beneficial to your members.

Aside from guilds, the game also has a soulmate system that's basically similar to a marriage system. You find your significant other inside the game and both you and your partner can earn special buffs or benefits that will be useful in your adventure as a lovely couple.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in ASDA Global is not that spectacular as the game has been out for five years. The entire game is heavily inspired by Japanese anime but it lacks any details to make them standout for high performance computers. Music has a couple of great tunes but majority of them feels forgettable but still enough to give some light-hearted vibe to the game.


ASDA Global may be a half decade old game, but it is still enough to keep players hooked into thanks to the lot of game features that lets you play more. The visuals and dated combat system may not attract some hardcore players who wanted a much unique MMO game, but for fans of anime-themed games might get interested on this one thanks to the large collection of costumes and pets.

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New Game Added: ASDA Global

by Richard Dec 20, 2016
Go to a world where you can explore its rich lands, become a legend as you battle the dark forces. Or you can enjoy collecting different costumes and just hunt for treasures by digging or fishing. Or you might find your soulmate in the game. Discover the world of ASDA Global! ASDA Global: Cool mounts Questing in ASDA Global ASDA Global: Combat Read More
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