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Prime World: Defenders 9 rate Build and upgrade your towers as you attempt to hold the Touched at bay to keep your companions alive! Use the prime-fueled magic that you wield to stop the monsters in their tracks! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Prime World: Defenders is a tower defense game that is based on the amazing world of prime! In this game, you’ll be defending your group as they excavate for prime or for old world artifacts in the dangerous Touched-filled Primezone. Choose from the huge variety of towers to build and you could even use your hero’s spells to wipe up any stragglers that your towers missed! Don’t forget to improve your talents and upgrade your towers by evolving or fusing! As the newly appointed commander of the defense operations, you have to prove to your team that you’re the right choice! Can you do it or will you fail in your duties? Play Prime World: Defenders to find out!


An apocalypse doesn't always mark the end of the world. In the world of prime, the cataclysm was the birth of a new era. A massive flood of prime erased the old world along with all memory of it. It soon became clear the awesome power of this new substance called prime. It could manipulate matter to achieve just about anything… if you know how to unlock its powers!

The northern scientists and engineers, the Dokhts, studied prime in their labs and workshops and with it, developed amazing new technologies, while in the south, the Adornians, prime is fused into the bodies of the locals giving them magical abilities. Prime is the core of both nations’ power and due to its limited amounts in the world, forces from both governments clash in never-ending battles to secure it.

And then, there’s the Primezone, the epicenter of the cataclysm. It is a wild land teeming with the Touched, creatures that are corrupted by prime and are drawn to sources of prime in droves. You are a ranger-turned-artifact-hunter who roamed these lands, battling Touched to collect valuable relics of the past. However, soon, you stumble upon a band of fellow artifact hunters called the Defenders. They are the most unique of people on the world due to the fact that they can use prime in both technology (in form of towers) and can cast prime-fueled spells. Seeing potential in you, they taught their skills to you.

Now, you have proven yourself worthy of the group and are appointed as the commander of the defense operation. Prove your worth once more to your fellow Defenders by protecting them in their missions to collect artifacts and extract prime!


The gameplay in Prime World: Defenders is pretty straightforward. In this game, you’ll need to build defensive towers to keep the Touched at bay as your group collects artifacts, extracts prime or investigate an anomaly. You mustn’t let the creeps reached the altar where your group is at.

To build a tower, just drag the tower icon of your choice to an empty cell on the map. The game may simple to grasp, but it is definitely hard to master! Placing towers is one thing, trying to place them strategically is another! It may even take you quite some time to plan out how you are going to build your towers before you start a game.

There are a seriously huge variety of towers (or more specifically tower cards since towers are presented in the form of cards in this game) in Prime World: Defenders! These towers can be separated into normal, unique and epic towers. Normal towers include wooden towers, which are cheap and perfect for early defense and poison towers which poison land-based enemies with poison darts, causing them to slowly lose health. Unique towers include mortar towers, which deals splash damage on a group of monsters and accursed towers, which provide a nice and permanent +20% damage taken to all its targets.

The best towers are of course the epic towers, which include the most amazing tower in the whole game, the dragon tower. Of course, there is also an ice tower in this category, which will slow masses of Touched within its range… that is always a good thing in a tower defense game. The best part about all these different variety of towers is that with sufficient grinding, you can earn awesome towers without spending a single cent! Though, if you like the game, you may want to consider helping them out by spending a bit on the game.

Towers are also instantly summoned in battle (don’t have to wait for it to be built) in Prime World: Defenders. You can also edit the type of cards you are bringing to the field, depending on the types of enemies that you’ll be facing (you can view the types of incoming Touched before you enter the game). Furthermore, do note that as you build additional towers of one type, the cost of the tower will go up. Since prime is limited in each game, you may need to use whatever prime you have wisely by deciding to upgrade a tower instead of building a new one or perhaps build a different type of tower instead!

In Prime World: Defenders, these towers can even be upgraded in 2 different ways at the forge – fusion or evolution. For fusion, you can combine or ‘fuse’ unwanted tower or spells cards along with artifact cards to a card that you want in order to increase its level and subsequently, its damage. Different types of cards will have different number of levels, but you can easily increase the levels of the cards by upgrading the cards in another way – evolution.

For evolution, you will need to combine 2 of same tower cards to form 1 higher grade card. For instance, by combining 2 wooden tower cards, you’ll get a grade 2 wooden tower card. This means that whenever you use that card in battle, you can further upgrade your tower to grade 2 in the game. Higher grade cards can be upgraded to reach higher levels. Not to mention, upgrades in this game are instant (thankfully) and thus, you won’t need to wait to get your new upgraded cards! If you need more cards, you can buy them at the shop using in-game cash or stars which you can obtain by playing the game.

Furthermore, there are anomalies that will pop up on some of your tower-building slots which will greatly boost your towers in an interesting variety of ways… provided that you build the correct towers over them, of course. For instance, blue anomalies increase the shooting range of the tower that is built over it while red anomalies increase the damage of tower. For yellow anomalies, they will increase your tower’s attack speed instead! There are also totems that you can destroy to get yourself some much needed extra prime. All you need to do is to build a tower that has offensive capabilities within the vicinity of the totem/s, so your tower will start attacking the totem.

To get more prime in-game, you can call the next wave faster by clicking on the circle with the monster symbol on the center top of the screen. However, faster waves mean that you’ll be handling more monsters at the same time, which drastically increases the game’s difficulty. Thus, be sure not to overwhelm yourself by calling too many waves in advance!

Besides towers, your character has access to magic too! What you’ll need to do is to choose a spell and aim it at the enemy troops before releasing it! Some spells will cause devastating damage on groups of enemies, while some debuffs them so they will take more damage. Some examples of these spells are prime bomb, ice storm and curse. Spells cost nothing to cast in Prime World: Defenders, but they do have their respective cooldown timers. Powerful spells will, of course, have longer cooldowns.

Moreover, Prime World: Defenders has a very robust yet linear talent system as well! Talents can be separated into 3 categories, namely prime, technical and magic. ‘Prime’ mainly refers to how fast you’ll gain prime or how much prime you’ll start with in the game while ‘technical’ deals with every aspect of your towers, including the damage, attack speed and attack range. ‘Magic’, on the other hand, determines how effective your magic spells are in the game! You can also obtain new tower or spells slot via talents too! All of these talents can be bought using in-game money.

The maximum stars for each level in Prime World: Defenders is 3, but if you can’t get 3 in your first play through, you can easily return to the same level once you have better towers to get those 3 stars. Besides earning experience points and coins for every level you’ve completed successfully, there are also 2 secondary objectives for each level that you can complete to get additional experience points and coins. However, these secondary objectives can be pretty hard to get sometimes. Furthermore, there is no penalty if you failed any of the levels, so don’t worry about running out of ‘lives’ to play the game!

Boss levels can be much tougher than normal levels and thus, the game provides 3 additional sub-levels of varying difficulty (Green is easy, blue is moderate and red is hard) and rewards that you can play to upgrade your towers and talents before taking on the boss. Once you complete a sub-level, it will be refreshed, so you’ll have an endless string of levels to complete over and over to grind for more experience points, cards and coins.


Prime World: Defenders have around 200 thousand likes on its Facebook app page (it does not have a fan page) as well as a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam. This game used to be a standalone game. However, due to some reasons that may be monetary in nature, the game was ported to many online games platforms for free. Most of the community in the game is rather angry over the fact that although they bought the game, they weren't given any compensation or any special items after the game went free-to-play. The game itself is still being sold at $9.99 while you can play this game on the many online game platforms for free! In fact, there have also been complains that the developers did not update the Steam version of the game but they updated the browser-based versions. Players, who bought the game initially, are practically shunned aside.

Issues aside, the developers did not provide a centralized place for players of the game to come together. The game does not have a forum or even an officially-run Facebook fan page. The only place you can meet fellow players is at the game’s Steam discussion section.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony 3D graphics in this game is astonishingly beautiful and very detailed, mainly because it is built on the Unity engine and partly because it was designed to be a stand-alone game. The monster and tower models are all lovingly crafted as well! If you’re looking for an eye candy of a tower defense game, you definitely won’t be disappointed with Prime World: Defenders! On the other hand, the music in this game is pretty good as well and has a very nice variety. The soundtracks provide an upbeat yet mysterious feeling to the game.


Although Nival has obviously messed up their business model, Prime World: Defenders is still a tower defense game to be reckoned with! The storyline in this game is very engaging and you’ll unravel a bit more story as you progress in the game. There are also plenty of tower variety, monster types, and spells that made the game much more interesting. You can also upgrade your towers via fusing or evolution at the forge. Your character even has a talents system which allows you to passively boost up your towers, spells and the rate of generation of prime (currency you’ll need to build towers in the game). Do you think you have what it takes to stop the advancing horde of the Touched? Try Prime World: Defenders today to find out!

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by Aethyna Mar 19, 2015
Build and upgrade your towers as you attempt to hold the Touched at bay to keep your companions alive! Use the prime-fueled magic that you wield to stop the monsters in their tracks! Prime World: Defender: cards Lightning tower in Prime World: Defender Prime World: Defender: Toxic tower Read More
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