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UberStrike 7 rate UberStrike is an excellent browser-based arcade-type MMOFPS that offers intense and fast-paced gameplay filled with plenty of exciting maps and a plethora of weapons (both realistic ones as well as fun guns like the splattergun) and power-ups that you can collect while playing! Hop into the fray and start shooting now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Love jumping and shooting? Well, you’re in luck! UberStrike is an excellent browser-based MMOFPS game that has both! This game offers intense and fast-paced gameplay filled with plenty of exciting maps and a plethora of weapons (both realistic ones as well as fun guns like the splattergun) and power-ups that you can collect while playing! You can also suit your character up in some pretty cool outfits and masks or even halos if you fancy getting your character an entire makeover! Not to mention, there are several game modes that you can enjoy, namely team deathmatch, deathmatch and an explore mode for newbies to familiarize themselves with the maps that they’ll be playing in! Due to running on the famous Unity Engine, the graphics in this game are simply superb! So, what are you waiting for? Hop into the fray and start shooting away in UberStrike now!


The game launches you straight into the lobby to enter your avatar name after you’ve logged in. You’ll be given the default avatar and that there is no character creation option, unfortunately. However, you can later customize by spending money on outfits, namely cool masks, hats, outfits and even halos which will transform your entire character to the halo form. Halos are, in effect, like new bodies that you can buy. Some examples of the halos available in this game include Julia Ninja halo, Hydra and Cyber zombie lutz. There are even ridiculous (-ly funny) masks like “beard and goatee”, a frog headgear called “Ribbit” and even a unicorn headgear named “Rainbow Horn”. The choices there are all pretty cool!

Besides being able to buy costumes at the shop, you can also buy weapons – Duh, thanks Captain Obvious! – and grenades. Weapons in this game level-restricted and contains quite a variety. Generally, weapons in this game can be group into machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, cannons, splatterguns (magma or ice), launchers (mortar, grenade, etc) and of course, melee weapons. Where are all the SMGs and assault rifles then, you may wonder? Well, interestingly, the game includes all the “uncategorized” weapons under the machine guns section. So, if you’re looking to buy an AK-47, check out the machine guns tab.

There are 2 ways you can buy new weapons – you can purchase it permanently or for limited use (over a period of time). You can buy the weapons, both permanent and temporary, using in-game money or real cash. Of course, a temporary weapon will cost you less than a permanent one. Moreover, similarly to the masks and headgear provided, some names of the weapons can be pretty amusing... in a forced-laugh-kind of way. To give you an example, there’s a scythe for sale in the melee weapons section that is named “The Harvester of Noobs”. In addition to all these, you can also buy grenades (only 1 type, that is the spring grenade) at the shop.

Is your trigger finger... ahem, I mean your left-mouse-button-clicking finger... itching really bad? Well, it’s time to get the killings started! But first, you’ll need to select a server and a game to join in! There are 3 servers in UberStrike that caters to 3 major communities, namely the Europe, the Americas and East Asia (Mainly southeast), so you’ll need to choose a server that you’ll have a low ping in!

Then, you’ll get to choose the game mode. There are basically 3 game modes – explore mode, team deathmatch and deathmatch. To access the explore mode, you’ll just need to select “explore maps”. Explore mode is for you to practice and learn the lay of the land, so to speak, without the stress of having other players around shooting you in the face! You’ll be given a tutorial on how to play in this game mode too! On the other hand, team deathmatch (the most popular game mode) allows for co-operative gameplay whereby your team will be fighting with another team of human players, while for deathmatch, it’s everybody for him/herself! You can choose to join in an ongoing game or create a game yourself!

In UberStrike, you are given several game customization options, including time limit, maximum kill (to set the objective of the game), number of players (usually you can see 10-, 12- and 16-player matches) as well as the minimum and maximum level of players. Let’s not forget that you’ll still have to choose a map to play in! All of the maps in this game are amazingly beautiful... some in a cartoonish kind of way. There are tropical-themed maps, such as Monkey Island, Lost Paradise and Temple of the Raven; abstract-type maps with platforms, tunnels and mazes, like Cuberstrike, SuperPRISM reactor and Cuberspace; and location-based maps including the hanger, fort winter, aqualab research hub and the warehouse. Once everything is selected, you can hop right into the match of your choice!

The controls in UberStrike are fairly straightforward and if you are a frequent player of shooter games, you should already know which of the keys will do what. You’ll be using WASD to move and admittedly, the controls in this game are so fluid and smooth! You can press “shift” to crouch – not that anybody uses this in-game, as well as “spacebar” to jump – this seems to be the favorite button for all UberStrike player as every player in the game are like frogs in this game! For maps that contains bodies of water, be assured that your avatar can swim so you won’t die if you somehow landed in a pool of deep water. However, you cannot see your virtual hands on the weapons though and it requires some getting used to since it feels like your weapon is floating in the air of its own accord... creepy!

In this game, there are plenty of power-ups, scattered all over the map, that you can collect by running over them. They include mini armor, big armor, uber armor (slightly tougher to get as they are suspended in the sky), mini health and ammo packs. However, if you’re fully armored or have full health and ammo, you will not be able to pick up those items. After collecting the item/s, they will regenerate in the same position after some time. This is why familiarizing yourself with the map is important – you’ll know where to get ammo refills for your type of weapon for example. In certain maps, there are also super jump ramps that will launch you to another location rapidly, so you could use it as a getaway strategy instead!

The only downside in this game is the player base. A huge majority of the players in this game are sitting at maximum level or at least they are already halfway there. As a beginner, it’s really hard to find matches with other similarly low level players to play in, forcing you to pit whatever skills you have against the experienced players with their uber guns. Let’s just say that if you somehow manage to get 1 kill off, you’re like a pro newbie... for reals!


The community in UberStrike doesn’t seem as toxic as other competitive MMO shooter, though if you are a newbie, do expect plenty of backlash about how other players dread having you on their team. Since you select your own matches as well as teams, you won’t have to worry about match-making in this game. To truly be a part of the community, you simply must sign up with a good clan. They will be able to hone your shooting skills and you can also make new friends! However, if you fancy creating a clan of your own, you’ll first need to reach level 4 (minimum), have at least 1 friend added and buy the clan license at the shop. You can also meet your fellow players at UberStrike’s Facebook fan page that has 1.4 million likes and counting!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game are brilliant, at least the more recent ones, as expected of a game based on the unity engine. The older ones may look a tad bit grainy but they work just fine for a browser-based free-to-play game! In terms of music, the game provides soft and “okay” techno music for you to enjoy the game with. Inside a match however, you’ll be more focused on the sound of gunfire and boots on floor to determine where the enemies might be at.


Challenging non-tactical MMOFPS with high adrenaline, fast-paced gameplay - That’s what UberStrike can be summed up to be! The game offers plenty of outfits, head items, boots and halos that you can buy to customize your character, along with a huge cache of weapons, including unique guns like the splatterguns. The gameplay is non-tactical and arcade-like whereby players will jump all over the place to avoid getting hit and there are power-ups in-game that you can pick up to regain your health, armor and even ammo! Let’s not forget about the amazing game customization that this game provides, such as the 3 game modes, player restrictions, the incredible variety of maps, game objectives and others. If you’re looking for an arcade-like browser-based free-to-play shooter, UberStrike is seriously one game that you should definitely try! Give it a go today!
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UberStrike is an excellent browser-based arcade-type MMOFPS that offers intense and fast-paced gameplay filled with plenty of exciting maps and a plethora of weapons (both realistic ones as well as fun guns like the splattergun) and power-ups that you can collect while playing! Hop into the fray and start shooting now! UberStrike: Katana-wielding shooter Crazy weapon in UberStrike UberStrike: Cannon Read More
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