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Magic Kitchen 2 9 rate Dr. Eggwhite is here to avenge his defeated younger brother, Dr. Yolk, and you're his target! Collect ripe vegetables from the garden beds via fun-filled match-3 puzzle games, earn special veggie bombs by matching up 5 or more vegetables together and have fun with the various boosters the game has to offer! Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dr. Eggwhite is furious that you’ve successfully defeated his younger brother Dr. Yolk from Magic Kitchen and now, he’s seeking to avenge his brother! Help the inhabitants of the Land of Magic collect ripe vegetables from the fields via fun-filled match-3 puzzle games! Earn special veggie bombs by matching up 5 or more vegetables together. These veggie bombs have different effects depending on the type of veggie too! Take your game up a notch with the game’s various boosters available as well! So, will you be able to defeat the smarter and much more cunning Dr. Eggwhite and save the threatened land? Play now and find out!


The game starts off by having Chubby the tabby to teach you how you collect magical vegetables. Magic Kitchen 2 basically plays out a bit like what you’d experience in its previous prequel, Magic Kitchen, as well as Farm Heroes Saga.

Match up 3 or more vegetables and fruits to collect them, you’ll get +1 multipliers added to nearby, randomly selected veggies. Match more vegetables within the vicinity to multiply your multipliers! Not to mention, by matching up veggies that have multipliers, you’ll be able to collect more vegetables with just 1 move! For example, if you match up a +1 melon, a +2 melon and a normal melon, you’ll get 6 melons in total! Fantastic, right?

Furthermore, Magic Kitchen 2 also provides a rather huge variety of special veggies whenever you match 5 or more vegetables together! For instance, if you managed to match 5 veggies in a row or column, you’ll get a super veggie. Super veggies are marked by the blue magical clouds swirling behind them and they have different effects when matched depending on the type of veggie it is. Match up a super veggie for each of the differently colored veggies and find out what they do!

Not to mention, if you matched 5 or more vegetables in a T-shaped manner, you’ll earn special vegetables that has a swirling cloud of light behind them. When matched, the vegetable will act like a bomb and remove vegetables, in a 3x3 format, around it. On the other hand, if you matched 5 or more veggies in an L-shaped fashion, you’ll get another type of special vegetable that has magical purple bubbles behind it. When activated, the special veggie will clear entire row and column (like a plus sign) of existing vegetables, allowing a new batch of veggies to replace them.

To win, you’ll need to complete the game objective/s required by each level. Usually though, you just have to collect the ripe vegetables required from the garden beds. There will be levels that will require you to drop all the peppers to the bottom of the board to win. You will also be asked to match caterpillars, at least 3 of them, to get a chrysalis. Then, by matching up 3 chrysalises in a row and they’ll turn into a beautiful butterfly. You’ll then be able to collect these butterflies.

Sometimes, the game makes things a lot more challenging by adding obstacles, such as rocks and bushes, and you’ll have to clear all the obstacles in order to complete the level objective. The rocks can be broken by matching 3 or more veggies nearby. Not all rocks can be broken with one go though! Fully formed rocks may require up to 3 matches before they will be cleared from the board.

And then there are the annoying bushes. These bushes usually hide a certain type of veggie underneath them that you won’t be able to get from anywhere else. Similar to rocks, you’ll need to match any veggie multiple times nearby in order to clear off the bushes. There are also boss levels whereby you’ll confront the smarter and more cunning Dr. Eggwhite in an exciting showdown! Who will emerge as the victor? Well, that’s for you to find out!

Let’s not forget about the limited moves the game provides for you per level as well! If you managed to complete a level with leftover moves, then the brilliant Magic Mix will be activated. It will randomly turn the normal veggies on the board into special veggies and then it’ll trigger all of them. It is definitely a sight to behold!

However, if you didn’t manage to complete the objectives required within the number of turns provided, you’ll fail the level and lose a life. Not to worry though! You have up to 5 lives to use up and the lives lost will regenerate by themselves over time as well! Of course, if you want to bypass the waiting process and continue playing this game, do feel free to head on over to the cash shop to buy more lives!

If you are in need of some help to clear a particularly difficult level, you’ll definitely be glad to know that Magic Kitchen 2 provides 4 nifty boosters to help you out! They include magic wand, locust, shaman’s drum and cat. You can use the magic wand to remove 1 element from the field while the locust helps you gather entire row of vegetables. If you need more multipliers to help you complete your objectives faster, you’ll certainly need the help of the shaman’s drum as it gives +1 bonuses to 14 randomly-selected vegetables on the board. The cat, on the other hand, helps you to gather all the vegetables of the same type instead!


Magic Kitchen 2 is very recently released and already has more than 50 thousand players flocking to it like bee to honey! It is, after all, the sequel to a popular match-3 game, Magic Kitchen! At the moment though, no fan page has been created for the game, so technically, there is no way for you to meet your fellow players. However, considering the game has just launched, you might want to wait for awhile to see if the developers will create a fan page for the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Magic Kitchen 2 contains plenty of vibrant colors, amazing cartoony graphics and brilliant animations and effects that make the game very attractive to match-3 players. In terms of sound, the music in the game does sound a tad bit familiar – it sounds like the same one as the previous game, Magic Kitchen. This is rather disappointing for fans of the previous version of the game, but for new players, the catchy magical-themed music will add to the entertainment value of the game.


To round it all up, Magic Kitchen 2 is a fun-filled and addictive match-3 game that is delightfully unique in terms of its special veggies and amazing animation effects. Match 3 or more vegetables up in this game to remove them from the garden beds and out of reach of the evil Dr. Eggwhite! If you need some help with a particularly difficult level, there are quite a range of boosters that you can buy and use. Sounds like the match-3 game you’ve been looking for? Well, test your match-3 skills in Magic Kitchen 2 today and see if you are capable enough to defeat the more cunning Dr. Eggwhite!

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New Game Added: Magic Kitchen 2

by Aethyna Jul 18, 2015
Dr. Eggwhite is here to avenge his defeated younger brother, Dr. Yolk, and you're his target! Collect ripe vegetables from the garden beds via fun-filled match-3 puzzle games, earn special veggie bombs by matching up 5 or more vegetables together and have fun with the various boosters the game has to offer! Play now! Multipliers in Magic Kitchen 2 Magic Kitchen 2: L-shaped match-5 Multiplier tiles in Magic Kitchen 2 Read More
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