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Project Torque 9 rate Project Torque is a massive racing MMO originally released in 2008. Coming back after a long hiatus, the game offers a fun and authentic racing experience. Race in tracks across the world, from Mexico to Hungary, and play with your friends and organize racing crews. Fully customize your ride and win races to unlock more upgrades. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There are a lot of games in the past that deserve a second lease at life. Though you could say Project Torque is an unlikely candidate to get one, it fully deserves being re-released. Originally released in 2008, the game is an MMO racing experience that pits you with players around the world. Though it may be dated compared to other racing games (and other titles in general), it’s free-to-play and manages to dish out a fun experience that doesn’t disappoint.

Though it may be far from current-gen triple-A racers, it’s arguably a gem of the last-gen and is something you’d definitely want to add to your backlog. Thing is, is it a perfect fit for you? Before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


If racing is your drift and you prefer playing competitively online, then Project Torque is arguably a game you have to add to your backlog. However, the game has ann RPG aspect wherein you have to take care and upgrade your vehicles, which means the RPG aspect is as crucial as what you do on the racetrack. The game has a varied selection of cars, although they don’t bear official names and you won’t find most of them in the real world. Some cars however, like the Honda NSX R, are on the game. Regardless, you’ll get to select from muscle cars to sedans, NASCAR-like stock cars, and SUVs, each with different stats and capabilities.

Project Torque’s main draw is its varied selection of game modes, which is a must considering that players just don’t want to race opponents from point A to point B. Apart from the usual circuit track races, you’ll gain access to stock car racing (called Thunder Alley), street racing, Drift, Drag, and even an eight-player capture the flag mode. Note that the game has two different physics settings (one with real damage and one with a more arcade-like approach) which affects overall gameplay.
In terms of controls and driving mechanics, it’s safe to say that it might have been one of the best racing games of its time. Project Torque lags behind popular racing games like Need for Speed, Forza, and Gran Turismo in terms of its simulation aspects.

Thankfully, the arcade game modes are undoubtedly a shining example of fun and good gameplay. Another good aspect of the game is you can quite easily set up a controller. Personally, it just doesn’t feel right playing it using a mouse and keyboard. Before playing on Steam though, you need to set up an account on the publisher’s website which is fine, though doing so is a bit of a chore.

Like most other free to play games, Project Torque has heavy microtransaction elements. It’s a long and heavy grind, given that you need to buy individual parts to take care of your car. You’ll win points and in-game currency through racing. Thankfully, pay-to-win microtransaction elements are nonexistent. Progression is through upgrades, although you’ll also get to do so skill-wise considering that you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the physics and how the driving mechanics work with every race. Moreover, cars are customizable which means you can change their color and how they look.


Though it has a small community when compared to other MMOs, Project Torque’s players are rather active. When playing in the arcade mode, you’ll be able to find matches without any problems. You’ll have a bit of trouble finding players in other modes and in off-times. The Steam Community page is fairly active and full of people looking to form crews or simply discuss the game. You won’t have any trouble forming fast friendships and playing in friendly competitions.


Considering that it’s an old game, it runs fairly well on a computer that doesn’t have much power. However, this is mainly due to its rather dated, late 2008 graphics. It’s not a spectacular-looking game, though it holds up fairly well when compared to more recent titles.

The re-release has not received any graphical upgrades and overhauls, but nevertheless, it’s playable and looks fairly decent. It’s like playing a mobile game on an emulator on PC with medium graphics settings. Huge props should go to the car designs and models which look fantastic, as well as the racetracks and environments. Racetracks (that look great) are set in various countries from England, Mexico, Hungary, and even the streets of Shanghai.


Overall, Project Torque may be dated but it manages to deliver one of the most important elements of a game: fun. It may not have the open-world free-roam experience of popular racing games today, but it holds up quite well in other aspects, from its multitude of game modes to its car handling and physics elements. It has an active community of devoted players who love the game. Granted, you won’t have any trouble looking for fellow racers and competitors to play with and race against.
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