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Goodgame Gangster 8 rate Play as a rising gangster among the many minions of the Godfather. By dutifully completing missions for your boss and his family, soon you’ll find yourself among the elite in the mafia! Besides family feuds and gang wars, see how you’d fare against toughened criminals as well as officers of the law in Goodgame Gangster today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Rise up to the top by working for the mafia in this gritty text-based game, Goodgame Gangster! Complete missions for the godfather and his family and he may just give you some better weapons to help you carry out your tasks more efficiently. Pick fights with other gangsters or gang up against a rival gang member with your mafia family! Test your tenacity and survivability by taking on hordes of dangerous criminals or take on the risky task of trying to subdue the wanted and very dangerous criminals as well as overcoming brushes with the local cops! Make your character stronger by equipping better gear that you’ve bought at the shops using the money you’ve earned from completing missions. Expand your mafia operations to other cities around the world as well! Do you think you have what it takes to be the most fearsome gangster around? Play Goodgame Gangster to find out!


Start playing in Goodgame Gangster by creating your character! You can choose different genders and looks, but there are no personal customization options. Instead, you are given a random button to customize your character. Further customization can be done later in the game, but they will cost you some cash. The game also offers 3 unique classes for you to choose from, namely the bully, rogue and tactician. The bully, someone who is very tenacious and not easily knocked out by anyone while, the rogue has a backstabbing nature and is great at dodging weapons. The tactician is, on the other hand, someone who rather fragile, but is able to deal well-planned hits to cause major damage. Once you’ve chosen a class that you like, the game will immediately begin teaching you the basics of the game via the in-game quests/ tutorial.

In the gritty-looking city in Goodgame Gangster, nobody new can enter this city without meeting with the godfather first and what’s more it seems that your reputation precedes you - he has a preposition for you! The Godfather and his minions always have missions ready for you that you can complete to earn experience and cash. Crime, after all, never sleeps! Complete missions for the godfather and his family and you will get access to better items in addition to becoming more powerful! You’ll always be given several missions to choose from in this game.

To start a mission, you’ll need to have enough energy. Each mission will consume different amounts of energy, but don’t worry, your energy will be replenish over time. After you’ve started a mission, you just have to wait for the duration of the mission to complete, and then you’ll be thrown into combat! Fights in Goodgame Gangster take place automatically based on attributes and the equipment of the fighters. You can also skip the fighting since it is just to-and-fro shooting and not at all interesting to look at.

Now that you’ve won your first fight, don’t sit around on your laurels! The law may turn up right after you’ve won a fight, though they do not appear often. Defeat the law to collect police badges and barter them for fantastic rewards! You can also show the city just how powerful and dangerous you are!

Goodgame Gangster also provides a PvP option for its players. Participate in exciting PvP duel with other players or wanted criminals (at level 12) and earn honor as well as, in the case of the duel with wanted criminals, you may even get an epic item! Honor contributes to your ranking by the way. It will not be easy to fight your way to the top, but it’s always worth a try! Oh and each duel has a 10 minutes cooldown too!

Moreover, there is also a survival mode where you’ll be fighting your way through hordes of dangerous criminals. If you win 5 fights in succession, you’ll reach a check point where your progress will be saved for 1 hour. If not, your progress will be reset to the nearest check point. After going through several checkpoints, you’ll reach the final showdown with the leader of the gang! In this mode, only the strongest can survive... can you?

Furthermore, every level up will earn you gold (premium currency) and 3 attribute points for you to use. Head over to the Character profile tab and select the attributes to invest those points in! There are 4 different attributes in Goodgame Gangster, namely attack power, endurance, luck and toughness, which contributes to your damage, life, critical hits and resistance respectively. You can also spend in-game cash to buy more attribute points to further expand your attributes!

As you may have noticed, equipments play an important role in determining how strong you are as well as giving you that slight advantage that you may need to be the best gangster in town! Generally, the higher the value of your weapons, the more damage you can inflict with each attack. Besides weapons, you will also be able to equip other items, namely vehicle, house, pet, luxury (like mobile phone), bodyguard, tool, tattoo and lucky charm, all of which will provide a certain stat boost. Thus, you should be always on the lookout for better weapons and other equipments. You start with the default items, but soon you can replace them for better ones. To equip a new and much superior weapon, just drag the weapon into the combat equipment slot. If you ran out of slots, you can purchase more space using real money.

If you need to buy better items, you can head over to the shops to find something to help you in your next fights. The items in the shop is separated into categories, namely consumables like dynamites that reduce your opponent’s health by 20% before a fight, black market (where you can get your new weapons), corner shop and booster. Each tab generally contains 8 items for you to buy and the selection of items refresh daily. You can also manually refresh the shop once every 24 hours. Just drag and drop an item into your inventory to buy it, you could also sell items that you don’t need or reserve an item for later purchase here too!

Why hit the dangerous streets along when you can be in a gang? In Goodgame Gangster, you can also hire other gangsters using in-game cash or gold to be a part of your team for 7 days. Your gang members will provide you with sweet bonuses like 2% more chance of getting more items during missions.

Don’t forget to expand your operations to other cities from around the world, such as Miami and Mexico! Besides that, you will be able to jump into the fray and participate in Gang wars at level 8. There is also a mini-game booth at godfather’s place called The Lucky Adventurer, which can also be unlocked at level 8. Strive to gather all the achievements in Goodgame Gangster as well!


In Goodgame Gangster, you can choose to found a mafia family by yourself once you’ve reached the necessary level or join other people’s family. You can search for a family that suits you in the forums. Being part of a family has many advantages, such as additional experience points, and cash for missions and protection money. You can also participate in huge family-vs-family fights and see who has the strongest family in this game! You can even head over to Goodgame Gangster’s Facebook fan page (54 thousand likes!) or its forums to meet and perhaps make friends with the players in the game.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Goodgame Gangster are okay for a text-based game. It looks a bit comic-like, which pretty much suit perfectly with its mafia theme. The sound effects in this game are pretty nice as well, which include the sound of gunfire and a catchy jingle after you’ve leveled up. The game doesn’t have any background music though, so do feel free to put on some of your favorite tunes while you’re enjoying this game!


In short, Goodgame Gangster is an interesting mafia-themed and text-based game that allows you to play as a rising gangster among the many minions of the Godfather. By dutifully completing missions for your boss and his family, soon you’ll find yourself among the elite in the mafia! Show your loyalty to your family by participating in family feuds and fight other players in a bloody showdown to prove whose family is the strongest! Challenge other gangsters and even gangs to duels or see how you’d fare against toughened and wanted criminals as well as officers of the law! Survive against all odds while taking on hordes of dangerous criminals for a chance at getting that legendary weapon as a reward! Don’t forget to keep improving your character by increasing his/her attributes as well as buying better equipments at the shops! In time, you’ll be able to expand your mafia to other cities, such as Miami, too! It’s time to let the city knows how badass a gangster you are! Play Goodgame Gangster now!

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New Game Added: Goodgame Gangster

by Aethyna May 18, 2015
Play as a rising gangster among the many minions of the Godfather. By dutifully completing missions for your boss and his family, soon you’ll find yourself among the elite in the mafia! Besides family feuds and gang wars, see how you’d fare against toughened criminals as well as officers of the law in Goodgame Gangster today! Goodgame Gangster: Godfather Survival in Goodgame Gangster Goodgame Gangster: Dwayne Read More
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