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by Aethyna
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Plants vs Zombies: Heroes 10 rate Take on various Plant or Zombie heroes and their minions in a brand new, turn-based battlefield in Plants vs Zombies: Heroes, where a good deck, a brilliant strategy, a huge dose of luck, and more importantly, excellent skills, are crucial to secure victory. Enjoy the unique MMOCCG twist infused into the PvZ series! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dr Zomboss is, once again, up to no good! His greatest invention yet – the Zombot Hero-Tron 5000 has malfunctioned, transforming rare Plants and Zombies from around the world into superheroes with, obviously, super powers! Take on these amped up heroes and their minions in a brand new turn-based battlefield in Plants vs Zombies: Heroes, where a good deck, a brilliant strategy, a huge dose of luck, and more importantly, excellent skills, are crucial to secure a victory. Play against other players via the game’s ranked or casual PvP Leagues and see how high you rank on the leaderboard. If you’re a fan of the whimsical humor that the Plants vs Zombies franchise is so famous for and have loved playing MMOCCGs, you’ll definitely enjoy the unique twist infused into Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. Try this game for free today!


Dr Zomboss is up to no good once again! His greatest invention yet – the Zombot Hero-Tron 5000 has “explodonated” all because the good Doctor pressed the one big red button that was labeled “Do not press” in capital letters. The event transformed rare Plants and Zombies from around the world into superheroes with, obviously, super powers.

Due to this, the war between plants and zombies has gained significant momentum as expected and it is now up to you, whichever side you choose to play as, to win the battles and eventually the war!


Unlike Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2, Plants vs Zombies: Heroes or PvZ Heroes for short, is most definitely not a tower defense game. For starters, the game’s not even played out in real time. It follows the slower-paced, turn-based mechanics that MMOCCGs use instead. So, how does its gameplay work? Well, most of the game mechanics are explained in detail in the tutorial and in the tooltip of each of the cards which you can view by double tapping on a card that’s either played or not played.

Basically though, you’ll need to choose a hero to play as before heading into a game. Each hero in PvZ Heroes will have access to cards in 2 out of the 5 categories, as well as 5 category-unique superpowers. This means that the deck each hero is associated with can only be made up of cards from the two categories the hero has influence over. Every deck has a maximum card limit of 40. You won’t be able to save your deck if the cards in your deck exceed that number.

Once your deck’s ready, you can head straight into a game. Players will start with 5 cards each, 4 of which are drawn from the deck they’ve built while the last card is drawn from the 5 superpowers that your chosen hero has. Although you won’t be able to do this at first, you’ll eventually be able to redraw 4 your starting cards (not including the superpower card) prior to starting the match.

Similar to most MMOCCG, there are mainly 2 types of card – the unit card and the Trick (a.k.a. power) card. The unit card can be played on any available lane out of the 5 lanes on the battlefield while Trick cards are usually played on the units that spawned from their respective unit cards or on the opposing hero in the match.

Naturally, some unit cards may also have abilities that will be triggered when first played, during play (as long as it remains “alive”), or after being played (during “death”), such as the Afterlife ability that will return a ghostly form of the card to your hand. These abilities are incredibly important in PvZ Heroes or any collectible card-based games, especially when you call upon them during critical moments in a game.

However, to play a card, you’ll need a certain resource, and depending on which side you’re playing as, Plants or Zombies, you’ll need Sunlight or Brains respectively. Starting from 1, the resource you need will increase by 1 after every round. Naturally, different cards will have different costs with heavy hitters costing more resource to play, and vice versa. Due to this, it’s wise to have a deck with cards that are more distributed across the cost spectrum and from there, you can then customize your deck bit by bit so you can come up with a deck that’s good in terms of both strength and cost-wise.

The game plays out in quite an interesting manner as well. Each round contains 4 turns. Zombies get to play their unit cards first then Plants will have their shot to counter the Zombies’ move using both units and Tricks. However, once everything’s done, Zombies get another turn where they can use only Tricks to counteract the counter move the Plants have done. The last turn is, of course, the resolution phase where all the strategies and counter strategies get to play out.

Due to this very unique order of play, in PvZ Heroes, it doesn’t matter which side, you or your opponent, plays first. This is because, interestingly, each unit gets to attack even if it was just “killed” by a zombie in that very same turn. The column position of your units is important too, because the order of action in a turn starts from the first lane on the left to the last lane on the right. Hence, it’s best to place your unit cards on the left so they will be able to move first. There is no such thing as “speed” in this game.

What about the row positions though? Well, each player generally has 2 rows to play their cards on, but – pause for emphasis – only cards with the special Team-Up ability can be played alongside another card. Depending on your need, you can place your units on either the upper or lower row. This allows you to, for example, place a Torchwood in front of a Repeater or a Pea Shooter to buff their damage up. You can even place damage-soaking Wall Nuts or any other sort of Nut-based cards in front of weaker units. Trust me, those Nuts can be quite a life saver!

That’s not all, each time your Plant or Zombie hero takes damage (unless the unit has a skill to negate this), the damage will slowly and automatically charge up the Super-Block ability. Each hero has 3 Super-Block chances, and when the shield is fully charged, your hero will block the damage that has last charged the shield regardless of how huge the damage may be and draw a random superpower card. The card can then be immediately played at no cost or can be stored in your hand for later use.

Most players would try to either avoid triggering their opponent’s Super-Block ability at all costs or try to weather through all 3 Super-Blocks so that their opponent will be shield-less. Since Super-Block works on a charged-up basis, the trick here, if you aim to avoid triggering the ability, is to deal huge amounts of damage at a time as opposed of dealing small amounts of damage multiple times. Of course, if you want to quickly trigger all Super-Block abilities, then you may want to opt for the latter strategy. All in all, at the end of the day, you will want to reduce the health of your opponent’s hero to zero so you can win the match.

Besides having some impressively well-designed and unique gameplay, the game also offers two free campaigns, Plants and Zombies, for you to enjoy along with a PvP League (ranked and casual modes) where you can challenge other players to a match... or two. Campaigns are chapter-based and each chapter will contain 5 stages. The last stage is always a boss battle where the boss hero you’ll be facing will have some extra advantage over you, making the stage quite a bit more challenging. Not to forget, the game adds in some funny comics in between stages and those comics are usually quite fun to read. It would have been great to be able to revisit these comics though.

That being said, the game cash you earn from playing PvE matches can then be exchanged for normal card packs at the in-app shop. You can also earn new cards by crafting the cards you need using a special currency called Energy. Energy can be earned via quests or by recycling cards of a better grade/ quality. Aside from earning gems by winning PvP matches, you can also earn premium gems by completing daily quests or hero-based quests as well. These gems are needed to buy premium card packs which may just contain a new Hero card. Unlike the other cards in the game, this is, unfortunately, the only way for you to get yourself a new hero in addition to the 3 free heroes that you’ll eventually get per faction.


Due to the game’s very well established franchise and, of course, its bold and unique gameplay, the community in PvZ Heroes is growing quite rapidly. It won’t be long now until some players decided to start streaming their gameplay online and perhaps even make a tournament out of it. The game does seem to have the potential. You can also add your friends in the game and challenge them to a match, chat or compare ranks.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in PvZ Heroes are definitely a step-up from the usual style. I personally like the comics that are added to the game. They do portray a lot of the trademark humor that the Plants vs Zombies series is so famous for. The sound, especially the sound effects are brilliant as well.


Despite retaining its whimsical charm, Plants vs Zombies: Heroes has gone through some pretty tremendous changes and from the rave reviews it has been getting (including this review), I dare say the game is doing something right. The most obvious change is that PvZ is now an MMOCCG with a very interesting gameplay as opposed to the usual tower defense. The game also provides a series of fun campaign levels for both plants and zombies along with a more competitive PvP League option for players wanting a bit more kick. So, don’t miss out – try Plants vs Zombies: Heroes now!

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New Game Added: Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

by Aethyna Oct 27, 2016
Take on various Plant or Zombie heroes and their minions in a brand new, turn-based battlefield in Plants vs Zombies: Heroes, where a good deck, a brilliant strategy, a huge dose of luck, and more importantly, excellent skills, are crucial to secure victory. Enjoy the unique MMOCCG twist infused into the PvZ series! PvZ Heroes: Plant campaign Playing a trick card in PvZ Heroes PvZ Heroes: Deck building Read More
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