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Pirate Galaxy 6.7 rate Prepare for take-off and discover the vastness of space in this exciting, free-to-play science-fiction-themed browser game, Pirate Galaxy! Complete missions with your team of space pirate and collect resources to upgrade or buy a new spacecraft! Explore a mesmerizing galaxy as well as the dusty surface of alien planets! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Prepare for take-off and discover the vastness of space in this exciting, free-to-play science-fiction-themed browser game, Pirate Galaxy! Participate in the many “illegal” operations with your fellow pirates and explore the mesmerizing 3D universe in Pirate Galaxy! Earn materials and collect blueprints to improve and upgrade your spacecraft! Battle the Mantis in real time on planets and in space to prevent the further spread of the hostile alien race! Explore the mesmerizing 3D galaxy in Pirate Galaxy today!


Long ago, humans colonize the earth-like planets they’ve discovered and had lived in prosperity. However, their prosperity did not go unnoticed. A brutal alien race called the mantis attacked and destroyed thousands of colonies. Colonies are isolated from each other and had to rely on themselves for resources. Now, with the prosperity long gone, some pilots have even turn to piracy, stealing from everyone even their own kind … and you are one of them! Starting from an ambush gone awry, you’ll be able to carve out your own destiny and be a fearsome space pirate!


To start, you’ll first learn how to control your awesome-looking spacecraft! It’s very easy to learn though, so don’t worry! To move, you’ll just need to point and click or you could choose to use the WASD keys instead! You can also click on a distant object and your ship will automatically fly towards it. To rotate the camera (360 degrees), just drag your mouse to do so. You can also use your mouse scroller to zoom in or out. The other controls are located in the control bar at the bottom of your screen. Using the number 1 key, you can activate your ion blasters and shoot ion beams at the enemy; “2” to collect items and “3” to summon your ship’s repair droid.

In certain situations though, your controls will be changed. For example, if you participate in a space race mission or event, you’ll get a new function – the afterburner that will allow your spaceship to move a lot faster, much like the nitro boost in racing games.

You can also enable navigation computer to head to the hanger of the nearest friendly starbase. Here, you can purchase various upgrades for the ship components of your spacecraft (such as blasters, collectors, repair droids and afterburners), cortex parts, drones or even new spaceships, provided that you have the required level and materials, namely cryonite and sometimes gold (premium currency)! However, before you can buy anything, you’ll need to hunt some Mantis spaceships down and steal the required blueprints first. The blueprint for some items consists of several parts and you’ll have to collect them all before you can buy the item the blueprint is for! Different starbase hangers offer different services as well, for example, armor upgrades. If you want to customize your starship, you can in Pirate Galaxy! You can change the color variation for the wings and back of your spacecraft and these customizations will cost you cryonites.

Surely, you’re confused... what is cryonite? Well, they are one of the major “currency” or material that you’ll need to build new items and buy new ships. These cryonites drop randomly from Mantis ships. As you progress in this game, you’ll soon encounter more advanced ships and components that run on energy, another “currency” in Pirate Galaxy. You can easily technically farm for more energy by going to the energy field on any planet to start collecting energy cells, or to be more accurate “orbs”. You can store unlimited amounts of this stuff (as well as cryonites), so feel free to farm as long as you like... until you’re bored that is. Then perhaps you may want to see some exciting action by taking up a mission or two!

In Pirate Galaxy, there are several mission types that you’ll encounter. Besides tutorial missions which function primarily to teach you the basics of the game, there are story missions that will bring you to various beautiful solar systems and galaxies, defensive missions whereby you will have to work with the rest of the pirate team to prevent enemies from destroying your pirate cargo, and the best part - space race tournaments, whereby you’ll be racing with your spacecraft on a predetermined track on the planet surface and if you’re good enough, beat the high score of the other players on the server! You can only have 1 active mission at all times, though the other available missions will remain in your zone panel until you pick them up. The game also provides a nifty mission tracking system which marks out the quest location as well as the distance between your ship and the location for you.

As you may have noticed, a majority of the missions you get will require you to descent to the planet surface. To do this, you need to enable the navigation computer and select “planet surface”. Be prepared when entering a planet surface though as it can be dangerous place! Once you’re on the surface, you’ll just need to follow your mission tracker and complete what the mission tells you to do. However, your ship’s movement on planet surface is kind of weird in Pirate Galaxy. Despite being spacecraft, you cannot fly over cliffs or mountains. Your ship acts more like a hovering land vehicle instead and this can be a bit disappointing.

After completing your mission, you’ll want to return to orbit to get a new mission. To do so, use the same navigational system and select “return to orbit”. However, if you were freshly out of combat, you’ll need to wait a few seconds for the combat mode to be disabled before you return to orbit.

If you’re an explorer at heart, Pirate Galaxy also offers a vast game world with countless planets and star systems for you to explore! Feast your eyes on the amazing outer space sceneries or scour the dusty surface of a large planet! There are even up to 100 achievements that you can earn! If you enjoy the game, why not show your support and appreciation by getting a membership!


The community in Pirate Galaxy is very friendly and welcoming. If there are any newbie looking for help, other players will be practically falling over each other to help you out! If you truly want to feel like you’re a part of the community though, it’ll be best for you to sign up to join a clan. Besides getting a band of reliable friends, you can even head into battle with your clan against other space pirates and clans to test your prowess! Fancy keep yourself updated with news from the game as well as looking for a chance to earn some premium currency for yourself? Well, go to Pirate Galaxy’s Facebook fan page and be a part of the more than 1100 thousand likes on its page!

Graphics/ Sound

Despite being a browser-based game, Pirate Galaxy’s 3D graphics are astonishingly beautiful! The space sceneries are amazing, and not to mention, there are plenty of cool-looking spaceship designs that you can drool over. If you adore the infinite beauty of space, this is definitely one game you must not miss! In terms of music, the game contains high quality techno/modern-type music. Different locations you visit in the game will present you with different music and some of them can truly touch the soul.


In short, Pirate Galaxy is an amazing space-themed game whereby the brutal aliens, the Mantis are threatening the very existence of the human race! In this game, human colonies are cut off from each other due to the destruction wrought by the Mantis and some colonies turn to indiscriminate piracy (meaning they attack other colonies, pirates and aliens alike) in order to scrape by! Collect blueprints dropped from enemy ships and complete missions to earn vital resources for spaceship upgrades. You can even explore a galaxy full of danger right from your browser window in 3D graphics! If your interest in this game is piqued, well, you should definitely treat yourself to a space adventure of a lifetime in Pirate Galaxy!

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New Game Added: Pirate Galaxy

by Aethyna May 11, 2015
Prepare for take-off and discover the vastness of space in this exciting, free-to-play science-fiction-themed browser game, Pirate Galaxy! Complete missions with your team of space pirate and collect resources to upgrade or buy a new spacecraft! Explore a mesmerizing galaxy as well as the dusty surface of alien planets! Pirate Galaxy: Combat Mantis spaceship in Pirate Galaxy Pirate Galaxy: Heading into space Read More
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