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Forsaken World 8 rate Forsaken World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features a massive world filled with different regions for players to explore. It follows the formula of large MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft where it features a lush world filled with lore and backstories to keep players engaged. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Forsaken World was developed by Perfect World International, the same team behind the Perfect World game. The game features a large world to explore, and each region specializes in certain races and tons of quests to complete. Forsaken World also has a large collection of dungeons to explore and conquer and bring home epic loot for your endless collection.


Forsaken World focuses on the world where there are two gods that existed in the beginning of time, Dyos and Nyos. The dark forces under the control of Dysil has once again return to destroy the world, you must stand against the evil forces by choosing a race to represent and find the most powerful relics that are scattered around the far corners of the world. Acquiring all of the Godly Essence will make you into a godly being that will be powerful enough to drive away the dark forces once and for all.


Forsaken World is heavily based on Perfect World International’s other popular MMO; Perfect World, but compared to this game, Forsaken World features a more Western fantasy theme on its world, which features traditional races such as Elves, Dwarves and Humans and the design of the cities and landscapes are filled with Western medieval inspirations.

You start off by picking any from the six races; Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Kindered, Lycan and Stoneman. Each of the race features distinct abilities and traits, such as the Lycans having the ability to transform into werewolves or the Kindred having life steal ability when attacking. Also some races can only use certain character classes, from quick attacking Assassins to magic wielding Mages and Priests to the tank experts Paladins and Warriors.

Customizing your avatar will help make it unique from the rest of the characters in the game, you can adjust the facial appearance from hairstyles, color, skin color and eye shapes, additional customization can be done by purchasing costumes and other accessories.

Combat in Forsaken World still retains the classic system found in most MMORPGs, you pick your target and attack it with your basic weapon, depending on the type of weapon, and you can attack faster or can attack from afar. Depending on the class you picked, it can deal tremendous damage or enhance your attack to certain enemies.

Acquiring skills can be done by level progression or quest rewards, after certain amount of level has reached, you can unlock the talent tree where you can select which build you can focus on, as certain builds can enhance some skills with additional damage bonus or status effects. A unique ability that uses Soul Orbs found in fallen enemies allows you to use a devastating area of effect damage to nearby opponents, and you can acquire one by equipping special items and one Soul ability can be equipped at a time.

Exploring the world will take you some time, as it features a large continent with different regions. All starting characters start at the origin tree, though you can explore the other regions at your own pace after you depart from the origin tree, it would be advisable to take on the early quests to unlock more where it lets you explore the regions. Taking quests is now easier thanks to the built-in auto route feature, at the quest description, clicking on the name of the target objective will automatically route you to its location, cutting the hassle of finding the target NPC, monster or object that are scattered around the area.

The quests are very straightforward, you either hunt down certain monsters or talk to a specific NPC. They can be easy to complete but once you reach higher levelled quests, it can be a painstaking chore. Quests will reward you with exp points, gold and other equipment to help improve your character.

Dungeons, on the other hand, are scattered around the region, you can start exploring the dungeon at any time, but some may require a well-equipped party before proceeding as it is proven to be difficult to go alone. Most of the dungeons are instanced, meaning you will not be encountering other players that are not from your party when you venture to an instanced dungeon. Taking out the dungeon boss will give you tons of loot to take for your team.


Forsaken World had a lot of features for players to increase their interaction with each other. There are special emoticons in the chat function that allows your avatar to show unique animations that lets you interact with other players in a different way. Guilds are also present in Forsaken World, these unlock new guild exclusive quests and special crafting items to give your members a boost, plus you can engage with other rival guilds in massive player-versus-player battles.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Forsaken World is impressive, still following the traditional medieval theme but added with vibrant colors and region and race have their own distinct look and feel that makes them stand out. Sound effects may need some improvements such as the attack effects as the sound clips are not convincing that you landed an attack, the same goes for the soundtrack, though it may feature different tracks per region, the musical score shows less impact and you can hear the music looping back to the beginning after the track ends.


Forsaken World has one massive world to explore and conquer. If you are the type who is into big adventures alone or with a friend, you will going to enjoy this game. Though there are some minor issues in the game including the sound design, it is still an enjoyable game that any fans of MMORPGs will spend more time with it.

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New Game Added: Forsaken World

by Richard Mar 8, 2017
Forsaken World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features a massive world filled with different regions for players to explore. It follows the formula of large MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft where it features a lush world filled with lore and backstories to keep players engaged. Forsaken World: Ram mount Character selection in Forsaken World Forsaken World: Questing Read More
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